The 12 Best Power Fantasy Anime

Seeing the world through a different lens has never been boring. The anime world has brought infinite new entertaining perspectives. Power Fantasy anime has been everyone’s favorite because of its creative freedom and action.

There are several such anime, and I will enlist the best I have watched. Let’s get to the central part without adding more to the intro!

12. Arifureta

We all dream of visiting a different world where we can have the freedom of power, don’t we? Though it varies from person to person, realities are opposite to what one imagines. Hajime Nakumo was lucky enough to enter a new world with his classmates. 

However, this was never his dream. Entering a new world and then getting despised for lacking powers wasn’t less than hell. All of his classmates got extraordinary powers and not him. With time, everyone started considering him a burden. 

Best Power Fantasy Anime

Things changed the moment when our Hajime experienced a betrayal. He was left alone in an abyss filled with monsters. Tough times make one stronger, and the same happened with Hajime. He continued to level up in terms of powers during his survival journey.

The anime is a little annoying initially because of MC’s ups and downs. When, however, whens on the beat, nothing can make you feel better. This is undoubtedly the best power fantasy anime one can watch! Good Luck! 

11. Rising Of The Shield Hero

Shields are usually considered weak weapons because of their inability to be offensive. Only a few know the power of playing defense. Then, Naofumi was summoned to a new world out of the blue. He was the shield hero in the new world, whereas others gathered had powerful weapons. 

Noafumi never chose all this for himself, but he was treated worse than hell. Think of anything disturbing, and you’ll find the hero victim of that. Not going to lie; the beginning of the anime is annoying and frustrating! It takes time to see the hero becoming OP. 

Don’t worry; you’ll enjoy it soon after Naofumi finds the right people who bring the best out of him. If the beginning hadn’t been frustrating, fans wouldn’t have enjoyed the RISING of Naofumi.

Seeing the shield hero gaining respect from those who mistreated him is refreshing. Anime started gaining popularity from manga first and then anime. This anime will surely be a treat for the eyes.

Power Fantasy Anime

10. Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody

Without being judgemental, we have dreamt of living our dream life! Don’t lie; I know we all have been through it. Thirty-year-old Satou’s life wasn’t colorful, as it was just working and working. Being a programmer was a demanding job. His days passed, programming games and debugging them. 

Life had some other plans for him. Satou’s colorless life started being colorful. Everything changed when he opened his eyes to a world of games he was working on. He was a young boy with a completely new identity in this new life. He was now not an ordinary human but an overpowered character. 

Without finding any way to return, he had to survive there. The chaos doubled when an army of lizardmen attacked him. AND Guess what? Satou attacked them back, leaving no traces behind. This was the beginning of him being a top adventurer and overpowered player. A lot more has yet to come in his life. So my friends enjoy watching Satou’s new life in a power fantasy world!

9. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Let’s imagine ourselves being summoned into the world of our favorite game. But, unfortunately, imagine seems easier than experiencing it. Well, not all glitters are gold. Takuma’s life flipped when two girls summoned him into their world. They wanted to make him their servant to solve their issues with his powers. 

The boy found himself in the body of the game’s character. The good thing is Takuma’s character was OP, so he decided to maintain the same aura during his stay in this world. However, the girls fall into their trap instead of Takuma being a servant. So, things became more problematic for the girls.

So, the demon decided to help the damsels in distress. The story progresses with our boy exploring the new world to find solutions to help the summoners. This anime has a lot in store for those who enjoy comedy, fantasy, and adventures!

8. SAO

Sword Art Online was a massive hit of the last decade. It has proudly set standards for others. There’s a huge fan following for this anime for several reasons. First, SAO keeps its audiences glued with the thrilling idea of being imprisoned inside a VR game. Kirito is the main focus of the anime, who becomes the prisoner of virtual reality. 

All the players are now forced to overcome the challenges of the game. They have only two choices, either to live or die. Those who die will die for good. In such chaos, Kirito keeps his morale high, enthusiastically facing challenges. He meets a variety of people and makes friends. 

Kiriot’s character is very beautifully designed. Seeing Kirito Jumping into danger to help others is very overwhelming. The anime is known for the MC’s powers, fantastical elements, hero’s love chemistry, and mind-boggling adventures. Those who love game elements, action, and challenges should watch it.

fruit of evolution

7. The Fruit Of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had Made It

Seiichi is our bullied MC who lives a mundane life. His classmates despise him for stupid reasons. But, things take a sharp turn when a man proclaiming to be a God sends the students to a new world. They all receive different powers and are told to defeat a demon king. But, even in this world, Seiichi got nothing that could change his terrible life. 

It was almost the same with people hating him. Everything aside, our MC was being completely ignored. Seiichi’s life decides to get harder and harder. Almost no hope left, and it was heart-wrenching to see the main lead in distress. At one point, he was left alone in a jungle where the hopes of survival disappeared. Seiichi was helpless but hopeful. 

At the edge of losing hope, things began to settle down for good. Thanks to the fruit of evolution, which our boy found. The fruit proved to be a turning point in Seiichi’s life. He began to gain everything he lacked. I will not spoil you by naming the fruit and hinting at what wonders it can make, so you have to do some homework on that. 

6. Tsukimichi-Moonlit Fantasy 

Makoto’s parents made a mysterious contract with the goddess of a different world. Years after the deal was made, Makota found himself in that world. There he was mistreated and disrespected. The goddess refused to call him a hero because she didn’t consider him worthy. The goddess warns him to stay away from human civilization. 

However, unbeknownst to her, Makoto turns the tables and amazes her. Things get amusing when our MC awakens his powers. He meets different people, and almost all of them wish to join him. Each day, he continues to be recognized by demihumans and other species.

All of them started liking his charisma and personality. They all dreamt of creating a new peaceful community where they could live as they wanted. Where everyone had their dreams, Makoto also had some dreams. He wanted to be joined by humans. Whether he will be able to find human civilization is up to you to learn! If I spilled the beans here, it wouldn’t be fun for you to watch the anime. Isn’t that right?

epic power fantasy anime

5. So I Am A Spider, So What? 

This is a reincarnation story where some students are reincarnated into a world of powers and fantasy. It may come as a cliche, but you gotta trust me, it ain’t. Almost all students open their eyes to being affiliated with a noble background except one.

Unfortunately, that one is our female lead who gets to experience the worst. People at least get the privilege of being reincarnated as a human, be it good or evil, yet she reincarnates as a spider. 

Yes, you heard that right!!! 

Being a spider, she lacks many things, but little did she know everything would come in her favor. Despite all the odds, the spider girl vowed to change her fate. The world had a leveling system where getting more robust required defeating monsters. 

The spider continued to level up, overcoming different challenges. Seeing the spider standing in front of the beasts is very appealing. This is the adventurous journey of a human-turned-spider. I am sure you’ll enjoy this unique story that entertains its audience.

4. Bofuri, I Don’t Want To Get Hurt.

It’s another excellent power fantasy anime that focuses on the leveling up of the MC. Kaede is our female lead who plays VRMMO games. In the game, she lives by the name Maple. Her power includes advanced defensive skills. Mapple, the MCs mission was to never get hurt. This passion resulted in her creating a super powerful defense. 

Her defense is unbreakable, which made her earn the title of OP player. It’s not that she is a perfect player. She lacks things, and it’s fun to see her character development. It’s the best recommendation for those who want to watch a simple anime with a decent blend of comedy, fantasy, and adventures. 

kuma kuma bear

3. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

This anime will give waves of uncontrollable laughter with a lot of entertainment. Yuna is the female lead of the anime who wears a cute bear costume. The costume is the perfect manifestation of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” It does look funny, but it’s full of power. Soon after she received the outfit, her life changed drastically. 

She found herself in a game world with no hopes of returning. In the new world, she uses her powers to help those in need. Yuna gained a reputation among the people and continued exploring this world.

Though she got stuck in this new world, she kept her morale high. Yuna vowed to enjoy her new life by exploring the world. If adventures excite you and urge you to follow them, then you won’t get bored with this one. 

2. I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level.

The story is exactly what its name depicts. Azusa has been killing slime monsters for nearly 300 years. 25 is the number she tries to maintain daily, while killing the slimes. However, she was not solely killing slimes but also doing other duties. 

Now imagine her following this routine for 30 decades. Finally, she became overpowered with time and attained level 99. It was the highest level one could ever attain. When people found out about her abilities, she became a star. Azusa gained friends and foes, and she met people of every kind.

It changed her life thoroughly, and our girl realized that life can be fun with people in her life. It’s a short, sweet, slice-of-life, and power fantasy-based anime. It’s unlike other complicated stories. If you want to freshen up a bit and relax, this one should be on your screens now!  


1. Endro

Endro tells a beautiful story of a demon lord and a hero. Although, we all know where it is evil, there is good. Yusha is our hero who vows to defeat the demon lord of the world. The time of battle finally comes, and the hero’s team plans to end the story once and for all. However, things take an unpredictable turn and the MC returns to the past. The worst part is that the hero doesn’t remember any single detail.

On the other hand, the demon remembers everything. The only predictable thing he can do is to become a hindrance for Yusah and stop him from gaining strength. To top it all off, the demon lord changes his physical form to avoid problems. It sure is a little frustrating to see heroes being fooled. After that, however, watching the plot’s progress starts getting fun

Conclusion Best Power Fantasy Anime recommendations

Power fantasy anime has a notable fanbase. The entries mentioned above are similar in many aspects, but they are unique. I enjoyed watching them, and I wish the same for you. I’ll eagerly wait for your response after watching the anime. Please remember to update me about your experience!