Poison Spray 5e: Read this before you pick this cantrip

In Dungeon and Dragon 5th Edition, there is a Noxious Gas by the name of Poison Spray. The Poison Spray is a Cantrip in-game and doesn’t work like other spell casts that need preparations. 

You can throw the cantrip at the creatures within 10 feet of range, but need to ensure that it doesn’t impact. So you will have to go for a Constitution Throw that needs to succeed. In case you fail, the result is 1d12 damage to Poison on yourself.

If you succeed with the Constitution Throw, your character will deal 1d12 damage to the creature thrown at. This damage is not the best; instead, You can upgrade it to higher levels; for the 5th level, the damage is 2d12; for the 11th level, the damage is 3d12; and for the 17th level, the damage is 4d12.

5e poison spray

Classes, specifications and making Poison Spray 5e stronger.


Poison Spray 5e can be used by following classes without extension;

  • Druid
  • Wizard
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock

But, with the extension, you can use it with other classes you like but with access to their Spell list. 


  • Time for Casting is 1 Action
  • The range is 10 Feet
  • The saving throw is Constitution
  • School is Conjuration
  • Duration is Instantaneous
  • Components are Somatic and Verbal (no material components needed)
  • The damage type is Poison


Looking at the bonuses of Poison Spray 5e, there are the following Spellcasting Modifiers in it like;

  • Wizard Intelligence
  • Sorcerer Charisma
  • Class Spellcasting Modifier
  • Warlock Charisma
  • Druid Wisdom
poison spray dnd

Benefits and Drawbacks of Poison Spray 5e

Poison Spray 5e might look cool to use in Dungeon and Dragon 5e, but it has some drawbacks alongside benefits like everything else. Below, we have mentioned the Benefits and Drawbacks of this spell in detail so that you exactly know what you can expect if you pick poison spray as your cantrip.

Benefits of Poison Spray 5e

  • Ranged attack: Poison Spray is a noxious gas in Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition that can be thrown at a creature in range. The creature should succeed in a Constitution Throw; otherwise, take around 1d12 damage of Poison. 
  • Ease of use: Casting the Poison Spray 5e is simple; you won’t require extra materials or concentration. In simple words, you can throw or use the Poison Spray 5e without hesitation. In addition, it is a cantrip, meaning there is no cast time to the spell; you can spray away instantaneously anytime.
  • Scalable: The  maximum base damage for the Poison Spray cantrip is d12. However, as the beginning cantrips, you can take it up potentially to another level. Furthermore, the damage of Poison Spray 5e is Poison, and when the target is weak against that specific poison damage, this spell truly shines there.

Drawbacks of Poison Spray 5e

  • Saving throw possibility: The most apparent drawback of Poison Spray 5e is that your enemy gets a chance to save throw. In D&D, there are very few spells that offer similar disadvantages, but the benefit is also more significant. 
  • Common resistance: Poison damage is not that great because it is a common resistance found in D&D 5e. Most of the enemies you will face will have that resistance, some more significant and some lower. So, having Poison Damage isn’t that beneficial to you in that case. 
  • Short range: The distance of usability is also not that favorable. Having 10 feet of range compared to other spells of the type is less, and to use this spell, you will have to be in close combat. In addition, the Poison Spray 5e is recommended for close combat, further making it limited.
dnd poison spray

Get the best of Poison Spray 5e

Dungeon Master

You are not forced to use Poison Spray 5e if you don’t want to have multiple strikes to finish enemies. But, how will you know about that? Your DM or Dungeon Master should be perfect at describing the enemy’s reaction. 

Enhancing Damage

Poison Spray 5e truly starts shining when you reach level 5, which gives it 1d12 damage. Your next goal is to further enhance it to 2d12, then, at the 11th level, you will get 3d12, and finally, at the last level, you will get 4d12 at level 17th.

It is essential to understand that Poison Spray, similar to Cloudkill 5e, is not a spray but rather a puff of poison gas. Therefore, the Poison here responds to that damage type of this spell and targets only a single enemy.

Play with Toxin Poison Spray 5e

Being a cantrip attack, you will deal Poison damage to enemies instantaneously after using the spell. So if the Wizard uses it on the second round, and you saved the first one, you will have to take d12 damage or keep it again in the next game.

If the three wizards use this spell at the moment, you will have to go for three saves or take 3d12 damage to Poison. This means that there is no protection duration here for you. 

In another case, there are chances you might be in combat with a toxin monster, and there are attacks vs. saving throws. At the time, there are chances you will get immunity for 24 hours, which is expected. So on one side, there is a block of toxin, which saves from Poison, and on the other hand, you will always have to go for a save or get hit with poison damage.


What does Poisoned mean in Poison Spray 5e?

You don’t always have to fail the saving throw to receive poison damage; you become poisoned when you fail the constitution throw. That ability means that you will have the condition for poisoned, giving you disadvantages on ability checks and disadvantages on the attacking side as well (Rolls).

Can the Poison Spray 5e hit more than one target?

No, the Poison Spray 5e can only target a single creature. Still, there is a puff of Poisonous gas from the palm, which means you should damage the foes. But it doesn’t do that, instead focuses only on a single target.

Is Poison Spray 5e a Cantrip?

Yes, Poison Spray 5e is a cantrip in Dungeon and Dragon 5th Edition because it is in the category of the lowest level castable spell.

Summary Poison Spray 5e

NamePoison Spray
Casting Time1 Action
Range10 Feet
Saving ThrowConstitution
ComponentsSomatic, Verbal
Damage TypePoison
Spellcasting ModifierWizard (Intelligence), Sorcerer (Charisma), Warlock (Charisma), Druid (Wisdom), Class Spellcasting Modifier
ClassesDruid, Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Benefits of Poison Spray 5e

  • Ranged attack: Can be thrown at a creature within range, dealing 1d12 poison damage on a failed Constitution saving throw.
  • Ease of use: Simple casting without extra materials or concentration. Can be used as a cantrip with no casting time.
  • Scalable: Damage increases at higher levels (2d12 at 5th level, 3d12 at 11th level, 4d12 at 17th level). Effective against creatures weak to poison damage.

Drawbacks of Poison Spray 5e

  • Saving throw possibility: Enemies get a chance to save against the spell, potentially negating the damage.
  • Common resistance: Poison damage is commonly resisted in D&D 5e, making it less effective against many enemies.
  • Short range: Limited range of 10 feet, requiring the caster to be in close combat.

Tips for Getting the Best of Poison Spray 5e

  • Dungeon Master’s role: The Dungeon Master can describe the enemy’s reaction to the spell to add depth to the gameplay.
  • Enhancing damage: Damage increases significantly at higher levels, making it more potent against enemies.
  • Toxin: Can be used strategically in combat situations, but be mindful of the lack of protection duration and the possibility of facing immunity or resistance to poison.