Top 13 Best Anime About Spirits

Anime about spirits has always been entertaining. Many found them thrilling, exciting, and fun-packed. It’s an assumption that spirits are evil, and my friend, the anime world beautifully portrays the statement wrong.

The way anime has introduced spirits with mind-boggling ideas is outstanding. And I am going to enlighten you with a few such masterpieces. So, fasten your seatbelts, as it will be a rip-roaring experience if you watch all these anime about Spirtis!

1. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

Hanako Kun is considered one of the seven wonders of the school. Different ghost stories popular about these legends in the school. It’s believed that Hanako Kun resides in a girls’ bathroom, and he can fulfill any wish if summoned. 

toilet bound

Nene Yashiro is our naive female protagonist who summons Hanako Kun to fulfill her wish of impressing her crush. Not knowing what will happen, she successfully summons our cute boy Hanako. He refuses to fulfill her wishes, but Nene’s impulsive acts land them in trouble, and they become bound by fate. 

Hanako makes the girl his assistant, and the plot progresses, revealing the mysteries of the seven wonders. Entertainment is fueled with suspense and intrigue, which will urge you to take it to the end. I genuinely admire its character design, art, and animation. They are unique and eye catchy! Take the chance to watch the anime, as there are only 12 episodes (season 1)! 

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Lately, this anime has topped the list of favorites for many otakus. The reason is its cool characters, classy animation, and remarkable action sequences. Yuji Itadori is the main protagonist whose life begins a new chapter after his grandpa’s death. 

One day, in the attempt to save his friends from a cursed spirit, he ends up engulfing Sukuna’s (the king of curses) fingers. Unbeknownst to the fact that those who try to eat it die, he didn’t think of it. Only one in a million can become Sukuna’s vessel; luckily, Yuji was the one! 

Before engulfing the finger, he was an ordinary schoolboy, but now he’s no longer a regular human. Soon after the incident, Gojo Satoru, a jujutsu sorcerer, takes him in to teach him Jujutsu and control over Sukuna’s will. It started with the decision to kill Yuji because it was the only way to kill Sukuna. 

However, later it was decided that they would let Yuji engulf all the fingers and finish him once and for all. The story progresses, and we learn about different cursed spirits and their cursed energies. So, if you are a shounen fan looking for an anime about spirits, this is the one!

ghost stories

3. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is yet another interesting anime about spirits and supernatural things. It focuses mainly on two siblings, Satsuki and Keiichirou, and unfolds their lives. After their mother’s death, they move to live in her hometown, where they join a new school. 

The school is believed to be haunted, but the siblings consider it a rumor. They get surprised, realizing that the story wasn’t a rumor and the ghosts are real. To top it off, they are after the siblings. The siblings’ lives become less than a mess when they deal with the ghosts. 

Ghost Stories is very old, so if you want to watch a high-quality anime, this will not be the one for you. However, if you can compromise the quality, you should watch it in dub. The dubbing will give you waves of laughter as it’s really good! It remains entertaining till the last episode, so enjoy!

4. Mob Psycho 100

If you want to watch action comedy with supernatural elements, then dude, this is worth watching. Mob Psycho 100 revolves around the life of Shigeo Kageyama, aka Mob. The boy is blessed with high psychic prowess that he uses mainly to impress his crush. 

Later he joined a con artist, Arataka Reigen. They both work together to exorcise evil spirits. Mob’s powers are more than one can imagine; he just uses a few percent of them. However, if they go out of control, it brings chaos to everyone. 

To protect his loved ones, Mob struggles to keep them in control. The anime is overall great, with entertaining and likable characters. However, its animation is very different, and so is the character design. Mob Psycho is adored a lot worldwide for multiple reasons. 

5. Another

Another brings spooky feelings right from its first episode. The anime revolves around a boy named Sakakibara and a mysterious girl named Mei Misaki. When Sakakibara joins the school, he develops an interest in her. However, she repeatedly warns him to keep a distance. What adds to the curiosity is that even her class fellows don’t think to talk about her. 

Surprisingly, the ones who try to reveal anything about her die a sudden death. After several deaths, the classmates started ignoring Sakakibara as well. The suspense becomes stronger and stronger, and the mishaps don’t stop. 

It’s one of the best anime about spirit and can be binge-watched. I am sure it will entertain you by keeping you thrilled throughout. The animation, pacing, plot development, and character writing are great. The anime offers much more than predictions in a short number of episodes. 

the best anime about spirits

6. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist introduces a world of humans and demons with a touch of blue. To cross the respective realism, the demons should possess the other just like cliche spirits do. Satan is the ruler of the demon world whose plans failed because he could not find any possession. 

Not having any other choice, he sends his son, Rin, to fulfill his dreams. However, things take an interesting turn when Rin learns that his father isn’t an ordinary guy but the king of the demon world. Therefore, he begins training as an exorcist to save the human world from troublesome demons. The story is a little cliche, but it’s very good, with strong characters. 

Rin’s character is enough to make you spellbound right from the beginning. The boy is similar to any typical hero, but he makes sure you will want to watch more of him.

7. xxxHolic

Kimihiro Watanuki is our admirable protagonist who has been blessed to see spirits and other creatures. Kimhiro hates this ability of his, and the reasons are justified. He gets attracted to a spooky house where he finds a woman named Yuuko. 

She claims to help him get rid of this ability but at a cost. Yuuko wants the boy to work in her store by fulfilling people’s wishes. The anime just starts getting better and better with several pleasing incidents. The fantastical elements, mystery, drama, and comedy are worth praising. 

Besides, the characters are beautifully designed and baffle one with their charm! The animation could be better, but the anime is enjoyable overall. The music suits the situation very well, enhancing the scenes’ effect. 

8. Kamisama Kiss

Nanami’s life was the epitome of troubles, and they doubled when her father left her alone due to debts. Her life touches rock bottom when she becomes homeless in a world full of uncertainties. She was just thinking about her problems when she saw a man being chased by a dog. 

In moments of stress, she didn’t fail to help the man. The man got impressed by her help, and she shared her problems with the guy. Luckily, the event solved her issues, and the man left after sending her to his house to stay. 

Unbeknownst to Nanami what lies inside the house, she goes to live there having no other options. Soon after entering the house, she realized that the house was not ordinary. It is a shrine full of spirits, and the man who sent him here was a god. The twist is that the man-made Nanami is the new substitution god, and now she must fulfill her duties to fulfill people’s wishes. 

The girl must stay there completing different duties, including house chores and whatnot. In the shrine, she meets the fox familiar, and their chemistry adds charm to the plot. It’s a perfect rom-com anime about spirits, and I hope you’ll love it!

best anime about spirits

9. The Young Spirit Master

Masahiro is the main character, the grandson of an onmyouji, who used to help him with supernatural creatures. However, things change when Masahiro loses his ability to see supernatural beings. 

Therefore, he is advised to look for another career. However, things are sometimes different from what they appear. Masahiro’s encounter with a Mononoke changes everything. He gets new hopes for returning to his career and being the best onmyouji. 

He is a guy who is unaware of his powers and has no idea about his true potential. So it’s the journey of Masahiro to find his true powers. If you like Japanese mythologies and ancient Japanese stories, you’ll like them. The MC is not a cliche protagonist but is mature comparatively. 

10. Mushishi

It’s an entangling anime that focuses on the supernatural, mystery, and adventure. It is set in a world where some creatures named Mushi live in the human world. Of course, people need to completely know what they are, but they can neither be called good nor bad. 

They can take any form, such as natural elements, diseases, or rainbows. They are like a mystery that intrigues the viewers right from the beginning. In contrast to them is Mushishi. Ginko is our MC and a mushishi who works to find the mystery behind Mushi. 

To find his answers, Ginkgo travels from one place to the other and helps people suffering from problems related to Mushi. Though it’s not an anime about spirits, it’s similar to it technically. This is an overall great anime that will bind you to watch it until it ends. 

11. Yuna And The Haunted Host Springs

Fuyuzora Kogarashi, our main character, is broke enough to be shelterless. So he wanders to look for a cheap place and comes across a haunted house. He was also looking for a spooky house to exorcise spirits, and he found a suitable one. 

Unlike others, he is not afraid of ghosts, as he can send them away with a single punch. None of the previous tenants stayed in the house because they feared the presiding spirit. However, when Fuyuzora enters, he sees the spirit of a gorgeous girl named Yuuna. 

The boy starts his work to find the reason and regrets that keep her spirit bound in this world. The plot then focuses on the mysteries of the girl and how her problems can be solved. You might like the art style of the anime as it’s admirable. 

Anime about spirit

12. Anohana The Flower We Saw That Day

The story revolves around Jinta and his adventurous life. One day, he sees the spirit of his friend Meiko, who died years ago. What would be your take on this scenario if you were in such a situation? He did the same; he completely ignored it, thinking it was all in his head. 

Later, when Meiko doesn’t go away, he realizes the matter is serious. Meiko wanted Jinta to fulfill her forgotten wish. So, to help her friend, Jinta takes the help of the other friends, and they look for solutions together. 

It’s a beautiful story focusing on friendship bonds and how friends help each other in times of need. However, it does get emotional at times because dealing with the death of loved ones ain’t easy. So, worry not; this anime develops an emotional connection with its viewers pretty well!

13. Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia

This story revolves around a ghost named Yuuko and Teiichi Niiya, who can see the spirits. Yuuko haunts Seikyou Private Academy as she dies in the old school building. We also follow a paranormal investigations club that works to look for mysteries.

One day, Yuuko’s encounter with Teiichi changes everything. The boy could see the spirits; therefore, he decided to help Yuuko sort out her problems. With time, their chemistry becomes stronger, and we enjoy romance and spooky events. 

The reason behind Yuuko’s death is the suspense that will force you to watch the anime. In addition, Yuuko’s flirtatious character is very entertaining to see. Despite her constant attempts to flirt with Teiichi, he considers her his true friend. This is truly a masterpiece anime with an admirable plotline and characters!

Conclusion on best anime with spirits

This was all for today, my buddies! Covering the list of anime about spirits was also a great experience for me. I watched many of them, but now I have a list to rewatch them (XD). This list will help you watch a suitable spooky anime revolving around spirits. If you have watched any of them already, share your experiences below!