The 6 best Anime About Being A Merchant

Welcome, my business lovers! On your popular demands, today we’ll discuss the best anime about being a merchant. We are taking the term loosely so we can give a wide varierty of recommendations.

Watching and reading about merchants intrigue the viewers for multiple reasons. The number one reason is their interest in entrepreneurship, trading, and marketing. Secondly, they simply like watching some passionate main characters. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight into the world of merchants!

6. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

In this anime, the main character, Souma Yukihira, is an expert chef working with his father. He dreams of running his own restaurant, specifically his father’s restaurant. The anime highlights his efforts and struggles to run his business and how he makes it possible.

Unfortunately, things become troublesome for him when he learns that his father has decided to close the shop for certain reasons. However, the news doesn’t demotivate him, and soon Souma joins a popular culinary academy famous for providing the students with tough challenges.

Joining the academy proves to be a new chapter in his life, where he learns different lessons. Watching Souma compete against talented students and facing the odds with a chin-up attitude will easily entertain you.

Don’t watch the anime for the plot, it’s a good story, but it’s mainly character-driven, focusing on Souma’s character development. It’s a good watch to feel refreshed, happy, amused, and motivated. So, if you wish to become a chef or want to run a business related to that, do not miss this masterpiece!

Anime About Being A Merchant

5. Yakitate!! Japan

This one revolves around the life of Kazuma Azuma, a boy who wishes to create Japan’s special and very own national bread. Watching other countries enjoy their special bread gives him a passion for making his own.

Kazuma started mastering the art of breadmaking from an early age, and his natural talent in the field made him stand out in the crowd. Things become interesting in Kazuma’s life when he joins a popular bakery, where he finds himself in tough competition against many top-class bakers.

Well, it’s not easy to defeat our passionate Kazuma; therefore, he tries to be the best in all fields linked with baking, which will help him create his very own special bread. If you want to laugh and feel refreshed, go ahead and watch this beautiful anime.

This one will give you relief from the high dose of shounen and superhero anime! Not only is the anime’s story simple, but also its characters. The fact that it is based on breadmaking makes it unique and watch-worthy.

best Anime About Being A Merchant

4. Moyashimon

In this anime, we follow the protagonist Tadayasu Sawaki. The boy doesn’t live an ordinary life, all thanks to his ability to see microorganisms without the need for any equipment. Just imagine a human getting such an ability; wouldn’t it be extremely beneficial if it’s used correctly?

Sawaki’s ability makes him stand out in the crowd, and he effortlessly gains the attention of many people around him, especially his professors. The boy proves to be exceptionally good in the field of fermentation.

The anime’s first season focuses on the main character’s talents. In the second season, he uses his skills to create a sort of successful career in the fermentation industry. Not only will you be entertained, but you will also gather a lot of knowledge about agriculture and how things work in that area.

Well, there is a twist! Sawaki doesn’t only see the microbes but also has the ability to communicate with them! Yes, you got that right! This anime is for all those who like to see underrated anime with some unique ideas.

So, my fellow otaku, have fun watching Moyashimon and make sure to learn something regarding microorganisms and fermentation!

P.S. The animation quality and characters are likable, and they won’t bore you at all.


3. Les Miserables

In this anime, the main character is not directly linked to the merchant’s job. Still, there are many side characters involved in the business. The anime highlights the 19th century and where the viewers learn about the challenging lives of common people.

Cosette is a cute girl whose life becomes miserable after her mother leaves her in the care of her acquaintances, “the Thernadiers.” Unfortunately, the world she was living in wasn’t kind. Therefore, the Thernadiers abused her and treated the poor child like a slave.

In times of struggle, a stranger named Jean comes to her help and frees her from the abusers. Cosette’s bad experience makes her dream of making the country a place without poverty and abuse.

The anime simply highlights the harsh realities of life and entertains the viewers with drama. If you like watching anime about merchants, then hopefully, you’ll find it interesting to see similar themes in it.

anime where MC runs a shop

2. Kemono Michi

In this anime, we follow the entertaining and thrilling life of the main character Genzou Shibata. This guy not only entertains the viewers but also people onscreen with his exceptional talents as a professional wrestler.

He loves animals so much that he dreams of running a pet shop, and the anime highlights his efforts and passion for achieving his goals. As a wrestler, Genzou enjoys a good reputation, and people know him because of his skills and talents.

He was enjoying his life as a wrestler. Out of the blue, he finds himself in a completely new fantasy world because apparently, a princess summons her. Some monstrous creatures were threatening the peace of this world; that’s why the princess wanted Genzou to help her protect the world.

The story continues with Genzou vowing to be a beast hunter while befriending different creatures in the hopes of running a pet shop one day. It’s amusing to see Genzou getting ready to accept any request to make money for the sake of achieving his goal.

This is the best lesson one can learn: one should be ready to do anything to achieve one’s dreams! So for all those who think that the Isekai anime are all typical with the same cliché storyline of a hero fighting the villains, this is not the case here! The characters are cool, captivating, and relatable. So, I hope you won’t wait any more seconds to watch this one, right?

Spice and wolf

1. Spice And Wolf

This is a perfect watch for all those looking for the best anime about being a merchant. This is the story of Kraft Lawrence, a merchant. Kraft is very passionate and hard-working. His job demands him to travel from place to place. During his work, he meets a wolf deity, Holo, who offers him help in his business only if Kraft takes her to the town. 

This anime provides the viewers with a bunch of information regarding trading, business, and how one can successfully manage it. It’s not only a great source of entertainment but of knowledge as well. Watching the main characters facing the constant ups and downs in their mission of running a successful business is simply engaging. 

Spice and Wolf is not only the favorite anime but also the favorite manga of many otaku, so the plus point is if you like reading, you can consider reading its manga. Apart from seeing Kraft’s life as a merchant, there is so much to look for, especially the cute romance between the leads. 


I have tried to recommend the best anime about being a merchant, specifically running a business or shop, or the ones that highlight the entrepreneurial aspects of the character’s life. So watch it before anyone else, and I’ll wait patiently for your response in the comments below!