The 12 top Romance Anime Where They Get Married

Hola, my lovely fellas! Today’s blog is specially written for all romance lovers who wish to watch romance anime where they get married. I have brought a list of anime that are going to be your favorites! So, let’s begin!

12. Itazura Na Kiss

Kotoko Aihara is our female lead whose life becomes problematic when she gets shelterless after an earthquake. Not having a place to stay, fate plays its part, and she starts living in the house of her school’s smartest and most handsome student named Irie. 

Let me be clear! She lives in the house of her crush and the boy she tried confessing her feelings to! OMG, YES, just imagine the poor girl’s feelings. The good thing about Kotoko is that she is not like other girls and is very confident and different. She vows to win Irie’s heart by hook or by crook. This is the perfect romance anime where they get married!

12 Romance Anime Where They Get Married

11. Amagami SS

Get ready for a heavy dose of harem and romance! The main character Junichi is surrounded by gorgeous cute girls, and the twist is he is interested in almost all of them. The boy has a sad past where he tried confessing his feelings but got rejected. 

Therefore to avoid a similar experience, he tries to keep his feelings a secret. The story is not intricate and filled with twists; it simply revolves around Junichi and his bond with several girls. The suspense is there because one can’t easily guess who the boy will marry, so yes, this is an engaging romance anime where they get married!

10. ToraDora

Ryuuji Takasu is a sweet boy who can’t think of doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, his tough looks always give the opposite impression. On the other hand, we have Taiga Aisaka, who looks like an innocent kid but is actually a BOMB! 

Both of them happen to harbor feelings for their crushes. Guess what? Taiga’s crush is Ryuuji’s best buddy, whereas Ryuuji’s crush is Taiga’s best buddy. So, what’s better than teaming up to win their favorite person? Taiga and Ryuuji become close friends and start planning to achieve their goal, but they don’t realize they will lose their hearts to each other in this process!

seven witches

9. Lovely Complex

Risa and Atsushi are perfectly imperfect people who are made for each other. Risa is an exceptionally tall girl, whereas Atsushi is exceptionally short. The world does not accept different and unique individuals, so the duo used to be a target of bullies. 

Their fellows humiliate them very often. Things changed for them when their homeroom teacher labeled them as a comedy duo. Though it was heartbreaking, it definitely led both of them to be closer than ever. Not gonna lie, we don’t get to see them getting married, but one is very sure seeing them that they are made for each other

8. Spy X Family

Very recently, the otaku community was impressed by a comedy anime that created a windstorm in the anime world with its great plot and characters. Yes, we are talking about Spy X Family. The story is centered around Twilight, aka Loid, a spy on a big mission that requires him to have a family. 

Of course, one can’t have a baby in a few days and neither a wife, so he creates a fake family by adopting Anya and marrying Yor. Though Loid was a very talented spy, he failed to unveil the secrets of his fake family. 

The wife and daughter, he thought were simple and innocent, were actually NOT. The beautiful wife, no doubt, is kind but an assassin and the kid is a mind reader. Spy X Family is a kind of masterpiece that offers so much more to the audience with romance as a bonus!

spice and wolf LN

7. Spice & Wolf

This is not just a romance anime where they get married but offers a lot of knowledge about economics and merchant life. The story’s main characters are Holo, a wolf deity, and Kraft, a merchant. Holo once enjoyed respect from the villagers, but when their wishes and desires were fulfilled, they started forgetting and treating her like a nobody. 

Fed up from the poor treatment, Holo wanted peace and love. Therefore, she requested Kraft to take her to her hometown, and she will be her business partner in return. Watching the two helping each other and developing bonds will surely impress you!

6. InuYasha

After turning 15, Kagome’s life takes an unexpected turn, and she is suddenly dragged inside a well that transports her to the past. It was the time where humans and demons used to co-exist. Many demons were attracted to the jewel she wore because it was precious and believed to give enormous powers. 

While running away from the demons, a half-demon boy InuYasha came to her help and fought off the demons. The audience is glued the moment Kagome’s jewel breaks and spreads at different locations. We follow the duo on a journey to gather all the pieces while developing special feelings for each other. Trust me or not, you will enjoy this masterpiece!


5. Love Is Like A Cocktail

Chisato is our female lead who is very impressed by her cute and kind husband, who works as a bartender. When she is drunk, she shows her hidden side, which is only known to Sora. The relationship and bond the couple shares are worth watching. 

If you like watching sweet things that a couple does, this is the best romance anime to binge-watch. Sora cares for his wife a lot and makes sure to give her a good time. He is a loving husband that is the ideal of every girl. 

To top it off, you can easily binge-watch it because each episode is just 3 minutes long. This one is the kind that will make you feel relaxed; however, if you are looking for a strong story and character development, this won’t be the one.

4. My Bride Is A Mermaid

Not gonna lie; you will love watching My Bride Is A Mermaid. The story introduces us to an average student, Nagasumi who visits the Seto Inland Sea. All he thought about was enjoying swimming and his time inland. 

His simple life changed the moment when his leg cramps and he fails to swim, leading him to unconsciousness. The luck was in his favor, and he didn’t drown but how? All thanks to the beautiful mermaid named Sun. 

Though he was saved, the bigger problems began afterwards. According to the mermaid’s law, it’s forbidden for a mermaid to be seen by humans, and the only punishment for this act is the DEATH of the human! T

The twist begins when the mermaid’s family asks Nagasumi to marry Sun to avoid punishment. Trust me, guys, you won’t get bored watching even for a second. This is the best romance anime where they get married!

top Romance Anime Where They Get Married

3. Clannad After Story

So if you are planning to watch Clannad After Story, I recommend watching its first season first. Part 1 revolves around how Tomoya and Nagisa met and fell in love, while Clannad After Story is about their married life. 

The duo gets married soon after graduation and starts their new life. In this season, we learn about the ups and downs of the couple and the difficulties they face. This season is very emotional and will definitely force you to cry. 

Soon after getting pregnant, Nagisa’s health started deteriorating. Watch it only if you like sad stories! Both seasons have good MAL ratings.

2. Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You

As they say, Love is blind and disturbs the peace of heart, so the same goes for Nasa Yuzaki. He was a talented and goal-oriented student who had everything figured out in his life. The boy was clear about what he wanted to achieve and had no distractions until he saw Tsukasa and lost her heart. 

He fell in love at first sight, and the moment he was busy watching her, a truck appeared suddenly and was about to hit him when the girl saved him. Not wanting to let her go, he confessed, and the girl agreed only on the condition that he gets married to her. So watch this anime for comedy and romance!

Romance Anime Where They Get Married

1. Fruits Basket

Can we forget to mention this beautiful anime on this list? Tooru Honda is the female lead sleeping in the jungle after becoming homeless. Luckily, the Sohma Family found her all alone in the jungle and brought her to their house. After spending some time with the Sohmas, she learns that they are not ordinary humans but cursed, allowing them to become animals when they touch the opposite gender. 

Tooru decides to help them keep their secret while helping them find a solution. There she meets Kyo Sohma, the short-tempered but extremely hot guy. Watching the love story between a brash boy and a sweet girl will give you butterflies in the stomach!

Conclusion on Romance Anime Where They Get Married

Okay, friends, this is about the best romance anime where they get married. Make sure you give them all a watch because they are all worth watching! I would be glad if you would share your experiences with me in the comments box. Let’s have a solid discussion, my Otaku friends!