The top 11 Anime Where The MC Dies Protecting A Girl

The Anime where the MC dies protecting a girl is one of the most emotional anime to watch. Otaku who love romance, action, and drama want to see the MCs going beyond the limits for their loved ones. 

Below I will share some heartwarming anime that will make you bawl your eyes out. So get ready!

11. Sword Art Online

It’s the perfect recommendation if you want to watch the main character risking his life countless times for his girl. Kirito is the main character whose life takes a different path when he gets stuck in the game. There he befriends many characters, and Asuna is one of them. 

Over time, the duo develops feelings for each other and is willing to risk their lives for each other. There are countless times when Kirito faces threats to save his friends and Asuna. Though he didn’t die, he met dangerous situations many times. SAO is a perfect anime if you like action romance filled with many ups and downs!

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10. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball may not be the perfect anime to add to this list, as the MC doesn’t die for the sake of a girl. However, he dies countless times to protect the world, which includes countless girls and boys (XD). So, if you like Shounen and are interested in watching Overpowered main characters in action, watch it ASAP. 

Everyone is familiar with Goku and the popularity he enjoys in the otaku world. The story is about Goku and the other heroes protecting the world from the terror of some overpowered characters. 

Some wish to destroy the world, and some want to get their hands on the Dragon Ball to achieve their evil motives. Each episode brings something new for the viewers, and it’s impossible not to enjoy the show.

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9. Angel Beats

Angel Beats is one of the anime you are in search of. In this one, you’ll find the main characters dying a heroic death for their loved ones. The story begins when Yuzuru, the main character, who enters the afterlife (limbo).

A girl named Yuri approaches the boy and offers him to join her organization. She works on the mission to rebel against God, whom she considers responsible for their sufferings. Angel, the SCP, is their direct enemy because Yuri believes she is the associate of God.

The fact that Yuzuru was an amnesiac added suspense to the story, and things became interesting when he got his memories back. 

8. Sola

If you are interested in watching anime where the MC risks his life every time for the people and especially the girl he loves, then watch Sola. Yorito, his sister, Aono, and his lover Matsuri are the center of the story. The drama and suspense demands some patience from the viewers so watch it calmly.

Yorito’s simple life takes a different path after he meets a mysterious girl. While he was having a conversation with her, the girl disappeared out of the blue. The boy had a couple of encounters with the girl, and finally, he learned her name was Matsuri. 

He also finds that the girl is not an ordinary human but an individual who has been living for more than a hundred years. 

In Sola, there are many moments where Yorito risks his life protecting Sola. Meanwhile, it offers twists and turns, making the anime a perfect watch for those who want to see the MC die protecting a girl.

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7. Re: Zero

In Re: Zero, the main character Subaru dies so many times that he is known as a character who dies repeatedly. The fantasy world leaves no chance of making his life miserable as he is constantly faced with dangers and threats.

Soon after, some people attack him, and a girl named Emilia saves him. To return the favor, the boy decides to help Emilia, and on the mission, he dies. Re: Zero is a perfect watch if you are in search of anime who dies protecting a girl.

However, because of his unique ability, Subaru returns back in time before his death. Time is reversed almost every time he dies. Each time he’s back, he does his best to save the girl from the fated death and to learn about the mysteries he is entangled in. 

Re: Zero offers mysteries, engaging, and intricate plots that will win your heart effortlessly. Don’t forget to give it a try!

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6. Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom

Phantom offers a lot of drama, action, and suspense, which makes it a masterpiece worthy of watching. The story is all about Inferno, a mafia organization, and Phantom, the highly skilled member of the organization. Day-to-day assassinations are common in the US. 

One day, Reiji Azuma, who was a Japanese tourist, caught a phantom named Ein assassinating someone. To keep it a secret, Ein brainwashed him completely and named him Zwei. The boy was introduced to the world of Inferno, where he lived a fake life full of lies and deceit. 

Throughout the anime, you’ll see Zwei trying his best to look after Ein. There are countless times when he risks his life to protect the girl and ultimately dies doing that. Till his last breath, he wished for the happiness of the girl. 

5. Naruto

In Naruto, plenty of main characters have lost their lives protecting their loved ones. Trust me, nothing hurts more than seeing those characters die. A few of them who died defending their girl were Obito and Yahiko. 

Obito was crushed protecting Kakashi and Rin, and until the end, it was implied that he had died. On the other hand, Yahiko sacrificed himself to save his friends, Nagato and Konan (His love interest). 

Besides that, Naruto is highly recommended to all of you who wish for an unforgettable experience. It offers breathtaking fights, admirable friendships, and spine-chilling plot twists.

4. The Promised Neverland

Emma, Rey and Norman, the orphanage’s three geniuses, are the story’s center. These three friends consider their orphan fellows, and caretaker, their only family. They could never expect the caretaker to hide the dark reality of the orphanage from them. 

One night, Emma and Norman break the rules and cross the gate to follow their friend, who was recently adopted. When they reached the place, they came across her dead body, which was engulfed by a giant monster. They ran for their lives and vowed to escape taking their friends with them. 

Their peaceful life came to an end, and each day was filled with worries that they might be the next on the list. The trio plans everything and trains the kids to escape. However, Norman sacrificed himself for Emma during their escape and was taken by the monsters. 

The first season ended, implying that Norman was dead. You need to watch the second season to know if he actually died or not.

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3. Puella Magi

Puella Magi is undoubtedly the darkest and saddest anime where the MC dies protecting a girl. The main characters are three friends, Homura, Madoka, and Sayaka. In the initial few episodes, Madoka and Sayaka get an offer to become a magical girl. 

Before they can give any answer to Kyubey, a girl named Homura enters the school to stop them. She was a magical girl who knew the deepest and darkest realities of the magical world and didn’t want anyone else to experience that life. 

With time, it is revealed that Homura has died countless times. She has been reversing time to save her friend from her cruel destiny. Each episode of Puella Magi offers suspense and thrill. 

2. Code Geass

Code Geass is a must-watch for countless reasons, and everyone who calls themselves an otaku should watch it at least once. It has the best sci-fi elements, drama, and revenge stories. Lelouch’s life takes a new turn after he gets the Power of The Kings. 

His goal was to avenge his mother’s death and make Nunally’s life better. Code Geass’ plot is intricate and complex, but it spellbinds the viewers effortlessly. Throughout the anime, Lelouch makes countless efforts to achieve his goal and takes the path of an anti-hero. However, in the end, the boy sacrifices himself for the sake of the world and for his sister.


1. Bleach

Bleach is a mind-blowing anime and the favorite of Shounen lovers. It doesn’t only have an impressive story but winsome characters who entertain the fans with epic character developments. The story revolves around Shinigami, hollows, and Quincies, and their mysteries drive the story forward. 

Those who have watched Bleach know the battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra. It was the same battle where Ichigo lost his life protecting Orihime. He almost died, but miraculously, thanks to his Hollow powers, he returned to life. 

If you enjoy heartbreaking and sad anime, then it’s a must-watch. Apart from the main character, many likable characters lose their lives throughout. 

Conclusion on Anime Where The MC Dies Protecting A Girl

There you go! I have enlisted my favorite anime where the MC dies protecting a girl. Though the MC doesn’t die in a few of them, they are definitely worth watching and would make you feel satisfied. 

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