The 12 best Anime Where The MC Builds A Kingdom

There are many anime fans, or “weebs,” who love watching anime featuring main characters who possess authoritative leadership abilities and the capability to build a kingdom. This is because such characters exhibit extraordinary leadership qualities, possess a deep understanding of how the world works, possess an undying will to never give up, and of course, immense courage and strength.

Who says anime with such talented main characters would be boring? Therefore, your Otaku friend has brought a list of the best anime featuring main characters who build kingdoms. Get ready to explore different kingdoms with me!

best Anime Where The MC Builds A Kingdom

12. No Game No Life

This fantastic anime captivates viewers with its gripping plot, appealing characters, and the perfect amount of twists and turns. The anime highlights the lives of two siblings, Sora and Shiro, who are game prodigies and enjoy an excellent reputation in the online gaming world.

Their lives take a twisted turn when they find themselves transported to Disboard, a new world with very peculiar rules where decisions are made for baseless reasons that involve games. The god of the world provides the duo with essential knowledge and regulations.

The new world soon presents challenges to the siblings. Meanwhile, they decide to help a girl regain her father’s stone. Shiro and Sora use their genius and impressive abilities to change the world system. They envision building a kingdom with a new set of rules! I hope you find this anime interesting!

11. Overlord

This anime beautifully highlights how the main character uses his power to influence the world. It’s the story of a game lover named Momonga, whose life is turned upside down when he gets pulled into his game world and finds himself living as his character, Ainz Ooal Gown.

Finding a way back home seems difficult; therefore, the boy decides to make this world worth living in while searching for an ideal solution to return. Watching him conquer the world of his favorite game is no less than a visual treat.

Ainz is worth calling an overpowered MC, and he proves this at every turn. The anime’s idea is similar to a cliche isekai one. Still, the character development of Ainz is what makes this anime worth watching. With the help of his servants, Ainz sets out on a journey to find the reasons behind the phenomenon, meanwhile influencing the world in a way that no one else could have done better.

Anime Where The MC Builds A Kingdom

10. Ascendance Of A BookWorm

Although it is not exactly an anime where the MC builds a kingdom, it is similar to that idea. This is the story of a book lover girl named Urono Motosu, whose love for literature is so pure that she takes her last breath under books. Opening her eyes to the body of a 5-year-old Myne, she realizes that she is in a completely unknown world.

To top it off, it is a world where people are not blessed with the ability to read books, and books are only available to the nobles. Unfortunately, she belongs to a poor family, and wanting a book means it is nothing but IMPOSSIBLE.

The story follows her courage and intelligence. One sees her love for books forcing her to create ways to make literature familiar among people. Though Myne doesn’t build a kingdom, she influences the world with her intelligence and brings change. Watching her solve people’s problems and make a constant effort to improve the world is admirable.

build kingdom anime

9. Amagi Brilliant Park

This anime has a beautiful story that highlights the efforts of a high school boy, Seiya Kanie, who builds a magical kingdom. Anime fans who love watching magical fantasies filled with comedy and adventure don’t need to waste time thinking about this one. I assure you this is one of the best anime where the MC builds a kingdom, so you won’t get bored.

Seiya lived an average life before he was invited to Amagi Brilliant Park. In the park, Princess Latifa and Sento offered Seiya the position of park manager and tasked him with meeting a quota of 50,000 guests within three months.

The twist begins when it is revealed that the park is not an ordinary place but a whole land filled with magical creatures. When people have fun in the park, their happiness and excitement become a source of energy for these supernatural beings. Therefore, it’s crucial to improve the condition of the park and make it successful in three months.

The anime promises a ride full of fun and excitement thanks to the entertaining characters that make the experience worth remembering. Let me tell you another interesting thing about the anime! It’s the work of Kyoto Animation…now, would you dare ignore this anime? (XD)

quitting hero

8. I am Quitting Heroing

This is the story of Leo, a hero who saved his world from the demon queen Echidna. Unfortunately, the people of his nation were ungrateful and started fearing him because of his impressive powers. Therefore, our hero lost his home within no time, and he began wandering from place to place. 

That was when he learned about the rumors of the demon queen building her kingdom. Leo decided to offer the demon queen his help so that she could call him her ally. Of course, and as per expectation, Echidna refused his help and denied the idea of working with him. 

Leo doesn’t lose hope, and he successfully convinces the people of her kingdom. The story continues with Leo helping the people of Echidna’s nation by solving their problems. It is a great anime filled with action, comedy, fantasy and adventure. 

7. Dr Stone 

This anime hit the Otaku community like a storm. Fans went insanely crazy for the main character Senku and his surprisingly impressive genius. The anime introduces us to a world where a mysterious phenomenon ceases life on Earth, turning everybody into stone.

Life continues to cease for millions of years, and finally, a boy named Taiju awakens. Thankfully, he soon realizes he is not alone in a world filled with stone. Another living person is there, and he is everyone’s favorite, Senku. Our boy reveals to Taiju his grand plan to revive humanity and make the world alive.

It does not matter how impressive Senku’s plan is; some evil masterminds are waiting to stop them at all costs. But the question is, why? The anime hits hard right from the start, filling the audience with the right thrill and suspense, thanks to the charming main characters. This is a highly recommended anime if you want to watch an anime where the MC builds a kingdom.


6. Code Geass

Lelouch is one of the most handsome anime characters and a remarkable leader. His leadership abilities have made his name very common in the Otaku community. The anime takes place in a world where the Britannia Empire and Japan are not on good terms.

Britannia has conquered Japan in a way where the latter can’t find a way to regain its independence. This is the story of Lelouch Lamperouge, who finds himself engaged in the conflict between the two nations. He is a highly encouraged personality with remarkable intelligence who desires to obtain world dominance and end everything that disturbs the world order.

The twists begin when a mysterious green-haired girl bestows upon him a phenomenal power that gives him absolute authority. By using his newly gained power, Lelouch can make anyone obedient to his orders, and the world is forced to follow. The anime gets exciting with each passing episode, and it’s super fun to see Lelouch facing challenges, betrayal, and much more that he deals with like a pro!

5. Maoyu Archenemy & Hero

The story takes place in a world where humans and demons are not on good terms, and they have been battling each other for fifteen years. There was no hope of the war ending, and the world becoming peaceful again.

The story becomes interesting when the hero decides to confront the demon queen. The duo discusses, and the demon queen surprises the hero by sharing a plan to end the war. The demon’s plan impresses the hero, and the two agree to work together to make the idea successful.

They decide to build a kingdom full of peace and love by improving the economy, farming, education, and introducing technological advancements. Of course, implementing their grand idea was not a piece of cake; it took them a lot of effort, and they faced multiple challenges, but they kept going with the flow.

This anime not only provides entertainment but is also a great source of learning. One learns different aspects of politics and how the world works. The idea of maintaining peace in this anime is worth admiring!

4. The Genius Prince’s Guide To Raising A Nation Out Of Debt

This one has a unique idea, so binge this anime. The story revolves around Prince Wein, who is tasked with the responsibility of managing the kingdom after his father’s death. The condition of the kingdom was not strong, and all Wein wanted to do was to commit treason.

He tried to sell his kingdom for his benefit, but things never go as planned, do they? The same happens with the poor prince, and different scenarios force him into a position where he ends up working to raise the kingdom out of debt and make it better and successful.

The way the prince improves the kingdom’s financial and political condition is remarkable. Wein’s genius not only wins the nation’s hearts but also the hearts of people off-screen. It’s a perfect blend of comedy and fantasy, so don’t miss the chance to watch this anime where the MC builds a kingdom!

prince wein

3. How A Realist Hero Rebuilt A Kingdom

J.C. Staff has done a great job entertaining fans with quality animation for this one. So, for those of you who like J.C. Staff’s work, you can consider this a must-watch. The story takes place in a world where our 19-year-old protagonist, Kazuya Souma, has lost his grandfather and is now living a lonely life.

Things change for the boy when he suddenly finds himself in another world. The Elfrieden Kingdom is where things aren’t running smoothly due to an ongoing war with the demon army. Of course, Kazuya is called to aid the world in this scenario, just like in every clichéd plot.

Since our boy was lonely and had no major activities in his world, he agreed to take the job with proper responsibility. However, his way of management was different yet impressive. He chose peace over war by vowing to help the kingdom through administrative reform.

He worked hard to improve the kingdom’s economy, and watching him do that will melt your heart. Watching Kazuya rebuild the kingdom is a visual treat, so consider this one of the best anime where the MC builds a kingdom. 😉

2. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Not gonna lie, this one is an absolute must-watch for lovers of anime where the MC builds a kingdom. Trust me or not, watching Rimuru build a nation by befriending different creatures and forming an alliance with them is insanely impressive.

Let’s get to the point; the anime begins with an average middle-aged man, Satoru Mikami. His monotonous life takes a different turn when he gets stabbed to death and finds himself transformed into a slime in an entirely new world!

In the new world, we see Satoru exploring his powers and the world while helping different creatures. During his adventure, he helps a dragon named Veldora and frees him from prison. In return, Veldora gives the slime a name: Rimuru Tempest. That moment proved life-changing for him. He starts building his own nation where different creatures can live peacefully.

king arslan

1. The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

This is the story of Prince Arslan being forced into a hopeless situation when the king is betrayed, and their capital Ecbatana is besieged. Soon after the betrayal, Arslan finds himself in danger as people are after his head.

Now, Arslan must gather allies and make plans to take back his kingdom. The way Arslan envisions an ideal kingdom and works for the success of his plans day and night is Oscar-winning. An anime is incomplete without a perfect antagonist, right?

Therefore, the evil mastermind behind all the mishaps will pique your interest immediately. Arslan beautifully overcomes all the challenges that come his way without even flinching! This is indeed the best anime where the MC builds a kingdom.


Did you find a suitable anime according to your taste from the list of anime where the MC builds a kingdom? I believe you have found the one you were looking for. If not, let me know. And if you have, it would be great to watch it and return later to share your experience. Isn’t that a good idea? Let’s have a discussion in the comments below!