Best 13 Anime About Witches In School 

I know watching anime about witches in school is super fun because they offer entertainment and fun. I bet we all have wished to use magic once. Unfortunately, we can’t make our imagination a reality.

Don’t you guys worry; we can see different anime that can make us feel better! So, let’s begin with the list of all such school-themed anime filled with witches!

13. Magical Doremi 

The story is all about a sweet and innocent girl, Haruka Doremi. Unfortunately, she is not living a happy life and has many things to mourn for. Her pessimistic thoughts are justified because her parents don’t share a good bond with each other, and her sister doesn’t understand either. 

To top it off, her love life is not likable as her love interest is busy with other girls. Things take an unexpected turn when a sudden encounter with a witch changes her life forever. Well, things start to change for her when the encounter with a witch out of nowhere forces her to practice witchcraft. 

However, she was not good at magical skills, which made her sad, but she decided not to give up and instead remained focused on learning magic. She must pass the witch exam to become a successful witch, which is not easy for her!

anime magic and demons

12. Rozen Maiden 

This is the story of a shut-in NEET, Jun Sakurada, who absolutely hates school and feels terrified attending it. One day, a mysterious note changed everything in his life. Not taking the note and the message seriously, he answered, “YES”. 

The moment he said yes, his life became magical with the entry of a Wind Up Doll. The doll was no less than a human, capable of talking, moving, and much more. She reveals that there are 4 more dolls like her, and now she must compete with them to win a competition and needs Jun to help her. 

Jun’s life becomes challenging with the entry of the doll’s foes, who try their best to make his life troublesome. Though the story is not directly linked to the school, the idea of a wind-up doll will make you feel the same as if you are watching an anime about witches in school. 

best Anime About Witches In School 

11. The Asterisk War

As a result of a strange phenomenon called Invertia, some people started using superpowers. There are some special elite schools that train these people with superpowers and allow them to duel against each other. 

Ayato Amagiri is one such boy who is invited to join an elite school on scholarship. In the school, the embarrassing encounter with Julis, a witch, changes his life. He saw her half-dressed, which made the lady furious, and she offered him a duel. 

However, Ayato wasn’t interested in a fight as he had more important things to care for. He joined the school not because he wanted to but because he was searching for his missing sister. The Asterisk War entertains you with suspense, love, romance, and action!

10. Madoka Magica 

Madoka and Sayaka are two best friends studying in school. They were happy with their lives attending classes daily till one day, Kyubey, a talking cat, offered them the chance to become magical girls. The idea of becoming a magical girl sounded pleasing, and the fact that Kyubey would fulfill their one wish in return doubled the charm. 

Before the girls could answer, the new transfer student Homura tried her best to stop them. She seemed suspicious and mysterious, but there sure was something that she knew that the girls didn’t. Puella Magi is filled with mystery and suspense, where we learn about the depth of being a magical girl. There sure are witches who the magical girl fights, so I am sure you will enjoy watching it. Watch it if you love dark-themed anime with mysteries!

9. The Familiar Of Zero 

Though we don’t directly follow the life of a witch, we sure follow mages in school. Louise is the girl struggling to cast magic spells with perfection. Because of her lack of excellency in magic, she was the target of bullies and was humiliated every now and then. 

One day during a summoning ritual, she ended up summoning Saito, a boy from Japan. At first, everyone thought this ritual was a failure like her previous ones, but they were all wrong. Saito wasn’t an ordinary boy but a person who could be one of the most powerful familiar “Gandalfr. The Familiar OF Zero entertains the fans with romance, comedy, fantasy, suspense, and much more.

best Anime About Witches In School 

8. Akashic Records Of The Bastard Magic Instructor

We are introduced to the Alzano Magical Academy, where students train to turn their dreams into reality. It’s the home to many mages in training. Rumia and Sisitine are ambitious friends who want to excel in magic practices. 

Imagine what will happen if their favorite teacher leaves in the middle of their training? Unfortunately, the students face a similar situation when Glenn Radar replaces their teacher. You’ll probably see it for the first time when the teacher is lazier and non-serious than the students. 

The ambitious students were finding it hard to tolerate him, BUT he is the HERO, so you will see their relationship getting better. Watching the student-teacher struggling to adjust to each other is so much fun, so have an enjoyable watch!

7. The Irregular At Magic High School

We are introduced to a time when technology has advanced to a level where the use of magic is no longer considered a fairytale. Now fantasy is a reality, and different magical academies are present to teach students magical skills. 

The center of the story is two siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki. The difference in their test scores separated them into two different groups in the school. At first, everyone considered Tatsuya weak in practicing magic, but OH BOY, he never failed to surprise everyone with his impressive skills. 

The boy is OP and hides a lot about himself, which adds suspense to the story. The animation and character design are worth praising, and the story becomes intriguing with each episode. 

irregular magic school

6. Black Clover

Not gonna lie, Black Clover doesn’t highlight schools, but it does highlight the training of people who want to be wizards. There are magic books, wizards, witches, breathtaking duels and a lot more, but the focus is not on school. However, the fun and feels are similar to an anime about witches in school. Asta is a passionate boy who wants to become a wizard, but there are countless hurdles in his way. As he can’t use magic, his mission seems hard to accomplish. 

Watching others and especially his talented friend Yuno motivates him the most. The story continues with him receiving a five-leaf magic grimoire that changes his life. The captain of the Black Bulls Squad, Yami, was the only one who decided to take Asta in his team. We see Asta adjusting to the new place, trying to explore his powers, and becoming stronger day by day. Black Clover has witch characters, and I assure you that you being entertained is a sure thing!

5. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail offers Wizards, mages, magic, splendid action, adventure, adorable creatures, friendship, and loveable characters. The story begins with Lucy Heartfilia, a girl passionate about being a member of the popular wizard Guild “Fairy Tail. Her dreams come true thanks to Natsu Dragneel, who introduces her to the guild. 

For Natsu, there are many serious missions that he needs to accomplish, and finding his dragon father is one of them.  During their journey, they befriend others and develop precious bonds with them. There is action, evil villains, and the struggle to stop the evil masterminds from succeeding in their plans is very prominent in the story. 

fairy tail

4. Strike Witches 

We are introduced to 1934, when the world was subjected to destruction after the alien invasion. The aliens were so strong and had so many powerful weapons that it became difficult for humanity to survive against them. 

Finally, humans were successful in creating technology (Stiker Unit) that was challenging to the aliens. The girls who learned to operate the technology were termed Witches. Be glad as Strike Witches highlights fantastical elements such as magic, making the story compelling overall. 

A girl named Yoshika Miyafuji is the one we follow in the story. Her life becomes challenging the moment she decides to become a Strike Witch. If you enjoy watching characters facing the odds and succeeding, then Strike Witches is a must-watch anime about Witches in School. Though the school here might not be a cliche, the Unit is similar!

3. Soul Eater

Soul Eater brings an idea of using human hybrids as weapons called Death Scythes. To be one, one must consume the soul of a witch and at least 99 other evil souls. Weapon Meister Academy is the one training the Death Scythes. These scythes have wielders who are shinigami. 

We follow Evans (a demon scythe) and his wielder Maka Albarn, a wielder. Apart from them, we see a few other entertaining characters fighting against the bad guys. Watching the team of heroes on a mission to find souls is engaging. The art is perfect, and the characters are amazing and watching them going with the flow in the ups and downs of the plot is worth admiring.

Anime Witches In School 

2. Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches

Ryu Yamada is the kind of a boy who gets bored with things easily and definitely not a boy who studies. Tired of having a delinquent reputation, he decided to join a new school where he could live like a good boy. His good boy days were also limited in the new school, so he started doing the same activities. 

One day, something changed everything for him, and his life was no longer boring. His accidental kiss with an honors student, Urara, changed his life. The duo was able to switch bodies with a KISS. Now every time they kiss, they are able to switch bodies. Guess what? 

They are absolutely not the only ones able to use this power; they need to find the seven witches in the school! For the lovers of a harem, this is the best anime about witches in school.

top Anime About Witches In School 

1. Little Witch Academia 

Akko Kagari is the story’s center, a girl obsessed with witches. She idolizes them so much that no matter what, she will end up being a witch. Her only problem was having a non-magical background, but she never knew GIVING UP. 

So we follow her, leaving her home for the magic academy to learn witchcraft. Little Witch Academia is all about her challenges and how she overcomes the odds to make her dream a reality. In the academy, her life continues to surprise her in different forms. This one promises so much fun and enjoyment, so make sure you watch it!

Conclusion on Anime about Witches In School 

So this is all for the anime about witches. Watching the character practicing witchcraft to enhance their skills and abilities is super fun. If you learn something from these characters, please teach us in the comments below!