Auran 5e DnD language

Auran 5e DnD Language

Auran is the language spoken by those of the Elemental Plane of Air. The speech is also named Old Alzhedo, and it is a dialect that is part of the primordial language family. It is one of the four other elemental languages. The others are Aquan, spoken on the Elemental Plane of Water; Ignan, the language related … Read more

Terran 5e DnD Language

Terran 5e

Another day, another deep dive into a Dungeons and Dragon Language! Terran in 5e is the language of monsters that come from the Earth’s Elemental Plane. So Earth elementals and other creatures are somehow deeply connected to the Earth.  Not many people know this, but you can also write Terran. When you do so, you will … Read more

Interview with Tessonja Odette – Author of Curse of the wolf king

Interview tessona Odette Curse of the wolf king

What are common traps for aspiring writers? Perfectionism and comparisonitis! This held me back for the longest time. I think one of the most helpful things to avoid falling into common self doubt traps for authors is to find a group of fellow writers on a similar place in their journey as well as who … Read more

The 10 anime audiobooks you should listen to in 2022

Dungeon born anime audiobooks best

A growing number of manga and anime shows are getting an audiobook in English or Japanese. While the total amount is still pretty low, you can find anime audiobooks in pretty much every genre. From fantasy to romance, there will be one or two you can enjoy.  Most of the time, these are adapted from … Read more

5 light novels like coiling dragon that are really good

Awesome light novels like coiling dragon

So you are wondering if there are any good light novels like coiling dragon out there. The answer is: Yes! There are a ton of Japanese and Chinese fantasy books or xianxia that you are going to love. I have read quite a few of these, so I like to think that I have at … Read more

Forest Goddess Flidais the Female Counterpart of Cernunnos

Flidais the goddess to be considered the female counterpart of Cernunnos.

Most people have at least heard the name of the Horned God once or twice in their life. However, not many people know who Flidais the goddess to be considered the female counterpart of Cernunnos is.  Whether you are a history buff like me, Wiccan or looking to spice up your fantasy novel or DnD … Read more

10 Manga like The New Gate read before its too late

manga like The new gate

About The New Gate The manga is an amazing adaptation of the light novels by Shinogi Kanami. In The New Gate, Shin is a powerful player who has been trapped in an online game. Thanks to him and his overpowered abilities, he is able to beat the end boss of the game, which is the … Read more

The best 10 Japanese Fantasy Novels

Overlord is the best japanese fantasy novel light

I read a lot of Fantasy, so much so that I decided to branch out to the great fantasy novels of Japan. I have read over 30 Japanese light novels and books in the last year of highly recommended authors. These are the ones I liked most of all. I’m sure I have missed a … Read more

My 7 favorite online fantasy card games – past and present

favorite online card games

Alright, we all know about the two most giant online fantasy card games, Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. These are obviously among the best and largest you can play on the internet. Still, I will ignore those two for the simple reason that everyone here has likely played them already or has considered playing them. I … Read more