Best 12 Manga with Black Characters 

Manga fans are spread worldwide, and they have different choices regarding manga. Manga with black characters are super fun to read as they add extra charm to the story. So sit back and relax as I am going to recommend you a list of such manga. Let’s begin!

12. Bleach

Some iconic black characters can’t be missed mentioning in the list; otherwise, that would be quite unfair. Yoruichi Shihouin is a gorgeous black character that has set the standard for many.

Yoruichi makes her appearance as one of the supporting characters in the series. However, she still plays a prominent role as one of the strongest female characters in the series. Her sense of humor, action and ability to transform makes this lady the best.

manga with black characters

Bleach has many characters, which is why it is full of variety. The story focuses on Ichigo Kurosaki, who goes straight from an ordinary human to a shinigami after several incidents.

The plot then focuses on his training to tame his powers, and the twists begin with different antagonists’ entries. Bleach is a wholesome manga, and there is a list of reasons why it is considered one of the big three. 

11. Afro Samurai

Do you like swordsmanship? If yes, then, dude, you have found it. Afro Samurai will entertain you with a blast of action, the thrill of suspense and unlimited excitement. In the world of Afro Samurai, if one wants to rule, then one must be the number one samurai. Afro is our main black protagonist who wants revenge on his father. 

The killer is none other than the number one samurai. So, avenging his father’s death ain’t that simple, as he needs to defeat the number one samurai. To top it off, every other man is trying to rule the world, and Afro is just a hurdle in their way. Afro’s journey isn’t easy, as there are a lot of dangers he has to overcome. 

The artwork is praiseworthy, and the storyline is perfect for those looking for violence, power, and revenge stories with black MCs.

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10. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is a fantastic read full of badass, cool and dauntless characters. The good news is you won’t have to look for black characters as they are very prominent. Revy is the main female protagonist with tanned skin who simply adds charm to the manga. 

Main characters aside, there are black side characters as well. The plot revolves around mercenaries who work to smuggle goods. They have a job that requires dealing with clients, so having a good relationship with everyone isn’t possible. 

Therefore, you’ll enjoy mind-boggling action, hand-to-hand combat, and a lot of thrill in their missions. To be honest, its action is worth the praise and is one of the main reasons people love it.

9. Haikyuu

Haikyuu is praised for many reasons, and diversity is one of them. You will find different characters here, adding extra charm to the plot. Haikyuu has set a standard for sports manga and has remarkably given every other manga tough competition. 

Haikyuu is your best pick if you want to see some black and tan-skinned characters giving your heart a race. Though there are a few black characters, it is worth the read. The plot revolves around Volleyball and beautifully highlights different players’ struggles to be the best. 

It intrigues the readers because of the thrill it creates and the way it forces them to think about the next move. Unpredictability is one thing in sports, and Haikyuu portrays it perfectly. Those who love sports will learn a lot through this manga. 

naruto black characters

8. Naruto

Naruto is a complete package with a lot of things to look for. Naruto is one versatile series with all kinds of characters having unique positions and roles. Black characters are among them, and they surely make the series more interesting and exciting. Killer Bee, Rai Kage, and many others rule the separate fandom. Killer Bee is one of the coolest rappers and an utterly loved character in the manga and anime community. 

The portrayal of black is admirable as they are shown as extremely powerful and loyal. The best part everyone loves is that every character has a proper backstory that makes it authentic. The bond between Naruto and Killer Bee is remarkable; it’s impossible not to laugh when they are together. 

Though to see Killer Bee in action, you will have to read half of the manga but trust me, you won’t regret reading it. Other than Killer Bee, you will find a lot of other entertaining black characters as well. Having fun is one thing, but this series teaches you a lot. Naruto is one of my favorite completed anime!

7. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is one of the popular manga that has been making history since its first release. It is among the club of series that are always known for one thing or another. Gon Freecss aims to become the hunter in a world where monsters are almost everywhere.

He believes that if he becomes a hunter, it will be easier for him to find his hunter father. Being a hunter isn’t easy; one needs proper training and must also pass the examination.

The plot becomes intriguing with the entry of different OP characters and twists. HXH has a few black characters, but all of them are phenomenal. It’s a good option to read the manga if you are looking for black supporting characters. 

The manga is a complete package, and what’s better than the one full of action, fantasy, suspense and a lot more?

jojo black characters manga

6. Blaster Knuckle

Blaster Knuckles highlights the lives of African Americans, so don’t worry; you will find many amazing black characters. The theme is historical, as the story is set in the late 1880s. The manga perfectly shows the problems of that era, where slavery ended and murders were common. 

To top it off, human-devouring demons are also wreaking havoc everywhere. Victor Freeman is our black protagonist, who is a skilled boxer. Things start to get entertaining after his father’s death at the hands of demons. 

Victor vows to avenge his father’s death by defeating the demons once and for all. Trust me, the MC is super badass! The artwork is crazy, and the genre can be considered seinen. The struggles of black people and their lives are showcased in the best possible way. This will hit your heart right on the spot. 

5. Children of the Sea

If you want to read a mystery manga with black characters, my lord, Children of the Sea, is the right one. Ruka, Umi and Sora are the main characters around which the story revolves, highlighting their adventures. 

Intriguingly all three of them feel a mysterious connection with the sea that forces them to explore it. Umi and Sora are not such ordinary siblings; their bodies have adapted to survive in the water for a longer time. 

Things get engaging when the fishes of the sea start disappearing. To learn about the reasons, the trio decides to find the answers themselves. The good part is that Umi is dark-skinned, so you can feel at peace, as the manga has everything you want. 

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is loved globally. It beautifully portrays the black, giving us another reason to adore this manga. Muhammad Avdol is a popular black character, and otaku simply admires his righteousness and sense of justice. 

The MC of the manga is Jojo, and the plot revolves around the Joester family and the relationship of Jojo with his adoptive brother. It also highlights adventure, mystery, horror, and much more. There are different story arcs with another level of fun. 

The manga progresses pretty slowly, and you might find the beginning of the manga boring. However, you’ll start loving it once it gets on the beat. The rivalry and the art make the manga worth reading.

3. DBZ

Dragon Ball is a name that needs no introduction. There are many black characters in it; black aside, you will find characters of almost every color! ( XD). Though there are not any main characters, you will see a few supporting black characters. 

The story revolves around Goku and other heroes who protect the earth from different evil characters vowing to destroy it. With each passing event, our MC becomes a stronger version of his past self and the ultimately stronger villains come as a threat.

DBZ is a wholesome manga full of enchanting action, power level and an unending thrill. At the start, you might find the manga lacking at some points, but it eventually improves with time to be the best. There are many things to look for, including friendships and life lessons. Have a good read, my friend!

hajime no ippo

2. Hajime No Ippo

It’s a boxing-based manga, and you will find several black characters in it. Even Ippo Makunouchi is a slightly tanned skin guy. There are non-recurring black characters as well. The manga highlights Ippo’s struggling life, who goes from a shy to a daring and confident guy. 

He used to be a target of bullying, but boxing changed his life thoroughly. All thanks to Takamura, who saves the boy from the bullies and later sees his potential. From that moment onwards, the manga picks the beat and engages the reader till the end. A series of actions begin, which will definitely leave everyone in awe. 

Though it’s a long manga, you can’t skip this for this reason. Otherwise, you will miss knowing why the manga community so loves it. Nevertheless, you can skip the fillers if you find it hard to read the lengthy manga.

the best manga with black characters

1. Tenjou Tenge

This school-themed story focuses on Souichiro and his friend Bob (a black character). They vow to be the badass duo by ruling the school. However, their plans become difficult to execute as the school isn’t ordinary. 

All the students are skilled fighters and delinquents, some have supernatural abilities, and some have superhuman strength. Soon after their joining, the duo ends up having conflicts and a bad relationship with a group of fighters. The plot keeps getting intriguing with action and suspense. 

The manga is good but has a lot of violence and bold themes. In short, it’s not kid-friendly! This will be fun to read if you are solely looking for a martial arts manga with black characters!

Conclusion on anime with black characters

I hope you enjoyed reading the list of manga with black characters. All of them are full of variety; there are action manga, fantasy manga, adventure manga and a lot more. Don’t forget to update me after you give them a read. I will be back with some more recommendations on your popular demands, till then, bye!