12 Amazing Anime Where They Eat Humans

If you like anime where they eat humans, you perhaps enjoy watching thrillers and have a brave heart. Not many otaku can witness gore and violence, but they are indeed spine-chilling. Today’s list is for all the lovers of anime with human-eating monsters, demons, vampires, and zombies. So, let’s get started! 

12. Highschool Of The Dead

Just imagine the chaos and a scenario where human-eating zombies are spreading faster. When the zombies arrived at the high school and started attacking different students, Takashi, his best friend, and Rei tried their best to run and survive. 

Unfortunately, his friend was attacked, and to save their lives, Takashi had no choice except to take his friend’s life. With a heavy heart, he took his life and decided to protect Rei, his friend’s girlfriend. The story continues, and we see that apart from the two, there were multiple other talented students who were able to survive with their skills. 

They all team up together, vow to fight off the monsters and learn about the reasons for the outbreak. There are ecchi elements and a lot of gore, so keep that in mind before giving it a shot.

Blood lad best seinen light novel

11. Blood Lad

Staz Charlie is the main character who is considered to be a powerful vampire, which he actually is. People are afraid of him, and they don’t dare to get on his worst list. In reality, Staz is a kind and sweet boy who doesn’t like violence and enjoys spending his time reading Japanese comics. 

When a girl from Tokyo, Japan, enters his world, it is a dream come true experience for the boy. However, the happiness was limited as one of the monsters ate the girl and left her spirit wandering. The surprised and shocked Staz vowed to bring the girl back to life. So they begin their journey full of dangers and challenges. To know if the girl will be back or not, watch Blood Lad.

10. Goblin Slayer

Goblins are the monsters that have disturbed the peace of the world. They are sharp-minded, hungry, wild, and always looking to attack humans. Their main target is females, and they abuse them to death. The story begins with a teenage priestess who is a low-ranked adventurer. 

She joins a group of individuals on a mission to investigate the goblins responsible for women’s abduction. They didn’t expect that handling goblins wouldn’t be an easy task. Thus, all members fall prey to the goblins and the priestess is left alone. 

While she is about to be attacked, a goblin slayer arrives right in time and slays them all. The duo begins their adventure together to slay the horrible goblins.

Goblin slayer ln fantasy

9. Blood C

Saya Kisaragi is a high school student who has a secret. She takes a sword every night and slays deadly monsters to protect the village. The story is difficult to understand in the first few episodes, as everything looks confusing. 

Different monsters ask her to remember things, but she seems to remember nothing. And the plot twist begins when all she is experiencing is a fake reality.

A complete set-up scenario by the villain. But who was he, what he wanted, and why only Saya? These questions will force you to binge-watch it, so watch it before anything else!

8. God Eater

The story introduces us to a scenario where man-eating monsters create terror and chaos. Humanity was nearly extinct, but luckily, the emergence of God Eaters flipped everything. They gave humanity hope of survival. 

God Eaters were humans with special abilities allowing them to compete against the monsters (Aragami). Lenka is one of the God Eaters with some unique powers, and we follow him on his mission to eradicate Aragami’s existence. The science fiction and military themes will intrigue you through the end, so don’t you guys miss it!

You will enjoy the character development, and the ups and downs the author introduces in the character’s life make the fun double.

Dark fantasy romance anime

7. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Kabane are monsters who feed on human flesh. They have brought doom to the human world, and the only way to kill them is by destroying their hearts. Well, if it were an easy task, then not many people would have lost their lives. 

The main character, Ikoma, has created trains that ensure safe human travel. The boy is currently on a mission to create a weapon capable of killing the Kabane. To know whether the MC will succeed in his plans, watch Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress ASAP!

The suspense, thrill and surprisingly decent characters make you spellbound with the story. So make sure to try it before judging it as a good watch or bad.

6. Claymore

Claymore is the anime you need to watch if you are in search of anime where they eat humans. The viewers are introduced to the scenes of shapeshifting demons (Youma) wreaking havoc and feeding on human flesh. 

Thanks to Clamore, a group of female warriors who are there to protect the village from these man-eating monsters. They are half-human and half-youma, so they can easily fight against the monsters. Clare is the main character, a young warrior who wanders with a sword with her. 

She saves Raki, a homeless boy who lost her family in the demon attack. Raki accompanies her to different places where she slays different demons. Apart from just demon slaying, there is a mystery and much more regarding Clare!

promised neverland

5. The Promised Neverland

Have you watched Stranger Things? If yes, then get ready to get nostalgic watching The Promised Neverland. You will definitely find a lot of similarities here. It introduces us to an orphanage where many orphans live happily, considering the caretaker Isabella as their only family. 

However, one can spot many fishy and mysterious things there. All the kids have different numbers tattooed and are not allowed to cross the gate. After a month or two, one kid is adopted and never returns. Ray, Norman, and Emma are the three cute geniuses who are friends with each other. 

One day Emma and Norman break the rule and follow their fellow orphan who was adopted and Isabella out of the gate. They were terrified to see the scene where the kid was dead, and a monster engulfed her. They ran for their lives and kept the incident a secret. Next, we see them planning an escape, and the rest is all about their practices, training, and finally, the execution of the plan!

4. Parasyte The Maxim

We all have an idea of parasites, right? They attach themselves to the hosts and create a mess. So Parasyte The Maxim follows the same idea where alien parasites invade the human world on a mission to control their minds. 

They were almost successful in their mission, but things took an unexpected turn when a parasite failed to take over the brain of Shinichi, a high school student. Instead of the mind, he became part of his arm, thus giving him unique abilities. 

So what next? The boy took advantage of the situation and used his abilities to protect the world by fighting off the other monsters. Not gonna lie; the bond the parasite and Shinichi share is extremely cute!

demon slayer

3. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer can’t be forgotten when we talk about anime where they eat humans, my friend. In the very first episode, the viewers are clear about the idea of the anime. The main character Tanjiro is a sweet and responsible boy whose family becomes the target of demons, and he is left alone with his half-demon sister. 

Watching his sister as a demon and his family’s blood creates an unending rage and the desire to take revenge on the demons. We follow him on his mission to avenge his loved ones’ brutal murder.

A senior demon slayer trains Tanjiro, and he becomes an official demon slayer after passing the examination. However, it’s not easy to fight off the demons, and the mastermind behind the chaos is way smart for them to handle.

2. Tokyo Ghoul 

Ken Kaneki is already a popular character. Thus, we don’t need to fret about the introduction of Tokyo Ghoul. The story is about Ken’s life and the ups and down he faces, transforming him into a completely different individual. 

Once a kind boy becomes a ghoul, but how? So things begin when Ken is spending some time with Rize, a drop-dead gorgeous. The innocent boy couldn’t see the horrible reality behind her beautiful face. She was a man-eating ghoul, and Ken knowing her proved to be unlucky for him. 

He was turned into a ghoul, and the credit goes to her. His life changed when he woke up in the hospital, learning that he was no longer a human. And no matter how much he hates the idea of eating human flesh, he has no other choice. 

Watching Ken cope with the terror, fear, hatred, hunger, new self, and ghoul society will definitely intrigue you. The character development is worth appreciating as there will be many moments where one completely forgets the first episode personality of Kaneki Ken.

attack on titan plot twist anime

1. Attack On Titan

Whenever we talk about the anime where they eat humans, Attack On Titan can never be forgotten. In fact, it’s the reason why people are suddenly attracted to watching such anime. AOT introduces us to a world where humans are terrified by the idea of Titans living outside the protection walls. Their fear becomes a reality when one of the walls breaks, and titans enter their area and, in a glimpse, start eating humans alive. 

Though the military was there, could ordinary humans fight against powerful giants? No, right? Thus the incident creates history as many people lost their lives, and among them was the mother of Eren Yeager. The boy could never forget the sight of a titan engulfing her beloved mother. 

It changed him! He enrolled in the military, trained day and night, and tried his best to avenge his mom’s death. And one day, when everyone thought he had died, he appeared before them in the form of a titan! That incident flipped things completely. Now humans were not weaklings, and they had the ability to fight off the deadly monsters. Needless to say, the animation, characters, and plot are all watching.

Conclusion on Anime Where They Eat Humans

There we go! We are done with the discussion of anime, where they eat humans. All of them are thrilling enough to keep you glued to the very end. Some have too much gore and ecchi elements, but it’s up to you to choose to watch them or skip them. Have a great watch!