The 12 best Anime With Swords And Demons

Watching protagonists slashing the demons with their swords is nothing less than a visual treat. Anime with swords and demons entertains the viewers with action, style, fantasy, and a lot more. Let’s get ready to talk about this anime! 

12. The Devil Is A Part Timer

It’s one of my favorite anime with swords and demons. Though the use of swords is not much evident, yet the slight use of them makes the story compelling. Demon Lord satan is our protagonist who wants to rule the world, and he initiated a war with the humans. 

Luckily, the humans were also strong, all thanks to a hero who decided to stop him by hook or by crook. Finally, the human hero successfully sent the Demon Lord out of their world. That’s when the story becomes compelling. 

Demon Lord Satan finds himself on Earth, which is anti-magic, and there is no concept of believing in fairytales. As the world was anti’s magic, Satan couldn’t use his magic powers, and they were fading away with each passing moment. 

He soon realized his worth and accepted his fate, and started to work as a part-timer to win the bread. Him working part-time and changing to a good person adds humor and fun to the story. It’s a must-watch for all the admirers of comedy and isekai fantasy. 

Anime With Swords And Demons

11. Claymore

Claymore introduces us to shapeshifting demons called Youma. They are wreaking havoc by feeding on humans. To fight against these Youma, there are female warriors. We follow the journey of one of these female warriors called Claymore. 

Clare’s (Claymore) character is strong, and she is one of the main reasons viewers enjoy watching the anime. She helps a boy named Raki, who has nowhere to go after his family is killed. Raki soon accompanied her on her missions and journey. Watching a good bond developing between the two is worth watching. There is some great action and story, so don’t miss it.

10. Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is not an ordinary hero but one of the most entertaining ones. His eccentric personality adds charm to the story and makes it hilarious. Absolutely nothing can stop this man from doing what he likes.  He has no concern with the rules and regulations; if he likes wielding a sword, he will carry it with him. He swiftly ignores the government’s order not to keep the swords. 

He soon befriends some interesting personalities and starts a journey to help people, meanwhile fighting the aliens to ensure peace and protection. Gintama is popular for its comedy and characters, so please do not miss watching this masterpiece. Though there aren’t any demons in the anime, the idea of slaying the aliens is no less than it! 

Gintama top Anime Where The MC Is A Swordsman

9. Blue Exorcist

We have seen the demon and human worlds in different anime, yet Blue Exorcist presents engagingly. It’s not easy for humans and demons to enter each other’s worlds. Especially for the demons to enter, they need to possess someone. 

The Demon Lord had evil motives, which he wanted to achieve no matter the cost.He couldn’t find a suitable person for possession. He didn’t stop and married a human and sent his son to be raised on Earth. 

Rin Okumura is the protagonist and the son of the demon. His foster father brought him up in a way that he could never imagine harming people. Rin is kind; therefore, after learning that the Demon Lord wishes to wreak havoc, he decides to become an exorcist. Watching the action and rivalry between father and son is breathtaking in this anime. 

8. Sword Gai

The story is about a boy named Gai and his not-so-ordinary life. After losing his mother, he is adopted by a man named Amon, who trains him as his apprentice. Gai’s life changes completely when he loses his arm, and Amon gives him a sword as its replacement. 

Now the sword is just like a part of Gai’s body. To top it off, the sword is not ordinary, and only the chosen ones can wield it. We see Gai fighting off his enemies while trying to cope with his daily challenges. 

The sword’s power can be dangerous and can consume a person completely. So, don’t consider the sword, unlike cliche ones that protagonists wield in anime. The character development throughout the story is pretty good, so yes, this is a must-watch anime with swords and demons!

7. InuYasha

Kagome Higurashi is the female lead whose 15th birthday wasn’t fruitful. Out of the blue, she was dragged into the pool, and soon after, she found herself in a completely different era. In that timelines, demon attacks were as common as breathing. 

To top it off, demons were attracted to Kagome, and the reason was her jewel. The jewel she had could give the demons unimaginable powers. Kagome tried her best to protect herself from the demons, and all thanks to a half-demon named InuYasha who came to her help. 

At first, InuYasha doesn’t like Kagome because of her resemblance with a person, but their chemistry makes the story compelling. 


6. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Anos Voldigoad is our handsome and overpowered hero. He was so tired of watching the constant human-demon wars that he decided to take a break and be reborn in a peaceful period. 

After thousands of years, Anos was reborn in a peaceful time. He soon joins a demon academy, where he befriends two girls. His time in the academy makes the story engaging, adding a high school theme to it. 

The MC soon learns that people have forgotten him and, in fact, they have misconceptions regarding his true personality. Anos exposing his powers and scaring people with a single snap is the most entertaining sight. 

5. Dororo

Hyakkimaru is the main character whose personality is completely different from cliche characters. Unfortunately, the boy’s father abandoned him soon after his birth. Miraculously, though he had no crucial organs, he was breathing. 

Disgusted by his looks and appearance, his cruel father orders the maid to throw him in the river. You would be surprised to learn that the reason behind the amputation of Hyakkimaru was his father. 

He made a deal with a demon, and this was the consequence. We follow the boy’s journey, and after growing up, he vows to get his organs back from the demons. Hayakkimaru meets a young boy named Dororo, who makes the anime spellbinding and entertaining. Watch Dororo for action, sword fighting and a lot more. 


4. Seven Deadly Sins

As the title says, the story revolves around the seven characters famous as the “Deadly Sins”. Meliodas is the most powerful and the most feared among all. People consider them rebellious, but in reality, they are not even a little bit like what they imagine. 

In the beginning, a girl named Elizabeth seeks Meliodas’s help, and to help her, the duo starts their journey to get United with the six sins. Each of them has a different path in life; therefore, season one focuses on them reuniting.

Meanwhile, Meliodas’s character gets mysterious because of his demon powers. The more the story develops, the more interesting it is, so watch the anime. SDS has the perfect amount of twists, mysteries, and action sequences. Make sure not to miss this amazing anime. 

3. Bleach

Hollows are no less than demons who try to wreak havoc on Earth every now and then. To stop them, we have the shinigami. During one such attack, Rukiia, the death God, couldn’t fight them. Therefore, she temporarily transferred her shinigami powers to our main character, Ichigo.

Kurosaki Ichigo used to be an ordinary boy, but that one moment changed his life entirely. The boy fighting the demons and exploring his shinigami powers are worth admiring. It is revealed that Ichigo was never an ordinary one, and he is linked to shinigami and hollows. 

Though mysteries about his character take time to unveil. The action sequences are so amazing that it’s impossible not to be thrilled watching them. Bleach’s manga and anime are both worth trying out.

2. Berserk

If you are interested in watching anime with swords and demons, don’t miss the chance to watch Berserk. Its manga is considered iconic in the otaku community, and the anime enjoys an excellent reputation. 

The story is about a warrior named Guts whose life was never easy. He was born when his mother was hanged, and he grew up being trained as a mercenary. His life has always kept him busy in the ups and downs, where we see him fighting his inner and outer demons. 

After joining the group of Griffith, his life starts a new chapter. Their relationship and bond make the story spellbinding and different from the cliche ones. Later the plot becomes intricate, and we see them both drifting apart and becoming each other’s anime. Berserk also has a love story, which makes this Dark and Gore anime a little more intriguing. 

1. Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado’s life becomes miserable after the demons brutally take the lives of his loved ones. To take revenge for the brutal deaths and for turning his sister into a half-demon, he starts training to become a demon slayer. 

A senior demon slayer trains him to pass the official exam. Tanjiro’s vigorous training, working on himself, and passing the deadliest examination will leave you in awe. Demon Slayer has won countless hearts through its characters, animation, and a captivating plot. 

Tanjiro meets multiple other demon slayers; some accept him easily, while others create a commotion because of his demon sister Nezuko. Nezuko is different from the rest, has excellent control over their body, and would never intentionally hurt anyone. I am sure you will enjoy Demon Slayer because it’s indeed the best anime with swords and demons. 


Share your views on this list of best anime with swords and demons. You know how much I like discussing anime with my otaku friends around the globe (XD).