The Best Level 4 Wizard Spells for DnD 5e

By Jacobe Simon-Hanks

The Wizard is a powerful spellcaster for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. With each level gained in the Wizard class, player characters gain a useful tool for their kit, but one of the most important growth spikes happens whenever a Wizard gains the ability to cast higher level spells, seconded by when they gain more slots for these high-level spells.

Level 4 Wizard spells are a significant upgrade from level 3 spells. As they provide Wizards with more powerful abilities and greater versatility in combat. These spells are usually used in mid to high-level play; therefore, they can be game-changing when utilized correctly. Below, you will find the best level 4 Wizard spells in D&D.

1. Banishment

Banishment is a powerful spell that allows a Wizard to send a creature to another plane of existence. Assuming the Wizard can pull this spell off consistently, this can immediately end an encounter with a strong foe, unless they are capable of planar travel as well.

This spell can be particularly useful on enemies that have a high Armor Class or who are immune to physical attacks. In a party where you may be the only spellcaster, or one of very few, this trait for Banishment already makes it a must-pick for adventurers. Summoned creatures can also be sent back to their original plane, skipping any dispels or time requirements that would otherwise keep summoned companions in play.

At higher levels, Banishment can target multiple creatures, evolving the spell into a powerful crowd-controlling spell. Additionally, if your Wizard is well-versed in their reality’s planes, choosing a specific plane to send the enemy to can have creatively unique results. 

2. Fire Shield

Fire is truly an iconic yet powerful element of Wizards. Fire Shield is a defensive spell that provides Wizards with protection by creating a magical shield of flames around the caster.

This shield grants resistance to any cold and fire damage for the caster. Additionally, the spell doubles as an offensive spell, since it deals fire damage to any creature that hits the caster with a melee attack. Since the spell provides both defense and offense, Wizards or multi-classers that want to fight at close range will enjoy utilizing the benefits of Fire Shield.

Level 4 Wizard Spells 5e

3. Raise Dead

When one thinks of necromancy, they tend to think of controlling the dead or raising zombies to walk amongst the living. When one wants to build a necromancer Wizard, they take Raise Dead so that they can do just this. There are significant drawbacks to utilizing this spell, even when ignoring the roleplaying and ethical components, such as the hour-long casting time and a diamond worth at least 500 gold.

Additionally, the target creature must be dead for no longer than 10 days and its soul must be free and willing to return. However, the benefits of bringing a dead ally back with 1 health point or gaining the allegiance of a powerful undead creature severely outweighs the cons and requirements of such a spell.

Since the diamond is not consumed, if you already have one or know you are able to get one easily, this spell should definitely be taken into consideration.

4. Polymorph

Polymorph is a versatile spell that allows a Wizard to transform a creature into a different form. The target creature must make a Wisdom saving throw or be transformed into a beast of the Wizard’s choice. Note that, up to your Dungeon master’s discretion, a willing creature can choose to forgo the saving throw and allow you to freely transform it.

The Wizard can choose any beast with a Challenge Rating equal to or less than the target creature’s. This spell is useful for turning powerful enemies into harmless creatures, or for turning allies into more powerful creatures. Utility and creativity should also be taken into account, such as if a stray party member needs to hide, they may use the abilities of a gopher to hide underground, or one can transform into a bird and fly through an area.

As another side note, consider talking with your Dungeon Master when taking this spell as searching for Challenge Ratings can result in metagaming, which could ruin the player experience and be against table rules. 

5. Dimension Door

Dimension Door is a teleportation spell that allows a Wizard to instantly transport themselves and any willing creature within range up to 500 feet in any direction. Most forms of teleportation are great, but this spell in particular has a wide range of utility options that can fit almost any scenario.

Basic ideas include teleporting out of a dungeon, escaping harm’s way, or getting to hard-to-reach places. Other ideas can include breaking into a room- so long as you can see or imagine the inside- without causing any damage, or for flanking an enemy by teleporting right behind them.

Wizards can use Dimension Door to escape close combat without incurring Opportunity Attacks, making dangerous situations easier to escape from. Dimension Door is powerful, fun, and can make any player feel in control of their game’s pacing.

best level 4 wizard spells

6. Stoneskin

Stoneskin is another defensive spell that provides the casting Wizard with resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. Basically, think about smacking a large boulder and the difficulties that arise from such an action: Stoneskin gives these to the caster by turning their skins into a hard, rock-like substance.

Wizards can cast this spell on themselves or any willing creature, and the ability lasts for one hour, making it great for casting preemptively before combat. Despite the rocky texture and flavoring, Stoneskin does not remove flexibility or incur extra weight. This means Wizards can enjoy the benefits of heavy armor without needing proficiency, a very welcome boost to their otherwise middling defenses.

7. Wall of Fire

Where Fire Shield was a defensive spell with offensive traits, Wall of Fire is an offensive spell with defensive traits tied in. When casting Wall of Fire, flames begin to spew and form a barrier that burns any creatures that try to pass through it. This spell can be used to control the battlefield, and the caster is not limited to a straight line either.

So long as they maintain their casting range, Wall of Fire can curve and bend, forming a curvy shape or even a fully enclosed circle, trapping anything inside. Additionally, Wizards can choose which side of the wall to shoot the flames, meaning it is entirely possible to draw a dividing line between an ally and a foe and only harm their foe.

Since enemy NPCs will know of the fire damage coming their way, the caster can utilize the spell to cut off their enemies and potentially end an encounter depending on the environment. If your Wizard is a fire specialist, or you just fancy a bit of pyromania, this spell is a must-pick for your spellbook.

8. Blight

Blight is a powerful spell that inflicts necrotic damage to a single target creature. If the target is within 30 feet and fails the required Constitution saving throw, they will take heavy damage from the spell, especially those that are vulnerable to necrotic damage such as the undead or fiends.

As a single-target spell, Blight can deal significant chunks of damage to bosses or powerful enemies that would otherwise take several turns and cost many weaker spells to take down. As a result of this damage, Blight is a powerful spell that should be considered if your spellbook is lacking damage.

9. Vitriolic Sphere

The last spell for this list, Vitriolic Sphere, is as fun to say as it is to cast. This powerful attacking spell creates a sphere of acid that deals damage to any creature within the sphere’s area of effect.

The spell does a significant amount of acid damage which lingers several rounds, dealing further damage to the area the acid lands on as well as the targets covered by the acid. Considering the sphere’s 150-foot range, Vitriolic Sphere is one of the largest spells available by the time Wizards and other mage classes can cast level 4 Wizard spells.

The final boon to this spell is that it does acid damage, which is a powerful substitute for enemies that are immune or resistant to fire damage, considering both acid and fire elements tend to do residual damage over time. Vitriolic Sphere is the perfect offensive spell to round out any Wizard’s level 4 slots.

Conclusion on 4th level wizard spells

This concludes our list of the best level 4 Wizard spells for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. At this point, characters start to become incredibly powerful, with some spells bordering overpowered in the right hands and under the right circumstances.

Ranging from raising the dead, to spilling potent acid, to teleporting the party and exiting combat entirely, the level 4 Wizard spell list covers a wide variety of needs and niches that a party could utilize to their advantage.

Always confirm with your table leader how some rules might be interpreted before committing to a spell; however, feel free to also exercise your creativity and personality in the spells you pick and when you cast them.

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