The 10 Best Poison Spells in 5e DnD

The multiversal playing fields of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition are vast and diverse, offering spellcasters a myriad of options to experience their characters’ lives. Among the various elements of the spell list, poison spells hold a special place as they bring forth the deadly and enigmatic power of venom to cripple, incapacitate, and vanquish foes. 

In this article, we will explore the best poison spells available in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, druids, and other spellcasting classes will find valuable knowledge and insights within the spell list, giving them the edge needed to overcome any and all enemies their Dungeon Master sends their way.

1. Poison Spray

Poison Spray is a cantrip that exemplifies the essence of poison spells. As a cantrip, it is a staple choice for spellcasters from the start of their journey. Poison Spray allows the user to release a noxious spray of venom at a single target within range, dealing poison damage. 

While its damage might not be substantial, it provides consistent poison damage throughout a character’s early levels as a primary spellcaster. Poison Spray remains a reliable choice for players focused on poison-themed characters and those looking to add variety to their spell repertoire.

Best poison spells in 5e

2. Ray of Sickness

Ray of Sickness is a 1st-level spell that lets spellcasters emit a ray of sickening green energy at a target within range. On a successful ranged spell attack, the target takes poison damage and must make a Constitution saving throw or be poisoned until the end of their next turn. 

Ray of Sickness offers a combination of immediate damage and a debuff, making it a versatile choice for characters seeking to weaken their enemies or exploit their vulnerabilities. Moreover, if the target fails the saving throw, they are effectively incapacitated, providing an opportunity for other party members to capitalize on the situation.

3. Poison Breath

Poison Breath is a 4th-level spell that grants the caster the ability to exhale a deadly cloud of poisonous gas in a cone-shaped area. Any creature caught within the area of effect must make a Constitution saving throw or take poison damage.

The potency of the poison increases with the caster’s level, making it a formidable choice for characters who wish to specialize in poison magic. Poison Breath allows spellcasters to unleash a powerful area-of-effect attack, particularly useful when facing multiple adversaries or tightly grouped enemies.

This spell’s versatility makes it a reliable choice for those seeking to spread poison through their foes with a single breath.

4. Blight

Blight is a 4th-level spell that channels the darkest and deadliest aspects of poison magic. Upon a successful Constitution saving throw, the target still takes half damage, making it a formidable spell against both regular enemies and even powerful foes. 

Blight allows spellcasters to unleash an onslaught of necrotic damage to drain the life force from their adversaries. While not purely a poison spell, Blight is thematically fitting for characters who revel in the dark arts or those seeking to infuse their attacks with the withering touch of poison.

5e poison spells

5. Cloudkill

Cloudkill, a 5th-level spell, is a potent and deadly tool in the hands of spellcasters. It summons a noxious cloud of poisonous vapor that deals damage to creatures within its area of effect. Cloudkill is a dangerous area-of-effect spell, creating a hazardous environment that can disorient and weaken enemies. 

The lingering nature of the cloud forces adversaries to make difficult choices between avoiding the poison damage and escaping the area, making it a potent tool for area control and crowd manipulation.

6. Contagion

Contagion is a 5th-level spell that allows spellcasters to inflict a potent and lingering poison upon a target. The spell requires a successful melee spell attack, and if the attack hits, the target becomes infected with one of several debilitating diseases. 

One of the diseases is “Flesh Rot,” which deals ongoing necrotic damage to the target, representing a deadly poison spreading through their body. Contagion’s effects are cumulative, allowing spellcasters to keep inflicting damage with each successful hit. Additionally, if the target is a creature immune to poison, the disease still affects them, making Contagion a valuable spell against poison-resistant foes.

7. Venomous Sphere

Venomous Sphere, a 6th-level spell, allows spellcasters to create a large, floating sphere of potent venomous energy. The spell functions as a mobile and controllable source of poison damage, which can be directed at specific targets. The caster can maneuver the Venomous Sphere across the battlefield, targeting different foes in successive turns. 

This unique spell offers both offensive and strategic versatility, making it a valuable asset in various encounters. Additionally, the Venomous Sphere’s mobility allows spellcasters to deal poison damage from a safe distance, avoiding close combat risks while maintaining consistent offensive pressure on enemies.

8. Irresistible Poison

Irresistible Poison is a 6th-level spell that exemplifies the pinnacle of poison magic. With this spell, the caster creates a vial of highly concentrated and irresistible poison. Upon successfully making a ranged spell attack, the target takes poison damage and must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be poisoned. 

Moreover, if the target is already poisoned or has immunity to poison, they still take half the damage. Irresistible Poison is a perfect choice for those who wish to render enemies vulnerable to poison and overcome their resistance, making it a formidable weapon against poison-resistant foes.

9. Toxic Cloud

Toxic Cloud is a 7th-level spell that calls forth a massive cloud of toxic fumes, enshrouding a large area in a deadly haze. Creatures caught within the cloud must make a Constitution saving throw or take poison damage. 

Additionally, those who fail the saving throw are poisoned for the duration of the spell, making them vulnerable to further poison attacks. Toxic Cloud is a potent area-of-effect spell that excels at crowd control and disrupting enemy formations. It allows spellcasters to create hazardous terrain that hinders enemies’ movements and actions, providing a tactical advantage to the party.

10. Demise of the Serpent

Demise of the Serpent, an 8th-level spell, delves deep into the essence of serpentine power and embodies the culmination of a spellcaster’s mastery over poison. When casting Demise of the Serpent, the spellcaster summons forth a massive ethereal serpent that coils around the target and inflicts potent poison damage. 

The target must make a Constitution saving throw or take the full damage. Even if they succeed on the saving throw, they still take half damage. This spell is especially powerful against foes vulnerable to poison or creatures with high health pools, as the sustained damage from Demise of the Serpent can prove overwhelming.

Conclusion of top poison spells in 5e

This concludes our exploration of the best poison spells available in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Poison spells offer a diverse array of options for spellcasters seeking to wield the deadly power of venomous toxins. From cantrips like Poison Spray to epic spells like Demise of the Serpent, each spell provides a unique flavor and tactical application. 

Spellcasters can tailor their choices to suit their character’s playstyle, group dynamics, and personal preferences. The selection of poison spells can be a powerful asset in the hands of experienced and strategic players, allowing them to incapacitate foes, control the battlefield, and deal significant damage. Embrace the deadly allure of poison, and let its venomous embrace pave the way to triumph in the realms of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

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