The 23 best completed anime of all time

Hi weebs, glad to see you back here! Like always, today’s topic would also be about anime, but this time it’s the best completed anime. Yay! So now you don’t have to wait for the episodes to release, and you can easily binge-watch them. There would be multiple anime on the list with almost every genre.

Don’t worry; you will find romance, action, fantasy, magic, and thrillers on the list. So, get ready to have some fun!

23. Your Lie In April

Let’s start our list of completed anime with Your Lie in April. It’s an emotional love story of a pianist, Kosei. His life was good when his mother was alive; however, the boy lost everything after her death. The impact of her death was so severe that he lost the ability to hear the sounds; hence his career and passion faced a downfall. 

best finished anime

Things start going back to normal after his encounter with Kaori Miyazono. Our boy returns on track and plays the piano again, thanks to Kaori. They both became pretty close, and it was all going well. But unfortunately, life continues to give pain to our protagonist. It was revealed later that Kaori was suffering from a disease that needed critical surgery. 

The anime is full of emotional events and will surely make you cry. Dang! This is a passionate and sad love story, so there is a piece of friendly advice to skip this one swiftly if you can’t handle sadness. What happens to Karoi is your task to cover. So have a fun time watching the anime. Your Lie In April’s movie became very much popular as well. If you don’t want to watch the 22 episodes, you can also watch its movie.

22. Kill La Kill

Ryuuko is the main female lead of the show, whose life was terrible. Her main goal was to find the killer behind her father’s death! The story begins with her joining an elite academy. However, she becomes miserable after she encounters Satsuki and his elite four.

There the students have special outfits which, when they wear, they gain superhuman abilities. However, after some events, a fight occurs, and Ryuuko gets brutally beaten by a student with the outfit. 

Her time in the new academy was full of a bit of drama and action, and soon she returned to her house. When the universe begins to favor you, stopping you would be impossible. She was beaten because she lacked a costume but guess what? She finds a more powerful costume than the guys had. It was an outfit that gave her immense powers and strength. Well, as one can expect from the main character, our girl goes to the bad guys to teach them a lesson and finally get back on track to finding the murderer. 

No doubt, Kill La Kill offers great suspense accompanied by action. Besides, it is an old anime, so you might not find the animation up to your taste, but the anime is worth watching.

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21. Erased

Erased is an underrated short-completed anime. Plus, it has just 12 episodes, which makes it the best because not all anime offer great plot and quality in a few episodes. It’s a hooking story of a 29-year-old boy Satoru Fujinuma who got the ability to travel back to his past. Just imagine, if you get a chance to change your past, that ultimately changes the future! 

Satoru was accused of the death of his mother, and while he was running from the police, he found himself back in time when he was just a school kid. He was lucky enough to save his loved ones from being brutally murdered. He tries to change history by keeping his friends from the murder and saving his mother. 

Though he fails for the first time, he ends up being successful. This anime is full of suspense and offers entertainment and spellbinding events in just 12 episodes. This would end your search if you typed in a short and fun anime to binge. 

assasination classroom

20. Assassination Classroom

I bet you must have heard Koro Sensei’s name; I tell you, he is one of the best sensei in the anime world. Koro Sensei is the star of the series and the only reason this great completed anime sells so well. Besides, it’s a complete anime so you can have double the fun. The anime also has a lot of character development.

Assassination Classroom has a unique plot where Koro Sensei isn’t an ordinary guy. This guy is a powerful entity that destroys more than half of the moon and warns us to eradicate it! This event creates an aura of fear all around the globe. The anime has perfectly shown this scenario. After destroying the world, Koro Sensei starts teaching in a school. Dang, yes, such a kind of character he is! 

He vows to teach everyone different techniques and skills to assassinate him. A unique bond is formed between him and his students. The part that intrigues the fans the most is why someone would teach others how to kill him. This is an anime that binds the fans with a blend of emotions. You will feel emotionally invested in the show! Good Luck!

19. Death Note

Suppose you like reading about geniuses and how they solve mysteries accompanied by the thrill and supernatural powers. In such a case, missing this one would be the biggest mistake. Death Note has been famous for its different adaptations, including anime, manga, and movies where the MCs are geniuses. It’s hard to guess who is a hero and a villain initially; honestly, it is still a debate!

Death Note revolves around the life of a student named Light Yagami, aka Kira. His life flips entirely when he stumbles upon a mysterious black notebook. The book isn’t ordinary; it can kill anyone whose name is written on it. After learning the fact, Kira tries to utilize it for the world’s peace. He resolves to terminate all evil by writing off the names of all criminals. Unfortunately, though his intentions were somehow right, the ways were wrong.

Investigating the murders wasn’t easy because supernatural forces did it, so to solve the mysteries, there enters another main character named “L.” The show is entertaining; both geniuses plan to go against each other. It feels more like a hide-and-seek game played by intellectuals! If it is about the characters, then this completed anime takes the lead in popularity. Trust me; this anime simultaneously makes you cry for its protagonists and antagonists!

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18. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is a story of two brothers who perform alchemy for human transmutation, which is illegal in their world. They only wanted to bring back their late mother to life. However, things are banned for a reason; performing human transmutations comes with a cost. Both the Elric brothers lost their body parts. For Edward, it was his limbs, and Alphonse lost his body completely.

Now they have a big problem, and their focus is shifted towards themselves. Their aim is slightly different; they want to return their bodies to normal instead of getting back their late mother. From there onwards starts their quest to find the Philosopher’s stone. This anime has multiple things to look for, including brotherhood, adventure, and fantasy. According to many this is the best magic fantasy anime of all time. 

17. Kotaro Lives Alone 

This is the cutest, most emotional, and most hilarious story of Kotaro’s four-year-old kid. If you are looking for a simple and fun-to-watch short completed anime that doesn’t involve any action or complex plots, this is a must-watch. Kotaro is a cute chubby munchkin who lives alone in an apartment. 

He does everything an adult does to live life; he does the dishes and groceries and pays the bills. LOL, just think of anything, and you will find Koatro doing it! The fact that he is just a 4-year-old makes this anime hilarious and equally sad at the same time.

Kotaro is living in an apartment to hide from his abusive father. He has to live alone as his mother has passed away, but he doesn’t know that his mother died. This innocent one doesn’t even know he is getting money from his mother’s insurance.

This anime is an underrated masterpiece that is enough to give anyone a reason to live. Moreover, it’s full of motivation for the ones who seek it. Besides, Kotaro touches the hearts of all the viewers. Well, this completed anime is pretty short, comprising just ten episodes, so just finish it in one go!

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16. Tokyo Ghoul

Have you ever been betrayed? Well, we all have been hurt at specific points in life. Ken Kaneki’s life is simply ruined after a betrayal from his love interest, who turns out to be a monster. Rize Kamishiro was a ghoul who revealed her true colors on the date. Unfortunately, Ken was so bad on luck that he ended up being a half-ghoul after Rize’s organs were implanted into him.

Ken was a gentle soul who used to love his mother and couldn’t do anything other than kindness. However, this event shook him deeply, and he started changing into a more demanding and feelingless guy over time. He awakens his powers and masters the survival ways of the ghoul society with the help of some other ghouls. The plot keeps getting intriguing with the arrival of antagonists.

One can quickly feel goosebumps watching Ken Kaneki turning from a sweetheart to a complete badass. There is action with unlimited fun!

15. Angels Of Death

Angels of Death is famous for its Psychopathic characters and incidents that scare the hell out of people. This completed anime begins with a lot of suspense, with Rachel opening her eyes in a hospital of a psycho doctor. The anime starts in a building with multiple floors, and all of them have crazy people waiting to kill their guests.

No one is allowed to enter a different floor for this reason. After learning the Doctor’s true intentions, Rachel runs to an other floor to save her life. There she meets Zack, another eccentric who tries to kill her. The entertaining part is Rachel isn’t afraid to be killed; instead, she wants to end her life for good. After some fateful encounters and happenings, the main characters strike a deal.  

The deal was that Zack would Kill Rachel only if she helped him get out of the building. Ahh, the building has many floors and crazy peeps, so it’s not easy to get out of it. But, let me tell you, don’t judge anyone from the building. This is a short completed anime full of stirring events and shocking twists!

seven deadly sins

14. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins started gaining popularity right from its manga. The bond between the seven deadly sins and how they fight the bad guys by showcasing their deadly powers is striking. All the sins have their different fanbase and rule like a king. The character development, action, capabilities, and unfolding of the twist kept this completed anime hyped up in its time.

These seven main characters were blamed as rebels, but we know that heroes are never wrong. The story starts with Elizabeth meeting Meliodas, the sin of wrath, which is our main lead. She wishes to save her homeland from some evil knights; therefore, she wants the help of the seven deadly sins. Though all the sins are on their different paths, Meliodas decides to bring all of them together. 

The adventures begin, and they meet the sins one by one. There is a lot of action, and Meliodas’s true powers emerge over time. It has many twists that unfold in the middle and end of the series. This completed anime is one of the most loved series, and if you love action and magic-based anime, then it is best to watch it.

You will also enjoy Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash if you like 7 deadly sins.

blue dragon anime

13. Blue Dragon

We call them heroes who have a will to never give up, and blind faith in themselves is what makes them unique. Shu is one such kid who believes in saving people from dangers. However, his life changes completely after meeting Zola, who makes him realize his true aim if he has powers.

The medieval fantasy anime showcases a world where some people have the power to call upon their shadows. Their shadows aren’t ordinary; they are different creatures. All of them have exceptional powers. When some evil knights decide to cause destruction, Shu’s shadow power awakens when he vows to save humanity. 

From there onwards, Zola, another shadow user, decides to train Shu as his shadow power is one of the strongest. But unfortunately, he has a blue dragon as his shadow, and his powers aren’t easy to control; besides, the blue dragon is evil.

The series of adventurous and action-packed entertaining events begins where the heroes fight different antagonists. The anime with magic and monsters is full of suspense; one could never think of such twists! It’s an overall fantastic completed anime with the amazing concept of powers. Oh yeah, you will like the way Shu will change the evil blue dragon into a good guy; LOL, their chemistry and bond are just worth admiring.

12. Another

Do you like school mystery stories accompanied by horror? You will adore this one if you have the said interests. Kouichi is our handsome MC whose life becomes intriguing when he joins the high school. He finds a mysterious girl, Mei Misaki. He starts showing interest in her despite being warned by the students. 

Whenever he used to ask questions about her from other fellows, they would ignore him completely. This resulted in a suspicion that she might be visible to him only. After a series of events and mysterious deaths, it was revealed that Mei Misaki wasn’t a ghost. Still, students used to ignore her for a reason. 

They wanted to save their peers from dying mysteriously because if the no. of students exceeds a certain limit in the class, the extra ones will eventually die. So, to avoid deaths, the existing students would completely ignore some students to keep the numbers to a limit. Misaki was targeted to be ignored, and they used to treat her as a ghost.

Why would they do this, and who is behind the mysterious deaths? These are all the questions that will get answers when you’ll give it a go! It is an overall full of suspense story with pretty sad incidents!

bakugan completed anime

11. Bakugan

Bakugan is like a dream come true; the story is every otaku’s dream. They all want to change their life in an instant. Dan is our main protagonist, the heartbeat of many Bakugan fans. The story is set in a fantasy world where one day, some cards start falling from the sky out of the blue. One can say that it was like a rain of cards. The cards weren’t ordinary, and all of them were different. 

Just then, Dan became a Bakugan user. Bakugans are powerful creatures from a different dimension. The story develops, and Dan, along with his friends, gets on a mission to save the earth as a dimension starts merging with the earth, disturbing the natural balance.

The adventure of this completed anime begins when the group of heroes meets other users, some good ones and some evils. The action between Bakugan and the user’s skills and strategies is worth watching. It is remarkably entertaining to see young protagonists showcasing the skills and power of their Bakugan. Besides, the bond formed between them is incredible.  

10. Deadman Wonderland 

Deadman Wonderland is a roller coaster ride of emotions with action and suspense. It’s a short-completed anime of 12 episodes. Ganta is the protagonist whose peaceful life remains no more relaxed when he sees a mysterious guy flying in the air outside his class. Within a glimpse, the man attacks and kills all the students. Ganta was injured, but when he opened his eyes in the hospital, he got arrested and accused of murdering his class fellows.

The shocked boy tried to explain, but a fake video of him accepting the crime was given as proof. As a punishment, he was transferred to a prison named Deadman Wonderland. It’s not an ordinary prison; there, prisoners are forced to do risky tasks for the amusement of audiences. In prison, Ganta releases his powers which the mysterious red man implanted in him.

He was one of the few influential people who could significantly manipulate his blood. Ganta vows to find the mysterious red man to avenge the death of his peers. A series of incidents occur where the prison’s secrets unfold. This completed anime indeed offers much more in a few episodes.

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9. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a story of Natsu Dragneel, his adventure, and his friends. They may look like regular kids, yet each can level a continent if allowed, more or less. Natsu Dragneel is searching for his foster father, who is not a human but a dragon named Igneel. 

Their journey is full of daring tasks where they encounter multiple dangers and fight off the evil guys to save their beloved land. There is action, suspense, and whatnot. All the characters are worth admiring, all are super powerful, and people are fans of their action styles. One can see a great bond of friendship among the main characters. The teamwork, the passion, and the plot are highly entertaining. 

8. Wolf Girl And Black Prince

Ahh, love stories; I can bet some of you were waiting to find a complete love story anime, right? There you go then! Black Prince and Wolf Girl is a beautiful love story of a handsome bully and a naïve yet innocent girl.

Erika is a cute girl who fears getting out of her friend’s group because she lacks a boyfriend. However, all her friends have boyfriends, and they always show off. So, to impress her friends, Erika finds a handsome boy on the streets and clicks his picture to show her friends.

Things become troublesome when the identity of the handsome boyfriend surfaces. Dang, he is the school’s number one prince Sata Kyouya and to top it off, he is pretty popular in school for his looks. So, to save herself from more trouble, she begs Sata to fake him being her boyfriend. 

As I said, he was a bully, so he decides to agree only if Erika becomes his dog. You got that right; she needs to follow his every command like a loyal dog. From there, a fantastic love story starts with a bully and an innocent girl. Who will fall in love first? If you like cute fights between couples, you should not miss this one.

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7. Maid Sama

This is another masterpiece when it comes to rom-coms. Maid Sama is the story of a hardworking and tough school president Misaki who secretly works as a part-time maid. Though her school is a co-education, girls’ strength is less because it used to be an all-boys school.

Because of her strict and deadly aura, everyone used to be afraid of her and was forced to obey her. However, her tough life gets more demanding when a handsome hunk, Usui Takumi, discovers her secret.

From that moment onwards, a series of rom-com events starts where Usui teases her, and she has to tolerate him as he knows her secret. You will love this completed anime for its protective male lead and charming characters. 

6. Ergo Proxy

The completed anime is set in a post-apocalyptic era in a dystopian world where humans and robots co-exist. These robots are termed as AutoReivs, and with their help, humans perform their daily activities. Life somehow has become easier with their service. But as we know, AI can be dangerous, so soon, a malfunction begins in AutoReivs.

This causes odd behavior, making them more aware of themselves. Our protagonist Re-I gets her mission to investigate the reasons behind all this. There you go, she starts learning that things are not as simple as they seem. People are conspiring for some evil motives. Oh, I forgot to mention, the affected AutoReivs start killing people, and deaths make the matter worse; that’s the reason Re-I was appointed as an investigator.

Ergo Proxy is widely considered to be of one of the best anime in the early 2000s. 

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5. Parasyte: The Maxim

This is the story of Shinichi Izumi, a high-schooler with admirable luck. But unfortunately, some aliens named Parasyte come to earth with a motive to control humans. These parasites hold them by entering their body and residing in the brain; thus, it becomes impossible for humans to be in their sane state of mind.

Shinichi became lucky as the parasite that tried to get into his brain failed and ended up being hosted on his hand. This is intriguing because the parasite and our boy were like two different persons residing in one body. Their bond is worth watching, and seeing them fight against the other hybrids is enjoyable. 

There is comedy, entertainment, action, and whatnot!

4. Hellsing

The story revolves around the protagonist and her team finding the undead and eradicating all the supernatural threats that disturb the peace. Sir Integra Hellsing is the main character. Let me clarify: Sir Integra is a lady of strength and level-headedness and is a tough person to deal with.

The death of her father changed her into a completely different person. The story is more fun to watch her loyal friends who vow to go beyond any limits for her. They have sworn their loyalty to her. She is accompanied by an original vampire named Alucard, and he is one of the main focuses of the show.

There is suspense, action, and thrill throughout; I am sure you will love it if you like tough characters. 

Code Geass

3. Code Geass

Lelouch is our handsome male lead who has faced a lot in his life; the highlighted incident was the murder of his mother. This incident shook him and her sister to depth. From that moment, his relationship with his father went on bad terms for specific reasons.

The plot begins when he is a high school student, oh let me correct, a handsome, thoughtful, and caring yet lazy boy. He hates the idea of anyone disturbing the peace in one way or another. Things became fiery when he was entangled in some terrorist issues and later declared their ally. However, that was the hype moment; our boy was saved from the military by a mysterious girl who completely changed his life. 

The girl offered him a contract that could help him live longer and grant him unique abilities. The completed anime becomes fun seeing Lelouch’s ability that makes him superior to others. There is action, suspense, thrill, and a handsome male lead. Do you have another wish?

You will also enjoy light novels like overlord if you are a Code Geass fan. 

2. Dororo

Dororo is an emotional and sad story of Hyakkimaru, who was born without limbs, five senses, and even skin. The unbelievable thing was he could still live; the reason for his disability was his evil father. He wanted power and peace in his land, so he made a deal with the 12 demons. The value was they would fulfill his wish, but in return, his newborn will be amputated. 

Wait, the worst is yet to come; the father ordered his servants to throw the baby into the river. However, luckily, the maid was kind-hearted, and she sent him far away on a boat instead of completely drowning him. Fate took piety on our boy, and soon a genuine doctor stumbles upon the lonesome kid. Hayakkimaru gets artificial limbs thanks to the doctor.

Things became even more intriguing after our boy encountered Dororo. Both started their journey together, and their bond became more substantial. Fighting demons results in the growth of Hayakkimaru’s body parts. So, it’s a journey of an amputated boy fighting off the monsters and getting his body parts back, accompanied by Dororo. If you are sensitive, this completed anime will surely give you teary eyes, so beware!

naruto anime finished and completed anime show

1. Naruto

This had to be the number one best-finished anime. Naruto is the king of billion hearts worldwide and continues to rule more. There is nothing you can’t get in the Naruto series, be it action, life lessons, friendship, love, overpowered characters, villains with a positive aim, an MC of which everyone thinks he is weak, and a list of other things. 

Naruto was lonely, living his life being despised by people. He never experienced friendship and familial love until a certain point in his life. Still, our boy didn’t lose hope. His life changed when his teacher treated him as more than just a student. Naruto is sealed with an evil nine-tailed fox that once tried to cause havoc. 

This is a remarkable story of this optimistic guy who never gives up. It’s the journey of this orange-haired kid being the Hokage. He makes friends, turns many foes into friends, shocks everyone with his unpredictability, and do you need more?

You would never be able to guess the plot, and that’s the beauty of the Autor, Masashi Kishimoto. Ahh, I think that is enough for this anime; I am sure I motivated you enough to watch this anime non-stop!

Conclusion: best completed anime of all time

So, my beautiful fellas, we end our list of best completed anime with Naruto. I am sure you will find at least one according to your taste. Of course, you will find more than one. I tried to mention best completed anime of almost every genre. Trust me; all are worth watching! And if you like reading check out Light Novels like Ascendence of a Bookworm!

Let me know how many you have already watched and if you have heard about them! Gladly I’d love to know your thoughts!