All 5e spells without material components and 6 you should use

Do you hate inventory management or keeping your shopping list up to date? Are you trying to get rid of the clutter in your wizard’s tower? Then the 5e spells without material components in Dungeons and Dragons are just the thing you are looking for!

If you are interested in reading guides that go over the niche aspects of DnD, here is my overview of all the D&D how-to’s I have written so far. So if you are a beginning player or Dungeon Master, I strongly recommend you check it out if you want to learn a bit more about the game! 

If you are looking for a guide where you can use magic without speaking, I have compiled all the spells that don’t use a verbal component here. 

all spells without material components 5e

The components needed for a spell

We are starting with the basics: the components you need for a spell.

This guide is mainly geared at beginners and people who quickly want to find a spell they can use without materials to build their character. However, if you have any questions about Dungeons and Dragons and starting your first game, please reach out! 

There are three components. Some spells require one, some require two, and some need all three components to work. There is no spell without any components. These three are:

  • Material (M)
  • Verbal (V)
  • Somatic (S)

Material (M)

Material is often used for a spell. For example, for the spell Catnap, you need to have a pinch of sand. This can be quite a hassle since if you are imprisoned, robbed, or naked without any stuff, you can not use any of these spells. So you will need to have at least a spell or two that you can use without needing to have something. In this article, I am going to help you pick that magic without components and materials! 

Verbal (V)

This component is required for almost every spell. There are only a few magical attacks where you don’t need to be able to say anything. The requirement is to be able to make an audible noise. So, this is about the same level of noise as normal speaking. Quietly whispering and making random suppressed noises is not enough! 

Somatic (S)

You must be able to move your arms and point at your target if you want to use a somatic spell. If you have a visual reference, just look at Wingardium Leviosa from Harry Potter. You need to be able to make about that much movement if you want to cast magic that requires (S). 

5e spells without material components

Spells without material components in 5e 

Mage Hand: This is an excellent cantrip to use without materials. You summon a floating hand that you can command to go anywhere within 30 feet. This hand is helpful to bring items somewhere or take something. 

Fire Bolt: One of my favorite cantrips without material components is Fire Bolt. This attack makes you hurl a mote of fire at an object, NPC, or creature. This magical fire is likely the most popular spell on this list, and you see it in almost every Dungeons and Dragons campaign. 

Prestidigitation: Prestidigitation is one of the worst cantrips, in my opinion. However, it has a lot of roles playing potential. You cast a minor magical trick to impress people. But hey, it still is a spell without material components.

Shocking Grasp: You grab a creature with your hand and shock it with a strong jolt of electricity when you contact it. Shocking Grasp is a spell without a material component in 5e like the other spells on this list. 

FrostbiteA creature in the range is hit with a numbing frost. The target needs to make a constitution-saving throw. If the target fails, you throw a 1d6 to determine the cold damage, and the subsequent attack has a disadvantage. 

Mold Earth: You target some loose earth, and it gets excavated instantly, and you can deposit it 5 feet away from you. 

Shield: You conjure up a barrier of a magical protective force. This force gives you a +5 bonus to your natural armor for the next turn. 

Magic Missile:

  1. Create three darts of a magical force.
  2. Pick creatures within your range.
  3. Fire the darts and deal your target 1d4 +1 damage of force. 
best spells without materials magic missle

Mage-Armor: Touch a creature or a fellow player that has no armor. Cast this spell to give it a magical force to surround and protect the target until the spell ends. The creature or player has an AC of 13 plus the dexterity modifier. 

Detect Magic: For the duration of Detect magic, you can sense the presence of magic within a range of 30 feet from you; this will cause a faint aura. 

Mirror Image: You duplicate yourself in your space; these images mirror you and your movements. There are no components needed to use the spell.

Misty Step: You are surrounded by a mist with a silver-like color. You teleport 30 feet or less away from an unoccupied space you can see. 

Counterspell: One of my favorite spells in DnD and Magic the Gathering. You interrupt the process of a creature casting a spell. Counterspell is a level 3 spell so you can get it early in the campaign. 

Dispel Magic:  Pick a target – object, creature, or magic effect – and cast dispel magic on it. Dispel magic will end any spell of level 3, and the target is under the effect. 

Dimension Door: When you use dimension door, you teleport yourself from the current location you are to any other spot within range. You can do this for up to 300 feet! This is a decent spell without material components

Greater Invisibility: The creature or target you touch becomes completely invisible till the spell ends. This invisibility includes everything the target wears, holds, or is carrying. Like the other spells on this list, you do not need a material component to cast this spell. 

Animate ObjectGive an object order, and it will do whatever you have ordered it to do. This construct will have AC, Hitpoints, attack, and strength, just like a normal monster. You can compare this with the Animate Dead spell.

Telekinesis: You can move creatures or an object you target by thought. The target can succeed on a strength check to ensure it is not affected by this level 5 spell. 

Investiture of Wind: This is a fantastic ranged attack where you create a 15 feet cube and start swirling wind inside it. This wind attack has a range of 60 feet, and each creature in the area must make a saving throw. You can also use it to protect from ranged weapons and give you flying speed. 

Arcane Gate: The spell creates a teleportation portal that stays open for the spell’s duration. You can pick a spot within 500 feet of you to link the gate. You won’t need a material component to cast this spell. 

Teleport: This spell you can use to instantly teleport yourself and up to 8 other targets to a spot in your range of sight. These targets need to be willing. You can also teleport a single object you can see. 

Dominate Monster: Pick a creature you see in the range. Use the dominate monster spell on it. The monster needs to make a Wisdom saving throw if you cast the spell. If they fail, they will be charged for the spell’s duration. 

Wish: The most potent spell in Dungeons and Dragons, according to some. By speaking and making your wish heard, you can alter the foundations of reality to what you wish it to be. 

This list of spells without material components is constantly being updated! I might add a separate category with HomeBrew spells (popular ones) or spells that do not require a material component that people love to use.

So definitely bookmark this page if you want to check up on it once in a while. If I have missed any spells, feel free to leave a comment to tell me which ones I glossed over. 

Summary table

Mage HandSummon a floating hand to manipulate objects within 30 feet.
Fire BoltHurl a mote of fire to damage objects, NPCs, or creatures.
PrestidigitationPerform minor magical tricks for role-playing purposes.
Shocking GraspDeliver an electric shock to a creature upon contact.
FrostbiteInflict cold damage and impose disadvantage on the target’s next attack.
Mold EarthInstantly excavate and deposit loose earth within 5 feet.
ShieldCreate a magical protective barrier for a +5 bonus to armor class.
Magic MissileCreate and fire three darts of magical force at targets.
Mage ArmorProvide a target with a protective magical force for increased armor class.
Detect MagicSense the presence of magic within 30 feet.
Mirror ImageDuplicate yourself with mirrored images for added defense.
Misty StepTeleport to a visible unoccupied space up to 30 feet away.
CounterspellInterrupt and counter a creature’s spellcasting.
Dispel MagicEnd magical effects and spells of level 3 or lower on a target.
Dimension DoorTeleport to any visible spot within a range of up to 300 feet.
Greater InvisibilityRender a target completely invisible.
Animate ObjectGive an object the ability to follow orders and act as a construct.
TelekinesisMove targeted creatures or objects with the power of thought.
Investiture of WindCreate a swirling wind attack within a 15-foot cube, offering protection and flying speed.
Arcane GateCreate a teleportation portal within 500 feet of your location.
TeleportInstantly teleport yourself, willing creatures, or objects to a visible location within range.
Dominate MonsterControl a creature’s actions for the spell’s duration.
WishAlter reality according to your spoken wish.
Spells without a material component in 5e

My 6 favorite 5e Spells without material components in DND

1. Mage Hand

Mage Hand is just such a good spell without material components. It has a lot of possible uses for creative players to make optimal use of it. For example, you can steal items, bring potions 30 feet away, etc.

While it is not a damaging spell, it has many intelligent uses to make it a powerful asset to your party. Another thing I love about Mage Hand is that it is a cantrip, so you can use it right away at the start of your campaign. 

2. Fire Bolt

Another cantrip that is extremely popular amongst wizards is Fire Bolt. This spell is from the evocation school. It deals fire damage on hits, and it can ignite flammable objects. The spell has a lot of cool uses. If you enjoy fire spells and want to make a build that uses as many of them as possible, then you should check out my Create Bonfire guide

3. Teleport

Teleport is another spell that does not deal damage but is dependent on just how creative you are as a player or as a Dungeon Master. Like all other spells on this list, this magic does not require a material component. 

Since you can transport up to 8 willing creatures and yourself at once, this is useful to get out of crazy situations. You can also teleport items if you want to do this. However, keep in mind that you can not teleport the object inside a target. 

4. Dominate monster

Dominate monster is another one of those strong spells if you know how to use it. However, while dominate monster does not need a material component, it is a concentration spell. That is a significant drawback since the domination ends when you lose concentration.

Dominate monster is a level 8 spell, so it will take quite a long time until you can use this spell. So please don’t use it on weaklings like the Quasit.

While the spell does not do any direct damage, I think it is one of the most fun enchantments you can use in DnD 5e. Dominate monster does not require any materials and has many potential uses for intelligent and creative DMs and players alike.

If you want to learn more about getting allies to help you in battle, check out my Planar Ally guide. You will need material for this spell; however, your hard-earned cash! 

5. Wish

All you need for this spell is a verbal component. You can duplicate any other spell of level 8 or lower. However, there are a couple of other things you can do with this spell. For example, make an object of up to 25 000 Gold pieces in value. Or grant up to 10 creatures a damage resistance of your choosing. This scenario is just a few uses; there are many more! 

I like this concept spell, but I think it is too strong. You can access this conjuration spell at level 9, so it is an endgame spell without material components.

6. Dispel magic

Okay, I admit, I love spells that are a bit on the creative side and aren’t damage dealers like Agonizing Blast and other attacking magic is.

Dispel magic is another spell without material components that is more utility and creative than combat. The cool thing about dispelling magic is that you can put it in a different spell slot to make it scale with your level. These spells can last you an entire campaign, so they are almost always worth it to pick up. 

One little thing you need to remember about Dispel magic is that it does not work on particular ‘objects’ like Helmed Horrors and other animated creatures. They will be unaffected when you pick those as a target. 

DnD Gameplay no materials needed (m) for this magic

Are there any spells that do not use any components? 

There are no official spells without components. So you will always need to use at least one. If you want to have a spell that uses zero parts, you need to make one yourself and go HomeBrew. My Dungeon Master tip would be not to make these spells strong or give them another requirement like you have to sacrifice Hit Points or maybe even experience when you cast the spell. 

Conclusions on spells without materials

There are many strong spells in Dungeons and Dragons that do not require you to have a material component. I would even go as far as to say that you can do an entire campaign using spells that do not require you to have any materials. It isn’t going to be easy, but if you like a challenge, I will give you the advice to give it a try! 

If you want to make the most use of the spells without materials in your arsenal, check out the guides I have written; a great example of an in-depth guide is Wall of Water 5e! Keep in mind this spell. Does need material: A drop of water!