My 10 Favorite Anime With Demons And Magic

Not all demons are bad, and the anime world proves this well. People love to watch anime with demons and magic, which is proved by the fact that you are here reading this post. Usually, the main characters who are demons are believed to be overpowered, so watching them in action is always fun. I have a super fun list of recommendations for you guys to binge-watch. Let’s begin!

10. Blue Exorcist 

Blue Exorcist introduces us to two worlds: the world of humans and demons. Demons can’t enter the human world without possessing a human; therefore, the demon lord sent his son Rin Okamura to the human world to achieve his motives. 

However, contrary to the demon’s expectations, Rin is a good boy who believes in saving his world. After learning that the demon lord wishes to harm the human world, he starts his journey to be an exorcist to fight Satan, his father. There is some cool action, great characters and thrills! Watch Blue Exorcist before anything else! 

9. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

The story begins with a cliche idea that the main character Takuma is summoned to the world of the game he used to play. He was now in the body of his character, Diablo. Soon he learns that the two girls, Rem and Shera, were behind everything, and they wanted him to help them. 

At first, the girls decided to make him their slave, but things went contrary to their expectations when the spell backfired. Takuma decided to take advantage of his character and reputation, so he decided to act like Diablo

There is isekai, action, cute and adorable characters and entertainment. Though it’s true that this one has a cliche story, it is worth watching; the animation is pretty good. The character design and development are admirable!

best anime with magic and demons

8. Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun

Iruma is a kind and hardworking boy whose life is messed up because of his cruel parents. Despite doing so much for them, they sell him to a demon. However, it was Iruma’s luck that the demon was kind and wanted a grandson. 

The story continues with Iruma joining the demon academy. The boy’s life doesn’t come easy on him as he must hide his identity in the demon school, where he might get in danger if revealed that he is a human. 

Watching him adjust to the new world and environment is exciting and intriguing. If you are searching for the best anime with demons and magic, this is the best watch! The comedy, action drama, and character development everything is on point!

7. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Anos Voldigoad is the name every otaku is familiar with; he is hot, handsome, and above all, overpowered! The story begins with Anos’s rebirth as he sacrifices himself only to return to a peaceful era free of human-demon wars. 

Now that he has returned, he realizes that people have a different image of him and no one actually recognizes him. The power system has changed, so he needs to play his part to make things work on the right path. 

He befriends two friends after joining the demon king academy. In the first season, we only see the demo of his powers, how OP he is, and his relationship with the female main character. It’s a great watch if you are into anime with demons and magic. 

anime magic and demons

6. The Devil Is A Part Timer

This is one of the funniest anime with demons and magic. The story’s main focus is the demon lord Satan who aims to take over the world and initiates a war. He had a fight with a hero of the world who forced them out of the world through a portal. 

When Satan opened his eyes, he was on earth where no one believed in magic. He and his companion were treated like imposters, so they first went to a police station. Soon, they realized that survival in this world without their powers is a hard task. 

Having no other choice, they accepted their fate and started working as an ordinary individual to make ends meet. That’s how Satan, the devil, started working as a part-timer! This is one of the best anime to watch, as it beautifully highlights the character development of Satan. The story is engaging, and the action is great too!

5. Jujitsu Kaisen

Nothing can beat JJK when it comes to sorcery and anime with demons and magic. Yuji Itadori is the main character whose life gets messed up after the passage of his beloved grandpa. In the attempt to save his friends from the cursed energies trying to get their hands on a cursed object, he ends up engulfing the object. 

The object was Sukuna’s finger, believed to be the father of all curses, The KING! Not everyone can tolerate the power of the object. Yuji survived because he was a one-in-a-million vessel of Sukuna. 

After the incident, Gojo Satoru enters the scene and decides to take Yuji under his supervision. So, that’s how the journey of Yuji begins in the world of curses, demons and magic. JJK has one of the best animations, characters, action sequences, and plots. Don’t waste your precious time thinking about whether to watch it or not.


4. Demon Slayer

How can we miss adding Demon Slayer to the list of anime with demons and magic? The element of pure magic though it doesn’t have, it gives a similar feel. Tanjiro Kamado loses his loved ones in a brutal demon attack. The same incident turns his sister Nezuko into a half-demon. 

One thing leads to the other, and Tanjiro ends up training to become a demon slayer to take revenge on the demons and to help Nezuko. Watching Tanjiro becoming stronger each day is the best moment of the anime. 

The main mastermind behind all the chaos is Muzan Kibutsuji, but finding him is not easy. All the demon slayers and Hashiras are trying their best, but Muzan is way too OP. Having an overpowered villain is the best thing in any anime, and Tanjiro finding ways to reach Muzan will push you toward the edge of your seats. 

Even the lower-ranked demons are worthy of fighting; therefore, you can expect some insane action sequences as well. Another great news is that Demon Slayer has absolutely nailed it in animation. 

3. Seven Deadly Sins

You might have guessed from its name that the Seven Deadly Sins are the main focus of the anime. Meliodas is the sin of wrath and the MC who is approached by Elizabeth. The girl requests her to protect her kingdom, which is only possible with the reunion of the seven sins. So, the first season only revolves around their union, meanwhile highlighting their specialties and backstories. 

Melioad’s character is one of the most mysterious and intriguing of all. With time, we learn that he is the demon lord and watching his demon magic in chunks is exciting. Well, the basic plot is typical with the idea of the good guys fighting with the bad guys, but it is surely not to be missed. Once you end up watching the complete series, you’ll feel over the moon and might want to rewatch it! It’s that good!

Deadly sins

2. Berserk

Berserk has demons and fantastical and magical elements, and it’s great watching Guts fighting the negative energies. Guts is believed to be the best warrior in the history of the anime world. He grew up as a mercenary who stood up with his head high and never flinched facing the toughest opponents. 

His life starts a new chapter after joining the band of the Hawks led by Griffith. Guts’ entry into the group proved beneficial as he helped them succeed in their aims and goals. There is romance as well, and the credit goes to Guts developing feelings for Casca. 

At first, Griffith and Guts develop a good bond, but with the progress of the story, tensions develop between the duo. The plot is very complex, and we see Guts fighting the demons and setting out to take revenge on Griffith. To know what happened between them as Guts was forced to take revenge, start watching the anime right now! 

1. Black Clover

Asta is the story’s main focus; he aspires to become the best wizard. Despite the fact that he is in a magical world, he lacks magic which is the biggest hurdle to his dream. However, he doesn’t lose hope and gets a five-lead grimoire. 

The magic book is a mystery, and with time, it’s revealed that it has a demon inside it. You might be wondering if Asta doesn’t have magic, then how did he get the grimoire? This is because he has anti-magic! 

Watching Asta rivaling his best friend and magic prodigy Yuno is worth watching. The entry of overpowered villains and Asta honing his magical skills is worth watching. There is magic, anti-magic, demons, worth watching action, and a lot more waiting for you to watch! 

Black Clover is similar to Naruto and Bleach in many ways, so if you enjoyed watching them, you’d also love this one.


So my loveliest friends, I am glad I got the chance to recommend the best anime with magic and demons to you. I would be glad if you give them all a watch and come back to share your experiences with me.