The Best 12 Anime With A School Fighting Tournament

Watching school fights between students has always been fun. If the students have extraordinary powers, it’s absolutely worth watching, or even if they don’t, it is a visual treat to watch the sports tournament.

Rest assured, the list will have a variety of anime from which you can pick your favorite anime with a school-fighting tournament. 

12. Food Wars

Who said that fighting should only be restricted to action and physical battles? A fighting tournament can be of any type, such as a food war between cooks. Keep your snacks with you before watching Food Wars, as it will surely make you hungry. 

Souma Yukihira is our cute main character who wishes to run his father’s restaurant one day. However, his dreams are shattered out of the blue.  His father announces that he will close the business, so our boy is left heartbroken. Next, we see him joining a Culinary Academy instead of losing hope. 

The school is famous for its tough competition between the students, which is also why the number of graduating students is less. I am sure Food War will entertain you with its epic battles between the cooks!

Anime With A School Fighting Tournament

11. Inazuma Eleven

What’s better than watching sports tournaments, especially if it involves competitions between rivals? Inazuma Eleven is one of the best soccer anime with a school-fighting tournament. Mamoru Endou is our cute protagonist, a student of the Inazuma Eleven School with a poor reputation in terms of soccer. 

However, Mamoru is ambitious to make the name of his school and bring it to the top of the list. He wants to build a team filled with skilled and ambitious players and has eyes on Shuuya Gouenji. Shuuya is an extremely talented soccer player who has stopped playing soccer for certain reasons. 

So, in the beginning, we see Mamoru trying almost everything possible to bring Shuuya into his team. You will be enthralled to see the thrilling matches between the teams! Enjoy!

10. Kuroko No Basket

Do you have a liking for basketball? Even if your answer is negative, give Kuroko No Basket a shot to change your perspectives. It also has a cliche plot similar to any sports anime where a school doesn’t enjoy a good reputation in sports, and an ambitious and talented player changes everything. 

In this story, we follow the two characters Taiga Kagami, a US-returned boy greatly skilled in sports and Kuroko Tetsuya, a boy lacking skills. For Kuroko, it doesn’t matter if he lacks the right skills; he knows what he is capable of.

He wants to show the world he is perfect in his own way. With time, we learn that Kuroko is not an ordinary boy but a talented boy!

new Anime With A School Fighting Tournament

9. Haikyuu

It’s an absolute favorite sports anime with a school-fighting tournament. The sport Haikyuu highlights is Volleyball, and it’s remarkable to see the players competing against each other. Hinata, our main character, is often misunderstood for his short height, and people mistake him for a talentless player. 

However, the way he proves everyone wrong on the court every single time is heart-winning. At the beginning of the anime, we see a match between his team and the Volleyball prodigy Tobio’s team. One thing leads to the other, and we see Hinata joining a new school where he is thrilled to find Tobio as his teammate. 

None of them like each other and consider themselves rivals, so it takes them time to become friends. It is amazing to watch them unwillingly train together and surprise the audience with their talents. Haikyuu is a must-watch anime with a school-fighting tournament for every sports lover.

8. Absolute Duo

Have you ever thought about what would happen if one could materialize weapons from one’s soul? Nothing like that happens in reality, but nothing costs you to imagine it, right? Absolute Duo highlights the idea of materializing weapons from souls; all such individuals join schools to train themselves to master their abilities. 

There is a rule that no student should train alone but in pairs to become the Absolute Duo. Tooru Kokonoe is our male lead who wishes to become stronger to avenge the person who snatched his loved ones from him. Tooru is different from the rest of the students and has unique abilities. 

Give it a shot to know who will be his companion and how things will unfold! Rest assured, it’s worth watching anime with a school-fighting tournament. 

7. The Asterisk War

Don’t we all imagine having superpowers and praying for a miracle or a strange phenomenon to make it happen? In the Asterisk War, a unique phenomenon called Invertia changed the way of living. The credit goes to Invertia for the emergence of humans with superpowers. 

These superhumans are famous as Genestella, and what’s better than seeing all of them in action? So for pure entertainment, the top academies plan to make the Genestella fight against each other like a tournament. Ayato Amagiri is the main character who joins one of the elite schools as a scholarship student, but his mission is something else. 

He was focused on gaining information about his missing sister. Unfortunately, his life in the academy became a little complicated when he made a witch furious. The Asterisk War is perfect for everyone who enjoys romance, action, and fantasy.

6. Irregular At Magic High School

Just imagine a tournament between the nine magic high schools where the students will compete against each other, showcasing their powers. It introduces us to a world where magic is being used as a technology, and students especially learn it as a subject in their schools. 

Tatsuya and Miyuki are the gorgeous brother-sister duo who join an elite magic academy. The school has its own rule of segregating students into different groups, so the two are separated soon after the test results. 

Tatsuya’s character is mysterious from the start, which makes the story compelling. You will see multiple twists unfolding with time, adding more charm to the plot. Above all, be glad because you will be able to witness a tournament between the top nine magic schools where the students will fight against each other. It’s a great anime for all fantasy, magic, and action lovers.

best anime tournament fighting arc

5. Hunter X Hunter

Like Demon Slayer, being a hunter is a tough job as it requires always being ready to risk one’s life. Gon Freecs is apparently a kid but is fearless and courageous enough to face the dangers alone. The reason behind his enthusiasm is his hunter father. 

It’s natural for a son to follow his father’s footprints, as with Gon. Despite knowing that his chosen path can cost him his life, he is ready to give it his all to become a hunter. One must pass a tough examination to officially become a hunter, and you will see Gon taking the exams. 

The exam is no less than a tournament as it involves competition. HXH offers excitement, thrilling action sequences, and plot twists to keep you glued to the end.  

4. Demon Slayer

Becoming a demon slayer is not easy; one must be fearless and courageous enough to face the dangers. In fact, the participants train before giving the life-threatening examinations. Tanjiro Kamado never thought to be a demon slayer until his family was slaughtered. 

Watching the sole survivor of the attack, his sister turned into a demon was painful; therefore, he decided to become a demon slayer. So, it’s the best watch if you are searching for anime with a school-fighting tournament. Though not all of the plot is based on the tournaments, it has everything to entertain you. The villains are phenomenal, the animation is flawless and the story is compelling.

anime with a tournament school arc

3. Jujutsu Kaisen

I am sure we all have wished at least once for a school that teaches sorcery and magic, right? Well, JJK introduces us to a world filled with jujutsu sorcerers, and there are special schools that train students in jujutsu. 

Yuji Itadori was an ordinary high school student who never thought about how things would turn out in his life. While trying to protect his friend from cursed energy, he ate a cursed object without thinking about the sequences. 

Whoever tries to engulf it can not survive, but Yuji’s case is different. He was surprisingly strong and powerful enough to tolerate it. He became a vessel for Sukuna (the king of curses), as the object was his finger. 

The incident led him to meet Gojo Satoru, one of the most powerful sorcerers, who decided to teach him jujutsu. Not gonna lie; there are a lot of plot twists and engaging events that make the show worth watching. 

To top it off, there will be the Kyoto Sister School Goodwill event, where you see the two schools competing against each other. So have a great time watching this amazing anime with a school fighting tournament. 


2. My Hero Academia

Needless to say we all know about MHA, don’t we? Izuku Midoriya is your cliche yet not-so-ordinary boy who wishes to become a superhero despite lacking the powers. One doesn’t need powers to be a hero, but the world he lives in does need them! 

People are born with powers, which is so common that those who are not born with them are humiliated. Unfortunately, that was the case with Izuku, yet he never lost hope. Growing up watching different superheroes, especially all might, saving the world from evil characters added to his passion. 

As they say, when your will is strong, you can do anything, so the same happens with our boy. One thing leads to the other, and one day, his idol, All Might, transfers his powers to him. Of course, he didn’t get the powers just like that; he had to work hard day and night for several months. The school has a system where the students compete against each other, just like a tournament. Watching them train and compete against each other will make you excited for sure.

1. Naruto

How can we miss adding Naruto when we talk about anime with a school-fighting tournament? Nothing can replace Naruto as it has the most iconic and the best school-fighting tournaments. The story’s main character is Naruto, whose life is messed up because of a nine-tail fox sealed inside him. 

However, the boy is optimistic and courageous enough to make things turn in his favor. Naruto is based on ninjas’ lives, so you will see ninja academy training the students to master their skills. We see different life-threatening exams where students take part, and the successful ones level up in their ninja ranks. 

There are a lot of breathtaking fights between overpowered students that will make you lose your balance. Just begin watching it, and somewhere in the episode 50 or 60 you will find yourself completely immersed in the anime. Trust me, and give it a go!

naruto is Anime With The Best Character Development

Conclusion on best anime with a school fighting tournament

What is the luckiest anime you have decided to watch from the list? Don’t forget to name it in the comments below!

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