The Best Lightning Spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

lightning spells 5e dnd

Elemental spells are one of the staples of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Whether players focus on a single element or a wide range of them, spell casters will undoubtedly have a few elemental-based spells in their repertoire. Sorcerers and Warlocks might prefer single-element builds, while Wizards, and classes that can use spells but do … Read more

Move Earth 5e: how it works and best uses

5e move earth

By now, those who have looked through these articles know of both Mold Earth and its aquatic cousin Shape Water. However, in this family tree of Elemental Control, there is a spell that many could consider being Mold Earth’s older, stronger brother; Move Earth.  This Article will look into what Move Earth can do, along … Read more

Raise Dead 5e: make sure you know these alternate rules

raise dead uses and rules 5e d&d

It’s no secret that we at Creature College enjoy a good necromancy spell—one of the most quintessential ones in 5e DnD as Raise Dead. However, while the spell does exactly what it says, there are quite a few uses you might not have thought of.  In this guide, our expert veteran DMs will discuss everything … Read more

Guardian of Faith in 5e DnD: stop using it wrong

Guardian of faith 5e

As a cleric, you support your party, but who supports you? Using Guardian of Faith in 5e can give you the ally you need to be even more survivable on the battlefield. This spectral guardian is powerful and excellent cannon fodder to protect you and your party. Need more allies: Planar ally 5e is a … Read more

Enemies Abound 5e Dnd: Mechanic and clever uses

Enemies abound 5e

Hello manipulative Wizards and Bards, are you in the mood to mess with some creatures? In this article, the enchantment Enemies Abound 5e will be analyzed to figure out what the best uses are and if this spell is worth it.  What is Enemies Abound 5e, and how does it work Attributes Source: Xanathar’s Guide … Read more

What is Beacon of Hope in 5e Dnd: mechanics and how to use it best

Beacon of hope 5e

Are you feeling a little defeated? Does your party need some extra vitality? Beacon of Hope in 5e DnD might be just what your party and allies need to turn around a losing battle. This abjuration spell is an excellent pick for players role-playing as a Cleric and for Dungeon Masters who want to buff … Read more

Detect magic 5e Dnd: Mechanics and how to use it

5e detect magic

In a world where magic is commonplace, danger and opportunity lurk behind every corner. Detect magic in 5e DnD is a great way to breathe life into this fantasy world’s surroundings and discover things the naked eye can not see.  In this guide, our experienced Dungeon and Dragons expert (Justin) is taking a closer look … Read more

9 Best uses of time stop 5e

best use time stop 5e

At levels 9 and 10, the spells in Dungeons and Dragons start to become a little wonky. Some are just crazy powerful like wish, and others only have niche purposes like time stop. This article will discuss the best uses of time stops in 5e DnD.  Since often the best use is determined by the … Read more

Best 10 manga where the mc isn’t human you must-read

manga where the mc is not a human

Let’s face it; we’ve had too many of these ‘humans’ taking these manga titles to the next level. But it’s about time we look outside the box because that’s where the magic happens after all.  With summer about to hit us in full swing, we’ve got 10 titles where the protagonist in the mange, the … Read more