Best 10 manga where the mc isn’t human you must-read

manga where the mc is not a human

Let’s face it; we’ve had too many of these ‘humans’ taking these manga titles to the next level. But it’s about time we look outside the box because that’s where the magic happens after all.  With summer about to hit us in full swing, we’ve got 10 titles where the protagonist in the mange, the … Read more

Necklace of fireballs 5e: Your jewelry is fire!

necklace of fireballs 5e

Is there a Wizard in 5e DnD who does not enjoy lopping the occasional fireball at a hoard of unsuspecting enemies? If you are jealous of your magic using buddy, don’t worry, the Necklace of fireballs 5e is just the item you need!  Today we are taking a deep dive into the Necklace of fireballs from the … Read more