Enemies Abound 5e Dnd: Mechanic and clever uses

Hello manipulative Wizards and Bards, are you in the mood to mess with some creatures? In this article, the enchantment Enemies Abound 5e will be analyzed to figure out what the best uses are and if this spell is worth it. 

What is Enemies Abound 5e, and how does it work


  • Casting time: 1 action
  • Level: 3rd level enchantment
  • Range: 120 feet
  • Target: A creature within range
  • Components: Verbal and Somatic
  • Duration: Concentration, for up to one minute
  • Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock and Wizard

Source: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, the official Wizards of the Coast handbook. 

Spell description

Choose a creature within range and in your line of sight. You reach into the mind of that creature. The target you have chosen must now make an INT saving throw. 

  • Target succeeds: If your target has succeeded the INT saving throw, it is now immune to being frightened. 
  • Target fails: if the creature fails the INT saving throw, it no longer knows who are its enemies and who are its foes. Every creature in its line of sight is now an enemy. 

When the target failed, it can escape the status effect by doing a saving throw every time that it takes damage. 

How the creature picks a target to attack:

  • The creature under the effect must choose random amongst the creatures it sees within range of the spell or attack it will do.
  • If there is a possibility to a do an opportunity attack, it must do so. 
5e enemies abound

Enemies Abound Pros and Cons


  • INT saving throw: Not so many attacks have an INT saving throw. So this makes a great addition to your arsenal if you don’t have an attack that exploits the low INT of certain monsters. 
  • Long Range: This spell has quite a long-range for you to make use of. 120 feet of range is a great distance to start causing chaos in the ranks of your enemies. 


  • Concentration: Concentration magic is often strong but the fact that it is dispelled quite easily, is a large drawback for me. 
  • Lots of chances to break free: Every time a creature gets damaged, they have a chance to break free. 
  • Short duration: You can only control the creature for up to one minute or until it has been dispelled. 
  • Multiple enemies needed: You can not use this attack when there aren’t multiple enemies. A workaround for this is by sending cannon fodder to the enemy and distract him. 

Top uses for Enemies Abound 5e

You might think this spell is not very strong. However, these top ways to use the effect of Enemies Abound will definitely get the gears in your mind working on how to use it in your next campaign.

1. Distract enemies with worthless minions

Do you have more zombies than you know what to do with then due to you being to enthousastic with Finger of Death? Just send them your enemies way when they are under the influence of Enemies Abound. 

This tactic really messes with action economy of a villain. Imagine losing your attack turn to a weak zombie for 2 or even 3 turns in a row. That has got to hurt your odds of winning the fight as a villain. 

2. Sow chaos in your enemies ranks and courts

Do you want to make a scene at a banquet? Just cast Enemies Abound on one of the nobles and see him attack others around him. Is there an annoying NPCs that you want to get rid of? Let him attack a high-ranking member of the court or a city guard. See you at his execution at dawn! 

In a regular battlefield situation, casting this spell is also great. Having one of the soldiers or minions all of a sudden attack the others will cause chaos and distrust. Have they been betrayed?

3. Make your players mad at each other

As a Dungeon Master, causing chaos and distrust amongst your player is also a lot of fun. Make sure you pick the player who has been on edge and annoying by attacking NPCs. Even if they know that their character is under influence of Enemies Abound, they sure are going to be pissed of dying due to other party members. 

Dnd enemies abound best uses 5e

Advice and final thoughts

If you are looking for a spell that does not just work in combat but in creative social situations too, Enemies Abound 5e is a fantastic way. There are quite a lot of scenarios where this spell will come in handy. 

While there are a ton of spells around this level, there are only a few which are better than Enemies Abound. If this is the right step for your Cleric build will depend on the encounters your DM sends at you (groups or single monsters?) and how creative you are at the social role-playing aspect of Dungeons and Dragons.

Spell DescriptionUseful info
Spell NameEnemies Abound
Range120 feet
TargetCreature in range
Saving ThrowINT
Target SucceedsImmune to fear
Target FailsAttacks all in sight as enemies
Breaking FreeSaving throw upon taking damage
– INT saving throwEffective against low-INT monsters
– Long rangeCauses chaos from a distance
– ConcentrationEasily dispelled
– Chance to break freeEvery time target takes damage
– Short durationUp to 1 minute or until dispelled
– Multiple enemies requiredCannot use if no multiple enemies present
Top Uses
1. Distract enemiesSend weak minions under the influence to disrupt opponents’ actions
2. Sow chaos in ranks/courtsMake NPCs attack each other, causing chaos and distrust
3. Create player conflictsAs a DM, cause chaos and mistrust among the players

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Enemies Abound FAQ

Is Enemies Abound better than Crown of Madness?

Yes, Enemies abound is a better spell than Crown of Madness. It does not have drawbacks and is easier to cast. 

Is Enemies Abound worth it for a Cleric? 

Yes, most of the time it is one of the better spells for you to pick. Enemies Abound does not deal direct damage. However, if you know when to use and pick the right target at the right time, it can have devastating effects. 

What level is Enemies abound? 

Enemies Abound is a level 3 enchantment which can be cast by four classes: Bards, Sorcerers, Wizards and Warlocks.