The 13 best Action Magic Anime that I recommend

The majority of the Shounen lovers love to see fantasy and action combined. That’s also why action magic anime is popular in the otaku community. If you get mesmerized watching fantastical elements, action in style, and of course, magic in its full form, trust me, this list is for you! Stay with me till the end to find your favorite anime to watch!

13. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

The story’s center is a third grader, Nanoha, enjoying a peaceful life. Her life changes after she helps a ferret; surprisingly, she dreams of the same ferret the night before. One thing leads to the other, and it’s highlighted that the ferret is not an ordinary bird but a mage, aka Yuuno, from a different world. 

Yuuno is on an important mission requiring him to find the jewels scattered in different places. To top it off, the jewels are not ordinary and can be dangerous if one lets them as they are. He can do this task alone; Nanoha gets involved in the mission, where Yuuno grants him magical powers. 

That’s how the encounter with a mage changed her life, and Nanoha became a magical girl. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha offers action, drama, and comedy, so you can expect you will be entertained!

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12. A Certain Magical Index

The A Certain Magical Index anime introduces us to Academy City, which has far more advanced technology and magic than other cities in the world. Several institutions are training students to master their psychic abilities. One of them is our main character Touma Kamijou. 

Among all students, he is considered the weakest. In reality, the boy holds a mysterious power that can negate all other powers. His life changes when he helps a girl claiming to have spectacular memory and having memorized completely forbidden magic grimoires. 

Due to this very reason, many evil minds are in search of her, but she is lucky to meet Kamijou, who will not let her get scratched. The anime has an exciting plot with entertaining characters.

11. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Don’t judge this anime over its cover, it might look like a cheerful, magic anime girl anime, but it’s more than that. It’s one of the darkest anime I have binge-watched, and the suspense has got me glued throughout. 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica begins with introducing Madoka and her friend Sayaka who were satisfied with their lives till the entry of a talking cat. The cat offered them a chance to fulfill their one wish, and in return, they will have to devote themselves to being a magical girl. 

When the cat persuades the girls, the new transfer student Homura tries to warn the girls without elaborating much about the details. Madoka doesn’t agree, but Sayaka ends up being a magical girl because she wants her wish to be fulfilled. 

Puella Magi Madoka Magica takes a drastic turn with Sayaka being a magical girl, as after some time, the poor girl ends up dead. Her death reveals some dark secrets of the magical world, and the viewers are pulled to the edge of their seats. The anime’s suspense and mystery make this one an interesting watch. Besides, if you have a sensitive heart, ignore watching this one!


10. Saga of Tanya, The Evil

The anime highlights Tanya, a young soldier who is a prodigy and has achieved a good rank in the military with her exceptional skills. The winning part of the plot is that Tanya is actually a reincarnation of a man who claimed to be a god. 

Her life is full of challenges, and it’s interesting to see her facing the odds. Besides, it’s the right pick for anyone who likes watching the best military anime. To top it off, it’s super fun watching soldiers who are magic users devoting themselves to the battlefield. 

Seeing a great war fought with magic is the winning point of the show. The art, animation, and detailing are great plus; the more one learns about Tanya, the more one feels entertained!

9. Konosuba

Kazuma Satou was enjoying his life as NEET until he died an unpredictable death. In limbo, he meets Aqua, the goddess who offers him different choices. The boy ends up choosing the offer to start life in a different world where he has to defeat the demon lord. 

To help him survive in the world, Kazuma decides to bring Aqua with him, and he soon realizes that it was the worst decision he made. Their entertaining adventures in the new world begin, and watching them adjust to this new world is simply the best feeling. 

It’s just like an RPG-themed story full of hilarious moments and good characters. It should be your pick if you want to make yourself happy and if you are looking for a lighthearted and refreshing watch!

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8. Irregular At Magic High School

The Irregular At Magic High School anime introduces us to an advanced world where the use of magic is spectacular.It’s a high school action magic anime that focuses mainly on Tatsuya Shiba, who joins an elite school with his sister, Miyuki. 

Both of them get selected in different groups based on their test results, and everyone believes that Tatsuya is not good enough. With time, the boy’s character starts getting mysterious as one gets to learn that he is hiding his true identity. 

Tatsuya is actually a very strong and powerful person. Throughout the anime, with the introduction of plot twists, his identity is revealed bit by bit. Both the brother and sister are not what they seem to be! The plot is good enough, and the character development is likable. Irregular At Magic High School has done a good job of building suspense in the viewers.

7. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei’s center of attention is a young kid Rudeus Greyrat who was once an average and oppressed 34-year-old man who died living a messy life. Given a chance to restart his life as Rudeus, his life became beautiful. 

Rudeus has all the memories of his past, i.e., he is still an old man from the inside. This aspect makes the whole show humorous, and one can do nothing but enjoy it. We follow Rudeus exploring the magical world, learning magic and becoming a prodigy at 15. 

The first 15 years of his life were peaceful, where he met and befriended multiple characters. However, after growing up, his life changed when some overpowered people decided to inflict harm upon the world. The anime’s first season was simple and entertaining! The animation, the characters, and everything else are on the spot!

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6. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Tensura got its popularity from its manga, and it’s a great pick for lovers of magic, action, adventure, isekai, and suspense. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime focuses on Satoru Mikami, who dies a sad death and finds himself back to life, but it was a reincarnation. 

As it’s an isekai, the world was different, but the surprising and interesting part was his appearance. He was not a human but a slime with unique abilities. He could take different appearances and could devour anything. 

On his journey, he helps a sealed dragon and gets his favor, which changes his life thoroughly. After the incident, people started calling him by the name “Rimuru Tempest”. The anime is one of the most popular isekai; therefore, missing this one will bring you nothing but regrets. The plot is good, with likable art and animation!

5. Fate

Shirou is the main focus of the story, whose life becomes messy after the murder of his family. A man named Kiritsugu gives him shelter and trains him to master magic and a lot more. Unfortunately, the man couldn’t stay longer with him, and Shirou started living a monotonous life after his death. 

However, things in his life take a drastic turn when he finds himself in a mess between two superhumans. One thing leads to the other, and he ends up summoning his own superhuman, aka servant. 

The story continues when he finds himself in a situation where he must participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War to win the Holy Grail. The participants are the seven servants and their summoners, and all of them are competitive. The anime is well-received in the otaku community, so Good Luck watching!

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4. Jujutsu Kaisen

Believe it or not, JJK is one of the best action magic anime! The center of the story is Yuji, an ordinary high schooler who gets involved in a mess when his friends try to open a cursed object. He learns from Fushiguro, a sorcerer, about the consequences if the object is opened. 

Unfortunately, they get a bit late as his friends have already opened it, welcoming the beasts to them. Despite being ordinary, Yuji jumps on the scene to help his friends and Fushiguro, who was attacked. 

One thing leads to the other, and out of the blue, Yuji engulfs the object. It was then revealed that the object was actually the cursed finger of the King of curses, and now Yuji had become his vessel. 

To top it all off, Yuji was one in a million to survive; otherwise, not everyone could become the King’s vessel. That’s it; the incident marks the beginning of a new chapter in Yuji’s life. He meets Gojo Satoru, who trains him to control his powers and teaches him Jujutsu. JJK has amazing animation quality; its characters are badass, cool, and heart-winning; plus, the plot is not cliche!

3. Fairy Tail

There is no need to say that this anime is famous because many consider it one of the Big anime. Many action magic lovers from Gen Z might have grown up watching Fairy Tail. The anime is about the adventure and action of the Fairy Tail guild, one of the popular wizards’ guilds. 

In the beginning, we see Lucy Heartfilia working on her dream to join the said guild. On her way, she comes across the heartthrob and the main character, Natsu Dragneel. The idea of the anime is cliche, i.e., a group of wizards working together to save the world from chaos and destruction. 

However, watching the entry of different negative characters, the friendship bond between the main characters, the magic system, thrilling action, and character development is what make the anime epic! 

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2. Seven Deadly Sins

Want to enjoy watching OP MC, demonic magic, humor, thrilling action, love story, and good plot twists? SDS has got you covered! The Seven Deadly Sins’ main focus is on the seven characters, aka deadly sins, each known with different titles. 

They were labeled as rebels and treated as villains, whereas the actual villains were enjoying a good reputation. The anime starts with Elizabeth requesting the main character, Meliodas, to help save her kingdom. 

Her request could only be fulfilled if the seven friends reunited once again. Therefore, the first season is about the deadly sins’ reunion, back stories, and their powers. The plot builds the right suspense from the beginning, and the viewers are always intrigued to learn more about Meliodas’s powers and backstory. 

The entry of evil characters who wish to inflict harm upon the world makes things spellbinding. It’s a perfect action magic anime that should not be missed at any cost.

black clover

1. Black Clover

Trust me or not, this one is actually one of the most entertaining action magic anime. The first few episodes are indeed a little boring, but once the anime picks the beat, there is no going back. In short, if you liked Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail, nothing can stop you from watching Black Clover. 

Black Clover’s main focus is on Asta, a boy born without any magic, which makes him different from the rest of the world. Despite lacking basic and foremost, he doesn’t stop dreaming of being the best wizard. 

Then we are introduced to his rival and friend Yuno, who is remarkable in everything he does. The journey of both these characters will intrigue you. After the traditional ceremony of granting grimoires, Asta gets a unique and powerful five-leaf grimoire. But how? Asta, though, doesn’t have magic, but no one said that he lacks “Anti-Magic”. 

The winning elements of the show are watching the boy explore his magic book, honing his skills, fighting OP opponents, and never giving up. Overall, the plot is intriguing, the animation quality is great, and the characters are worth loving too! Don’t tell me you need something else? Don’t fret; the anime has got YOU!


Let’s put an end to this list of best action magic anime. There are countless good recommendations, but the ones mentioned above are the best few I found. Some are pure action fantasy, while others are a complete package. Have fun watching them all!