Best 12 Anime About Witches And Wizards 

Nothing looks more charming than watching anime characters using magic and introducing us to mind-blowing fantasies. Anime about witches and wizards offers next-level entertainment. Today’s discussion will revolve around all those anime that make our hearts skip a beat with magic and sorcery! Here we go!

12. Witchcraft Works 

Honoka Takamiya never imagined that his life would be full of surprises and used to live an ordinary life. In his school, a girl was very popular and famous, Princess Ayaka. For Honoka, she was like an idol, like any other unreachable and popular personality. 

So, he never thought that his life would be changed because of this princess. A witch suddenly appeared and attacked him while he was normally busy with everyday tasks. The boy was baffled by the sight but was even more surprised when Ayaka revealed herself to be a witch. 

Both the witches had a fight, and the boy was saved. This was just the beginning of surprises as the next moment, Ayaka told him that she was on a mission to protect him. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have watching Honoka’s surprising life!

witch hunter robin

11.  Witch Hunter Robin 

We follow a group of people with supernatural abilities on a mission to fight off the evil witches. Robin Sena is the female lead and a witch hunter who hunts the witches with the help of her partner Amon. The story is about the characters discovering their powers and unveiling the mystery that will leave them in a tight spot. 

Witch Hunter Robin is dark-themed, and its animation is also very dark. The characters and mysteries are what make the show interesting. One thing is sure there are 90% chances of you being entertained only if you don’t expect high animation quality!

10. Magical Girl Nanoha

We follow a third grader, Nanoha Takamachi, whose simple life becomes challenging after a dream of saving an injured Ferret. It doesn’t take long for her dream to become a reality, and she faces a similar situation. 

After saving the Ferret, she learns that the Ferret is actually a mage named Yuno who is on a mission to collect 21 jewels. This is something that the mage can’t do by himself, so he asks for Nanoha’s help. But how could a normal girl help him with that mission? 

So, the mage decides to train the girl, and she soon starts her mission of finding the jewel. The entry of another mage makes things challenging for Nanoha. It’s a good anime for anyone searching for something simple and interesting. 

9. Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor 

Imagine yourself as a passionate student making all possible efforts to master magic and your teacher as a lazy bastard! Won’t that be frustrating? Best friends, Sistine Fibel and Rumia Tingel, were very hopeful about their future and struggled to hone their magical skills. 

Unfortunately, their dreams become difficult to achieve when their magic instructor is replaced with Glenn Radars, a completely lazy person. The story is much more than the challenging relationship between the students and the teacher; there are multiple other challenges that the three of them need to face. 

seven witches

8. Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches 

The anime title is enough to hint that it will be a harem! Ryuu Yamada, a delinquent, is the main character whose reputation in the school is not admirable. To live a normal life with a good reputation, he transfers to a new school where he maintains a good reputation. 

For only a short period, he tried to be a good student, and after that, he started returning to his previous self. One day, an accidental kiss with Urara, the honors student, changed everything in his life. He was no more the same student living an ordinary boring life. 

The kiss the duo shared enabled them to switch bodies. This was the most surprising thing ever happening to them, but that was just the beginning of such surprises. They soon learn about the school’s seven witches, who may have a similar experience. So, the duo starts their search to find the witches and to learn more about what’s happening in their lives. 

7. The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

We are all familiar with the popularity of shojo anime among otaku. This is a great anime about witches and wizards filled with drama and suspense. Chise Hatori is the sweetest girl we follow in this anime. Unfortunately, this kindest soul has been living a life as a slave who was dreaming about her freedom. 

For slaves, freedom means getting sold to a kind buyer, and these poor souls ask for nothing more than that. Chise’s wish is finally heard when Elias Ainsworth, the magus, vows to make her his bride. The magus introduces the girl to a world of magic and fantasy where her life will continue to be challenging!

6. Soul Eater

Special academies are built to raise the human hybrids, aka the Death Scythes. These human hybrids are bestowed with the ability to turn their bodies into weapons that are wielded by a specific wielder. Not everyone can be the Death Scythes, but those who consume 100 souls, one soul of a witch and 99 souls of different evil beings. 

We follow Soul Eater Evans on his mission to become a great Death Scythe and Maka Albarn, his wielder. All the characters of Soul Eater are likable, and they are the major reason behind its success. Don’t worry about yourself being entertained, and have fun watching!

soul eater manga

5. Puella Magi

Magical Girl anime has a different fan base, and nothing can compete with Puella Magi regarding dark-themed thriller mysteries. Madoka and Sayaka are lovely friends who are satisfied living their ordinary lives. 

Unfortunately, Kyubey, a cat, didn’t want the girls to live peacefully, so he came up with the offer to make them magical girls. He persuaded the girls by saying he would grant one wish if they agreed to his offer. Before the girls could reply, Homura, a transfer student in the school, tried her best to stop the girls from falling prey to Kyubey’s plan. 

She knew that becoming a magical girl was not amusing as it sounds. The mysteries of the magical world are unveiled bit by bit, which adds a suspense and thrill to the story. It’s up to you to learn more about Madoka’s and Sayaka’s lives and whether they will agree to Kyubey’s offer!

4. Fairy Tail

Is it possible to forget to add Fairy Tail to the anime list about witches and wizards? Fairy Tail is considered one of the biggest anime ever and enjoys a huge fandom. People are fans of its wizards, action, and story. 

It all starts with Lucy Heartfillia, a girl on a journey to fulfill her dream of joining Fairy Tail (a popular wizard guild). Her wish comes true with the help of the handsome Natsu Dragneel, the guild’s salamander.

We follow the duo on their journey to accomplish certain goals and missions, meanwhile fighting the bad guys to protect the world. Each character of Fairy Tail is special, and it’s worth seeing them on screen, so enjoy watching!

fairy tail

3. Little Witch Academia 

From a very young age, one thing crowded Akko’s mind: to become a witch just like her idol, Chariot. With time, the dream became the center of her life, and she was ready to risk everything to make it a reality. Not concerned that she lacks a magical background, she joined the Magical Academy

Being a witch was not a piece of cake for Chariot, but she faced the challenges with courage and optimism. In the academy, she made many friends and rivals, and it’s absolutely worth seeing the dream of this cute little miss become a reality. Suppose you have an interest in watching anime about wizards and witches. In that case, Little Witch Academia is worth giving a shot!

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

JJK has quickly achieved great success, thanks to the captivating characters. There are a number of sorcerers that will make you thrilled with their presence, so get ready for a ride full of emotions before watching it. 

Yuji Itadori is the protagonist who was a pretty ordinary boy before engulfing the cursed finger of the king of curses named Sukuna. The event introduced him to Gojo Satoru, the top-class jujutsu sorcerer who decided to teach him Jujutsu to train him to control his powers.

The rebirth of Sukuna was simply a threat to humanity. Waiting for the MC to engulf all the fingers to exterminate the threat was the best option. Watching the sorcerer performing Jujutsu and fighting off the curses and OP villains will force you to rewatch the show. JJK is one of this decade’s best anime about witches and wizards.

jujutsu kaisen

1. Black Clover

The first name that comes to mind after hearing anime about witches and wizards is Black Clover. It’s probably because it has done a splendid job of impressing us with wizards and magic. The character we follow throughout is Asta, an ambitious and goal-oriented boy. 

Growing up around wizards and a talented friend, Yuno, has always inspired him to become a wizard. He is optimistic despite knowing that becoming a wizard is impossible without magic powers. His strong will makes his dream come true, and after receiving the five-leaf grimoire, his life changes entirely. We follow Asta in his journey of exploring his newly unveiled magic powers, sorcery, and fighting off evil to protect the world.

pic black clover

Conclusion about great Anime About Witches And Wizards

So, guys, I hope you have already picked your favorite anime from this anime list about witches and wizards. Don’t wait any longer to start watching it! Have a great watch!