The Best Level 5 Wizard Spells for DnD 5e

By Jacobe Simon-Hanks

In Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the Wizard is a powerful spellcaster that can decimate their foes with powerful magic, or bend the wills of others to do their bidding. By the time Wizards can cast level 5 spells, their kits begin to take shape into a powerful force that can be used for good or evil depending on the player in control.

Considering the earliest point one gains access to level 5 Wizard spells is at Wizard level 9, the player character should also have access to multiple cantrips, lower level spells, and features from their chosen Arcane Tradition. This means the spells they can choose from will likely be in tune with a theme, whether that theme be elemental, role-playing, or optimization.

This list will compile the best level 5 Wizard spells for D&D 5e, making your job of choosing which to put in your spellbook much easier.

1. Cone of Cold

Cone of Cold is a powerful evocation spell that unleashes a cone of freezing air in front of you, dealing 8d8 cold damage to all creatures within its area of effect. This spell can be particularly useful in combat, as it can deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.

Enemies that tend to resist other damage types and magics will be hindered by the caster’s icy elements, considering that cold damage is relatively rare. The shape of the attack is also a boon to this spell, since the cone shape allows the caster to hit many enemies at once, taking care of crowds of enemies with only a single spell slot used. These tools make Cone of Cold a great choice for your level 5 spell slots.

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2. Wall of Force

Wall of Force is a powerful abjuration spell that creates an impenetrable barrier of magical force. The wall is 10 feet high, 10 feet wide, and up to 100 feet long, and it can be shaped in any way that you choose.

The wall is also immune to all damage and can’t be dispelled by any means, making it an extremely effective defensive spell. The ability to be able to protect yourself or your allies from a wide range of threats ensures Wall of Force will be a powerful and versatile spell. Given the sheer size of the wall, even large creatures such as dragons and giants will struggle to deal any substantial damage after the wall has been cast.

A Wizard could even cover the side of a small town with this spell, protecting many NPCs and possibly be hailed as a hero. If your spellbook craves a powerful, defensive spell, Wall of Force is the correct choice among your level 5 options.

3. Teleportation Circle

Teleportation Circle is one of the few instances of fast travel available in Dungeons and Dragons. It is a conjuration spell that creates a magical circle up to 10 feet in diameter upon any surface, including walls and ceilings. The caster can utilize the circle to teleport themselves and others to a different Teleportation Circle elsewhere in the world.

Wizards that use this spell can create a system of linked portals on their travels, effectively creating a domain of control and transportation. If the user of the circle knows the sigil sequence for a circle they did not create, they can access that circle as well and teleport back and forth just as if they had made both circles themselves.

Additionally, Teleportation Circle’s conjured rings have no duration, and instead need the surface they were created on to be destroyed in order to remove them. Lastly, unless otherwise stated by your game’s Dungeon Master, using Teleportation Circle takes no time at all, offering instant and mostly safe travel for users. Considering the permanence of the spell for only 1 spell slot, this spell is an incredibly useful choice for all casters.

4. Animate Objects

Animate Objects is a powerful transmutation spell that allows you to bring up to ten objects to life, causing them to become tiny or small creatures that can follow your commands. The objects retain their original form but gain the ability to move and attack, dealing damage with their attacks based on their size.

The versatility of Animate Objects comes from its ability to turn everyday objects into powerful allies. Whether you’re animating a pile of rocks to pelt enemies with, turning a suit of armor into a mobile tank, or bringing a swarm of daggers to life to shred foes, this spell can help you turn the battlefield to your advantage.

Ten different objects is a massive amount as well, as this effectively becomes ten allies and ten additional attack checks on the opposing forces. Creative uses include forming amalgamations from the ten animated objects, or spreading the objects out and using some as defensive sentries while others attack at your party’s side. 

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5. Dominate Person

In the past, we have discussed spells that can hold a creature in place and other spells that can garner an intelligent creature’s support via charming or enchanting them. These spells are limited in the scope of their control, as they tend to lose their grasp over the target when they take damage or they might not act as you intended or hoped for.

Dominate Person rectifies these issues, as this powerful enchantment spell allows you to take control of a humanoid creature’s mind. Although level 5 spell slots are limited, Wizards hoping to utilize this spell constantly can also replace Charm Person or other mind-altering spells if they took them at lower levels, further expanding the utility and efficiency of Dominate Person.

Additionally, this spell forces the target to obey your commands to the best of their ability, making powerful enemies powerful allies instead, or easily removing a living threat if the environment and situation make it possible. Do note that the spell can have serious consequences on a target’s psyche, so only use it as a last resort on allies and potential friendly NPCs.

Enemies will also likely have access to a number of dispels by the time Wizards are taking and casting level 5 spells, so be wary not to waste your spell slot without scouting the enemies’ abilities first. 

6. Wall of Stone

The level 5 spell list for Wizards includes a few “wall” type spells. Wall of Force was mentioned before due to its sheer size and invulnerability to damage, but perhaps you would prefer a spell that fits a rocky, geological theme, that the caster can shape to their will, with the drawback of a smaller area of effect. If so, Wall of Stone is a premium pick spell for you.

Wall of Stone erects a solid wall of stone that is impregnable and immune to all damage for its duration. As implied, the spell allows the caster to shape the wall however they see fit, allowing the creation of an enclosed space or a curve to maximize coverage properly.

The wall can also push enemies to either side of it, or lift them into the air, giving access to a spell that separates and thins crowds. The wall is also totally solid, as opposed to Wall of Force being a transparent forcefield, so vision is cut off on both sides. This has equal advantages as it does disadvantages, but the tradeoff is enough to warrant taking this spell.

Overall, Wall of Stone is a great pick that can be used both defensively and offensively- a rare trait among the other wall counterparts. 

7. Planar Binding

Planar Binding is a powerful abjuration spell that allows you to bind an extraplanar creature to your will. This spell requires a 1-hour casting time and a costly material component, but if successful, it allows you to command the creature to perform tasks for you for up to 24 hours.

From a role-playing perspective, the potential of Plane Binding makes it one of the most powerful spells a Wizard can take, especially when it is available at the midgame level 5 point. Commanding an extraplanar creature means you won’t be able to use it on creatures within your own plane- that is if you are currently in the Material Plane.

Then you can access creatures from the Feywild but not a creature standing right in front of you- but commanding and then summoning a creature from another realm will demonstrate power beyond what others suspected your Wizard to be capable of.

Additionally, creatures from other planes will possess unique abilities that can create fun situations and different solutions to problems that were otherwise not accessible by your party. Information, power, and reputation are all at your fingertips when you take this spell for yourself.

8. Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre is a necromancy spell that allows you to animate up to five corpses within range. These undead creatures rise and dance for the duration of the spell, which is up to 1 hour. While they dance, they can be commanded to move and attack as a bonus action on your turn.

The versatility of Danse Macabre comes from its ability to turn fallen enemies into useful tools. Whether you’re using them to distract enemies, block off choke points, or simply deal damage, these undead minions can be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Additionally, the spell’s duration of up to 1 hour means that it can be used in multiple encounters, making it a great choice for players who want to conserve spell slots.

Final thoughts on level 5 wizard spells in 5e dnd

This wraps up the best level 5 spells Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition offers for Wizards. While these spells are among the best in our opinion, always take into account your party needs as well as the role you like to play in your table’s campaign.

A seemingly weaker spell might become quite powerful in the right hands and with the right circumstances; however, these spells are all tried and true choices for raw power and creative utility.

The next challenge is finding ways to maximize your limited spell slots’ potential with the above spells, but that, dear reader, is entirely up to you and your table. Happy dice rolling!