Top 14 Anime Where the Main Character Is a Delinquent

Delinquents in anime tend to be more popular than any other character. Whether we talk about gangsters, yakuza, or just a badass character who is a thug, this theme is commonly liked amongst the anime community.

However, this article will cover an out-of-ordinary theme: anime where the main character is a delinquent. So if you’re interested in looking at some of the toughest delinquent MCs, now is the time to watch some recommended here. 

1. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is easily one of the most popular anime regarding the delinquent theme. It was not only one of the most anticipated manga, but as soon as the anime got released, everyone started loving the overall vibe of this show. With a great storyline and brilliant animation, the hype built up to the level where most anime watchers fell for its concept.

anime mc is a deliquent

The story incorporates Takemichi Hangaki’s encounter with time travel. He moved back to his old delinquent high-school days, where he used to get in a lot of trouble. Now, he must find a way to save his past lover by fighting some of the most vicious gangs and people on the planet.

What’s unique about Tokyo Revengers is the time-travel and gangster theme, making it one of the most suspenseful anime you’ll ever watch. The animation is excellent, the characters are just lovely, and the diversity when it comes to each character will make you fall in love with them quickly. 

2. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka is perhaps one of the most popular anime from the 90s. It rose to fame quickly, and its storyline and comedic aspects were way ahead of its time. So it is no wonder why people still prefer watching Great Teacher Onizuka compared to many other available anime. 

Anime Where the Main Character Is a Delinquent

The storyline incorporates Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-gang member who somehow became a teacher. Unfortunately, Onizuka gives off weak vibes, and it’s often made fun of by his students. But when someone pushes the switch too far, Onizuka goes into his old delinquent self and ensures that these teenagers get a taste of their medicine. 

Throughout the story, his students and other gang members try to instigate a lot of hatred toward him and plot rebellions, but Onizuka is no slouch. You would see Onizuka’s boring, badass, yet interesting side and how he manages to become a better person with each evil encounter. 

3. School Rumble

School Rumble is another classic title that was released in the early 2000s. It is similar to Great Teacher Onizuka and is hailed for being one of the most comedy-oriented delinquent anime of all time. There is a romantic aspect to the anime, and it revolves around the daily lives of the students from Class 2-C at Yagami High School.  

best Anime Where the Main Character Is a Delinquent

The main character in this story is Tenma Tsukamoto, a female who has a crush on Oji Karasuma, the tritagonist. This is where she meets the main male protagonist, the delinquent Kenji Harima.

Kenji likes Tenma and would do anything to get her attention. However, he’s simply too shy to confess. In other words, Kenji is a fighter but a timid lover. The story incorporates Kenji’s struggles with admitting to Tenma. Whenever he musters up the courage to do so, he gets stopped by certain circumstances that will annoy him throughout the series. 

4. Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge combines action, adventure, martial arts, supernatural, romance, and ecchi genres to provide viewers with an experience like nothing else! The anime was released in 2004 and is quite underrated in modern times. But the whole delinquent theme and our main characters fighting for their love are very badass. Moreover, with so many comedic moments, you’re in it for an exciting ride. 

The story incorporates Souichiro Nagi and his best friend, Bob Makihara, going to their new school for the first time. The academy is known as Toudou Academy. Being delinquents, both friends decided to beat everyone who got in their way, which has worked in their past schools. However, they quickly realize that this school isn’t regular. People have supernatural powers here. What challenges await Souichiro and Bob? 

5. Beelzebub

Beelzebub is a perfect mixture of what happens when a delinquent gets all the power he needs in the world. The anime was released in 2009 and is still one of the most exciting anime, where the main character is a delinquent. 


The plot incorporates Tatsumi Oga, a first-year student at Ishiyama High School. This school is full of delinquents, and Tatsumi is a well-known one. One day, a baby boy who is a literal devil but looks so innocent outside comes and takes a liking to Tatsumi because he is so overpowered. 

Beelzebub is the boy’s name, and he is the child of the Demon King. Being involved in the demonic world, Tatsumi must fight some of the most vicious-looking enemies while protecting Beelzebub and maintaining his school-life balance. How will he do it? Well, you will need to watch the anime to find out. 

6. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is when basketball meets delinquents. The manga was popular in the 90s and had such a friendly vibe that every basketball lover would instantly be hooked. In addition, slam Dunk paved the way for many sports anime like Haikyuu and Kuroko’s Basket, which is what made sports anime quite famous.

The story incorporates Hanamichi Sakuragi, who starts as a delinquent outcast and is quite unpopular with girls. He has been rejected over 50 times due to his unlikeable personality. However, he thinks that Haruko Akagi is his dream girl, and after discovering that she’s not scared of him, he gets super happy. She also introduces Hanamichi to a basketball coach, and he eventually gets selected, only to find out that his troubles just began. 

The anime has a lot of fights, sports, and athleticism that you would love, along with the retro vibe it brings for all the fans. 

Anime Where the Main Character Is a Delinquent my recommendations

7. Yu Yu Hakusho

One of the most popular anime where the main character is a delinquent is Yu Yu Hakusho. The anime follows Yusuke Urameshi, who is a 14-year-old street delinquent and brawler. However, one day, he is hit by a car and gets killed while saving a young boy from getting hit. 

After his death, his ghost is greeted by a girl named Botan, and she’s the one who transports souls from Earth to the otherworld. However, Yusuke is quite surprised to find out that his soul is stuck between the two worlds because his death was accidental and a surprise to the underworld.

He cannot go to heaven or hell, and after getting a series of tests performed on him, he returns to life. Now he becomes an underworld detective and solves many mysteries while fighting monsters and people he would usually never see. 

8. Angel Densetsu

Angel Densetsu is one of the most popular manga series that revolves around delinquents. But what sets it apart from other series is the main character, who looks like a delinquent. Usually, we would see other characters looking cute and handsome, but Seiichirō Kitano is nothing like that.

Seiichirō is a kind boy from the inside, but outside, he looks just as evil as the devil himself. The sinister look on his face makes people run away and think that he would hurt everyone. Paired with his bad social skills, everyone thinks he’s a drug addict and a badass delinquent. 

So what challenges await Seiichirō as he is made the head of the thugs in his school? Will his outward appearance be enough to fake confidence and move through the world where delinquents are beating each other? 

9. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Even though Sakamoto isn’t considered an actual delinquent, he’s more than one. The series was quite popular back then and is still one of the most interesting delinquent anime to watch.

The story incorporates Sakamoto, a flawless young boy who is not only a genius but is liked by every student and teacher. Well, this includes many delinquents and famous male males who are always looking to mess with Sakamoto daily.

The anime includes everyone trying to mess with Sakamoto, but in the end, he always finds a way to look as flawless and perfect as he can. After that, things go pretty right for Sakamoto as he knows how to escape the sticky situation every time. 

banana fish

10. Banana Fish

Banana Fish is one of the best anime about delinquents to be ever released. The plot is set in the United States in the mid-1980s, where Ash Lynx, a gang leader, takes care of his older brother Griffin. Griffin has been a military veteran and is now in a vegetative state, so Ash has to take care of him. 

One day, Ash encounters an incident related to his brother’s incident, and now he must uncover the deepest and darkest truths about what happened in the past. The main plot revolves around finding the secrets of “Banana Fish.”

11. Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School is another anime revolving around delinquents, and it was released in the early 2000s. The anime follows the everyday life of Takashi Kamiyama and his weird classmates at Cromartie High School. This school is known for delinquents, and Takashi is far from that. He’s well-mannered, polite, and a kind student with an above-average IQ.

However, how will he survive between these monsters? At some point, Takashi realizes that he would need to become like the lions to attack the lions. With his brilliant brain and fast calculations, how will he counter the odds and become the best in his school? 

its my turn

12. Starting Today, It’s My Turn!!

Starting Today, It’s My Turn!! Or Kyō Kara Ore Wa!! It is another popular anime about delinquents and has been becoming increasingly popular thanks to new releases like Tokyo Revengers and more.

The anime has one of the coolest characters, which includes two boys, Takashi Mitsuhashi and Shinji Itō. Both boys meet each other at a Salon, and after joining a new school, they decide to take the opportunity to become better people and not just boys who run off when trouble arises. This is where Takashi and Shinji decided to become Japan’s biggest delinquents. However, their story has just begun, as they have to face a lot of trouble now. 

13. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is one of the best anime where the main character “becomes” a delinquent. Released in 2006, the anime incorporates Okajima, a 25 years old Japanese salaryman working for Asahi Industries in Tokyo. However, one day, he gets kidnapped by the Lagoon Company and somehow meets Revy, a badass leader and gunfighter of the team. 

Being all kind and stuff, Okajima must turn into a delinquent to fight some of the most vicious gangs and survive while uncovering their truths and bringing them to the Lagoon Company. But will he be able to pull that off?

west gate park

14. Ikebukuro West Gate Park

IWGP became a television series in 2020 and quickly became a fan-favorite delinquent anime of all time. The plot includes Ikebukuro, which is home to many gangs and businesses. Makoto Majima finds himself in the middle of trouble, where he is known to be the troubleshooter who negotiates between different gangs. 

The anime has a lot of action and badass moments, making it one of the best anime where the main character is a delinquent. 

Final Verdict

Seeing the MC as a delinquent is interesting, but we have discovered the top 14 anime where the main character is a delinquent.

One thing that is quite common in most of these anime is that these characters weren’t always a thug, and even amidst their thug era, they fought for what was right. 

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