Best 13 Anime About Witches In School 

I know watching anime about witches in school is super fun because they offer entertainment and fun. I bet we all have wished to use magic once. Unfortunately, we can’t make our imagination a reality. Don’t you guys worry; we can see different anime that can make us feel better! So, let’s begin with the … Read more

Top 12 Homebrew Spells for DnD: spice up your 5e games

Homebrew 5e spells

A common means of combating an enemy or helping a party with various enemies is through various spells available to different spellcasting classes within a campaign. However, some players want to use spells outside the realms of published media and, in turn, make things more enjoyable through their means. So time for a homebrew spell … Read more

Mold Earth 5e: how it works and best uses

5e mold earth

Spells that control the elements of the world around them can be quite powerful, regardless of what type of spell caster they are. However, even Druids have to start at a base level with their control of nature.  So while a Spellcaster focused on controlling nature would want to get right into controlling trees and … Read more

Top 6 Anime with magic and ranking system

Anime with magic and ranking system

Anime with magic schools and ranking is famous for its unending fun. Seeing the MCs showcasing their magical powers in school gives pleasure. Deep down there, we otaku must have dreamt of a fantasy world with splendid magical powers. We can still fulfill our dreams by relating to the main characters listed below in anime. … Read more

Top 5 Romance anime with protective male lead

top Romance anime with protective male lead

Ahhh, Romance anime have an excellent fan base, and most are girls. The fun is doubled when it’s a romance anime with protective male leads. Handsome MCs who care for their love and protect them, risking their lives, is a gem. So get ready to watch several romance anime with protective male leads!  There you … Read more

What is Intellect Fortress in 5e Dnd, and how to use it best

intellect fortress dnd 5e

Are you looking for an exciting way to spice up your character with unique and underused spells? Then Intellect Fortress is worth your consideration. However, if you want to read the source on this Dungeons and Dragons magic: you can find the abjuration in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.  This guide will read everything you need … Read more

Auran 5e DnD language

Auran 5e DnD Language

Auran is the language spoken by those of the Elemental Plane of Air. The speech is also named Old Alzhedo, and it is a dialect that is part of the primordial language family. It is one of the four other elemental languages. The others are Aquan, spoken on the Elemental Plane of Water; Ignan, the language related … Read more

Terran 5e DnD Language

Terran 5e

Another day, another deep dive into a Dungeons and Dragon Language! Terran in 5e is the language of monsters that come from the Earth’s Elemental Plane. So Earth elementals and other creatures are somehow deeply connected to the Earth.  Not many people know this, but you can also write Terran. When you do so, you will … Read more

Interview with Tessonja Odette – Author of Curse of the wolf king

Interview tessona Odette Curse of the wolf king

What are common traps for aspiring writers? Perfectionism and comparisonitis! This held me back for the longest time. I think one of the most helpful things to avoid falling into common self doubt traps for authors is to find a group of fellow writers on a similar place in their journey as well as who … Read more