The 13 Best Anime Where Humans Fight Monsters

Watching a fantasy fight between two different species has always been fun. If those fights exist in anime, nothing is better than them.

Anime, where humans fight monsters, is so spellbinding and intriguing that one wants to watch more of it. So, today’s blog is about such fights and thrills; get ready!

13. Highschool Of The Dead 

Imagine your school being attacked by the walking dead; how will you survive? No need to rack your brains so hard; watch High School of The Dead to learn survival skills. When different monsters, aka the walking dead, start wreaking havoc in the high school, the main character Takashi finds himself in trouble. 

His friend gets bitten by one of the monsters, and there is no choice except to kill his friend. After killing his best friend, he was left with his friend’s girlfriend, Rei. We follow Rei and Takashi, going into the depth of the matter to learn the reasons for all these happenings. 

They befriended multiple other talented students who were able to survive. The group tries their best to fight off these deadly monsters meanwhile trying to find a way to stop them once and for all.

Anime where humans fight monsters

12. Seraph Of The End

In Seraph Of The End, you’ll see not only monsters but vampires as well. A deadly virus disturbs the world’s peace, affecting every teenager and adult. In the time of chaos, different vampires appear out of nowhere and promise to protect the world at the cost of humans feeding them with their blood. 

However, all promises proved to be a lie with time, and they started ruling humanity. Mikaela and Yuuichirou are the boys who wish to escape from their rule and find freedom.

After Yuuichirou succeeds in escaping, he soon joins the Demon company, whose main mission is to remove the existence of vampires from the world. We follow the revenge story of the boy, who vows to take revenge on the vampires who harmed his loved ones.

11. Ajin 

Stop racking your brains; let me explain what exactly an Ajin is! They are immortals or demi-humans, and it’s believed that they are evil, trying to cause destruction and harm to humans. Every now and then, something suspicious and horrible about them circulates the news.

The police are putting efforts to take them under custody. Kei Nagai is a student who never gives much importance and attention to the topic related to Ajin till one day, he experiences something unexpected. Guess what? After an incident, he found himself turned into an Ajin! 

If you love thrillers, my friend, you can’t miss Ajin. It’s a great anime filled with horror, suspense, mystery and unlimited thrill. Watching Kei adjust to his new life and trying to figure out the current scenarios will make you feel amazing! Undoubtedly, Ajin provides the best thrill when we talk about anime, where humans fight monsters.

10. Blood +

Blood+ is an anime where the main character intrigues the audience the most. Saya Otonashi is the female lead who feels trouble remembering her past. She only has the recent year’s memories and nothing else. Things become interesting yet deadly in her life after a man-eating monster attacks her out of nowhere. 

Luckily, she survived, all thanks to a man named Haji. Soon after the incident, she joins the organization that works to exterminate the monsters.

Meanwhile, things become extremely mysterious about Saya and her past! Blood+ is a good anime to witness bone-chilling action sequences between humans and monsters.

Anime Where Humans Fight Monsters

9. Noragami

This is another great action fantasy anime that has a balanced amount of humor. The story’s main character is a self-proclaimed god named Yato. This handsome boy has one wish: to have millions of worshippers.

Most of his time is spent doing odd jobs to earn some money. Things become intriguing when Hiyori Iki is injured, saving the boy from a terrible accident. The situation became hilarious and troublesome at the same time Hiyori’s soul became loose enough to leave her body. 

The girl demands Yato bring her body back to normal, so Yato asks her to join in his mission. Watching the duo trying their best to achieve their goals while fighting off different supernatural beings is simply a treat.

8. Bungou Stray Dogs 

After being kicked out, Atsushi Nakajima wandered from place to place after his orphanage kicked him out. The people feared a weretiger and suspected Atsushi for all the problems linked with it. On his way, he saw a man drowning, and without a second thought, he saved the man. 

The man was Osamu Dazai, a supernatural investigator on a mission to find the same tiger. He treated Atsushi with food and later asked him to help him in the mission by joining the team of supernatural investigators. Guess what? 

The weretiger they were trying to capture was none other than Atsushi himself! The plot simply gets better with each passing moment, and please make sure to binge-watch it without wasting a single second. Don’t worry; the story is capable enough to make the viewers glued to it till the very end, which makes it a perfect anime where humans fight monsters.


7. InuYasha

Kagome Higurashi’s 15th birthday changes her life entirely. Things take a fantastical turn when she finds herself in the past after being dragged into a well. Soon after, she finds herself surrounded by demons who are after a jewel she had. 

Luckily, a half-demon named InuYasha came to her help and saved her from the demon attack. However, things become problematic when Kagome’s jewel gets shattered into multiple pieces. Now they start their mission to find all the pieces of the jewel scattered worldwide. 

At first, InuYasha didn’t like Kagome, but what’s better than watching a love-hate relationship? There are great action sequences, and the suspense will keep you glued throughout.

6. Claymore

In Claymore, the monsters we are introduced to are called Youma. Similar to cliche ones, they feed on human flesh. To protect humans from the terror of these human-eating monsters, there are female warriors famous as Claymore. 

We follow the life of one such Claymore named Clare, who helps Raki, a boy who lost his family. Claymore is all about female warriors slaying Youma and highlights the bond between Raki and Clare.

The character development of Clare makes the story spellbinding because almost all the events impact her character in one way or another. If you are looking for a different story, especially the action of female warriors, then Claymore is worth watching.

5. Blue Exorcist 

The way Blue Exorcists highlights the fight between humans and demons is simply spellbinding. We are introduced to two different worlds (human and demon). Each world has separate rules and lifestyles. It’s not easy to travel across the world; to do so, the demons must possess humans. 

The lord of the demon world, Satan, is not content with ruling the demon world and wants to be the boss of the human world as well. However, he cannot find any suitable host to help him in his mission. Therefore, he sends his own son Rin Okumura. 

We follow the life of Rin and how he grows up in the human world, where he develops a huge love for people. After discovering the intent of Satan, he starts training to be strong enough to fight against his own father. 

tokyo ghoul

4. Tokyo Ghoul

I am sure you will be thrilled watching the ghouls wreaking havoc in Tokyo. In Tokyo Ghoul, we follow Ken Kaneki and how the life of this innocent boy changes after his encounter with a beautiful yet deadly woman named Rize. 

Her beauty enthralled the boy, but as they say, all the glitter is not gold; Rize reveals herself as a ghoul. The incident changed the boy’s life forever; now, Ken was one of the ghouls. It was very difficult for the innocent Ken to adjust to his new life and learn about the rules of the ghoul society. 

No matter how much he hates being a ghoul, he has no choice except to accept and live. The character development of Kaneki Ken is one of the best compared to other anime where humans fight monsters. Just give it a go, and you’ll never regret trying it out. Not gonna lie; the first season is a little boring as the story takes time to develop, but somewhere in the second season, you’ll surely be glued to it.

3. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

We are introduced to a world where different monsters, aka Kabaneri, are wreaking havoc. Feeding on humans is something very normal for them, and the only way to stop Kabaneri is to destroy their hearts. People have built walls around their places to protect themselves from being the target of these deadly monsters. 

Ikoma is our main character who has benefited humanity by introducing armored trains, and now he has created a weapon that he believes will pierce the hearts of the monsters.

To know whether his plan will succeed, get ready to binge-watch this epic masterpiece! This one offers some spellbinding themes, compelling action sequences, and many more that can grab your attention.

2. Parasyte 

We all have studied the symbiotic relationship between parasites and hosts, but have you seen Parasyte trying to rule the world? No worries if you haven’t; Parasyte is all about parasitic aliens and their heinous plan to take over the human world by controlling human brains. 

These monsters execute their plans, and in the blink of an eye, many humans fall prey. When a parasite came to take over the brain of a high school student, Shinichi Izumi, something went wrong, and he ended up being attached to his arm. 

As he couldn’t control his mind, Shinichi had the upper hand. The story continues, and we see Shinichi using the new abilities that the parasite bestowed to protect the world.

A very cute relationship is highlighted between Shinichi and the parasite, and one wishes to see more of them. So, action lovers get ready to witness thrilling action sequences between humans and monsters. I bet this will be your favorite anime where humans fight monsters.

1. Berserk

Berserk revolves around a warrior named Guts who has been facing the odds right after the moment he was born. He grows up being trained as a mercenary and wanders from place to place, completing odd jobs. Things changed for him when he grabbed the attention of Griffith, the leader of a group (Band of the Falcon). 

One thing leads to the other, and he joins his group. Guts helped Griffith in completing different missions, but things went wrong, and they became foes. What made them change and why it all happened is a mystery you must unveil by watching Berserk. There sure are demons, and you will see some mind-blowing action sequences.


Okay, my lovely fellas, let’s end our discussion on the best anime where humans fight monsters; I hope you find them all engaging enough to binge-watch them. Have a good watch!