The 11 Best Anime About Orphans

Anime about orphans entangles the viewers right from the beginning. Watching the lonely characters develop and grow in unexpected ways is soothing. These anime offer emotional refreshment throughout. 

The good thing is viewers can easily connect to the orphan characters due to their painful life experiences. This is also the reason why people demand to watch anime with orphans. Therefore, I will enlist the best anime I have watched. So, let’s begin with the work!

1. The Promised Neverland

This anime ranks first whenever we talk about the best anime about orphans. The quality, thrill, character development, and plot it offers exceeds one’s expectations. There is constant suspense right from episode 1. 

promised neverland

The Promised Neverland anime brings another epic and entangling story of three orphans named Emma, Norman, and Rey. Emma’s world revolves around her orphan buddies and caretaker, mama Isabella. These three friends are the best minds in the orphanage and top the exams. The orphanage has a tradition that after a specified time, one student gets adopted. Turn by turn, it happens, and those who leave are replaced by new ones. 

Unbeknownst to the dark secrets of the orphanage, they were living their lives peacefully till one horrible night. Emma and Norman leave the gate to return a toy to their fellow on her way home. Instead, the duo saw one of the scariest nightmares they couldn’t have ever imagined. 

They see a monster eating the girl, and mama Isabella is a part of the heinous plan. Finally, Emma and Norman secretly return to their rooms and decide to escape taking their fellows. The plot focuses on the geniuses of the kids and how they plan and practice their escape. It offers one a mind-boggling experience and easily forces one to the edge of its seat. I am sure you will enjoy this rollercoaster ride of emotions!

2. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket is a very different and popular story full of romance, drama, and supernatural. Tohru Honda is a sweet and cute orphan who is shelterless. Watching her develop sympathy with the Souma family, they give her shelter in their home. 

They aren’t ordinary humans but supernatural individuals. So, the fun kicks in when it is revealed that these regular humans transform into animals of the Chinese Zodiac upon contact with the opposite gender. So, our girl decides to help the Soumas to hide their curses. 

The anime offers a lot of spellbinding events that make sure to entertain the viewers throughout the end. It has a 7.7/10 rating on MAL, proving it’s worth watching. I enjoyed the love chemistry between the main leads, and seeing Tohru grow as a person was refreshing. If you have decided to give it a go, get ready to experience some heart-touching moments.

anime about orphans

3. Demon Slayer

Shounen anime, where the MC is an orphan, is something of another level. I bet we all are familiar with this name, as Demon Slayer has skyrocketed in fame. Seeing Tanjiro going straight from a cheerful boy to a tough guy is heart-wrenching. 

He loses his beautiful family in a demon attack right at the beginning of the show. The incident leaves her sister as a half-demon and him in a worse state. Luckily, a demon slayer comes to his help. So Tanjiro starts training to be the best demon slayer capable of avenging his loved one’s brutal murder. 

Watching Tanjiro grow in different arcs is one hell of an experience. The anime has beautifully portrayed the rage of an orphan. Other aspects of the anime are worth admiring. The animation is so good that it gives tough competition to many others. Plus, the action sequences and power logic have an exceptional charm! Go for it if you are still contemplating. 

4. Yona Of The Dawn

Yona’s life shatters when her lover and cousin, Soo-Won, murders her father. Experiencing the worst scenarios simultaneously snatches the smile and naiveness from her permanently. From being a delicate, cheerful princess, she became a daring warrior. 

After her father’s death, everyone stood against her except his bodyguard and childhood friend, Hak. Nevertheless, he pampered, cared for her, and became her shield and a sword. The duo escaped for their lives and stayed in the jungle for some time. Later, Hak took the princess to his hometown, hiding her identity. 

The plot progresses, and we see some supernatural elements being introduced. Finally, the duo begins their search to find warriors with dragon blood. It is entertaining to see them meet the warriors one by one. The manga is equally loved in the otaku community, so you can also consider reading it.

5. Kotaro Lives Alone

This is an anime worthy of winning an Oscar, and trust me on that! One can’t decide whether to laugh seeing Kotaro or to cry watching him living alone. This anime surely gives the viewers mixed feelings throughout. Kotaro is your chubby, cute 4-year-old boy. However, he is quite mature for his age because he is independent. 

Kotaro rented an apartment; he is good at managing his chores and doing groceries and even has good relations with his neighbors. On his first day living in the new apartment, the munchkin gifts tissue boxes to each neighbor as a token of friendship. This surprises everyone, and luckily all the neighbors develop care for him. However, after a few episodes, it’s revealed that Kotaro lives alone, hiding from his abusive father while his mother is dead. 

The saddest part is Kotaro doesn’t know his mother is dead, and he is getting her insurance money. Kotaro Lives Alone promises a unique story with many heart-touching moments. Anime about orphans always has a pinch of sadness, but the cuteness and love this one has can not be compared to any other. Technically, Kotaro isn’t an orphan but having an abusive father is no less than being an orphan.

best anime about orphans

6. Fire Force

Shinra Kusakabe, aka the devil’s footprints, is our cute main character. He lost his family in a fire incident, leaving him alone in a terrible world. People considered him responsible for their death, and thus he was treated poorly. 

The anime is set in a world where it’s not the things but humans who burn; human combustion is the main problem here. Those who can control their fire are termed pyrokinetic, whereas those who fail are termed infernals. Fire Force is a pyrokinetic team fighting off the infernals and protecting humanity from their attacks. 

No reason is known behind human combustion, and it has become a mystery. Shinra is a talented pyrokinetic who joins the Fire Force and gets amazed by knowing that things aren’t the way they appear. Shounen fans will surely like the fun-packed and thrilling fights. The antagonists are highly OP, and nothing is better than watching them in a battle. 

The anime’s manga is also popular among otaku, so give it a read for extra fun! I liked the animation, especially Shinra’s unique character with hilarious facial expressions. The MC alone is enough to entertain you!

7. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Chise Hatori’s life was nothing but a living hell that was sold in an auction. Luckily, the man who bought her was Magus, aka Elias Ainsworth. Chise had seen so much in her life that she was fine with even getting sold out as a slave.

Elias first appeared as a mysterious guy, but with the plot’s development, he was the best for our girl. Her life became a fairytale similar to that of any fairytale princess. The fantastical elements with the developing chemistry between the main leads are soothing to witness.

Chise is believed to be the supposed bride of the Magus’. The plot includes many twists and turns with unwavering suspense that glues the viewers throughout. You can also try its manga; it will be a worthwhile experience.

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8. School Baby Sitters

This anime, in particular, follows two siblings, Kashima and Kotaru, and brings in their life in an interesting way. They lost their parents in a tragic plane crash, and Ryuuichi now must look after his younger brother Kotarou. 

After some time, Youko, the chairman of an elite academy, offers the boys help. First, however, Ryuuichi must fulfill the condition of studying in the academy alongside being a babysitter. Looking after his younger brother was tough, but now he has to look much like him. Having no other choice, the boy agrees. 

The anime beautifully highlights the life of an orphan and how he manages his survival by looking after babies in place of their parents. Sometimes the anime will make you laugh, and you’ll get emotional the other time. If you have a pondering mind, then you might cry as well. So you can expect mixed feelings from this one!

9. Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Takashi Natsume is the handsome male lead who is blessed with the ability to see creatures called Youkai. But, unfortunately, people never accept someone different from them, and Natsume’s life was all a mess. To top it off, he was an orphan, which made him lonely. 

One day, after saving a spirit named Madara, his life took a new turn. Natsume has a book that his late grandmother wrote, and he keeps it hidden from other Youkai. So Madara and Natsume make a contract that the spirit will act as a bodyguard till Natsume’s time gets over, and in return, he will hand him the book. 

Madara’s chemistry with Natsume is the reason many love this anime. The level of cuteness and fun is unimaginable. With the developing plot, we learn more about Youkai and their relationship with Natsume. There is drama, a slice of life, supernatural, and much more! If you want to relax, then start watching it now. The anime gives a refreshing feeling with its decent pace, likable characters, and fantastical elements. 


10. Dororo

Hyakkimaru was born with amputation, and without body organs, due to a deal his father made with the demons. With a miracle, Hyakkimaru was still breathing, yet his cold-hearted father abandoned him without a single thought. 

Luckily, a kind doctor found Hyakkimaru and gave him artificial limbs to survive. So hyakkimaru grew up like an orphan under the shadow of a doctor. After growing up, he traveled to fight demons to regain his body parts. He is then joined by a young boy named Dororo, who proves to be his best buddy and companion. 

Their chemistry is enjoyable, and you can count on that. Can you imagine a guy without eyes and other organs to be living and fighting demons? This was the idea that made the anime popular in no time. Viewers loved the boy’s journey of revenge. Multiple incidents in the anime will make you emotional, so be ready beforehand! Aside from the plot, the animation was good enough to be rated 8/10. I hope you’ll love it!

11. Kamisama Kiss

Nanami’s life was a living hell after her father ran off into debt. The conditions left our poor girl shelterless. Salute her courage as she didn’t lose hope. While she was wandering shelterless, she saw a man in trouble. 

After saving him, the girl poured her heart into him. To return the favor, the man kissed the girl’s forehead and sent him to his home. Unbeknownst to what lies ahead, Nanami happily enters the house. However, she soon realizes that the house is a shrine with spirits and a fox familiar. 

The man who kissed her was a god, and now Nanami is the new substitute god in his stead. I bet you must think that Nanami’s life is now no less than a fairytale but NO, my friend! Unlike cliche scenarios, Nanami has to do house chores, perform different duties, listen to the requests of people, and a lot more. Her life just got tougher. 

The story progresses, and we see Nanami getting used to her new life, fighting different dangerous troubles with the help of her new family. It also focuses on the love chemistry between Nanami and the fox familiar, which is a perfect rom-com. It is one of the anime that has a list of reasons to like it, and hence difficult to state all of them here. 

Conclusion on top anime featuring orphans

My dearest fellas, I am done with the list of best anime about orphans. The list includes anime with different genres, so you have a variety to choose your favorites. I hope that you liked the list! I’d be glad to know your favorite among them and what makes it gain your likability. I’ll be back again with an entertaining topic very soon! Bye!

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