Magic items for a pirate 5e: why and best items to have

Pirates are a classic fantasy trope. They have everything from treasure maps to talking parrots and from cursed doubloons to cursed daggers. But what do they use in their everyday lives? What are the items that they can’t live without? Here are our favorite magic items for a pirate in 5e DnD!

This list can be used by players and DMs who want to spice up their campaigns with some pirate NPCs! 

magical items pirate 5e

Why do pirates need magical items in 5e?

A pirate’s life is full of surprises, but few are more surprising than finding a magic item. Pirates often find themselves in situations where they need to use every trick and scrap of knowledge to survive. Just like a wizard has limitless interesting contingency spell combinations, there are many magical items that pirates could use. 

Some could be used for practical purposes like weapons, armor, or other valuable items, while others may be more for fun. These magic items can help pirates survive on the high seas and help them find their way back home when they get lost at sea.

Pirates also have a great deal of latitude in spending their treasure and what magic items they can afford. For example, they can purchase items that suit their style and goals, or they might buy things that will help them overcome an obstacle or challenge they face.

Best six magical items for a pirate in 5e dnd

Ring of waterbreathing

  • Ring
  • Uncommon

This ingenious but straightforward item allows you to breathe underwater, which will last for one hour and has a cool-down period of eight hours. It is an uncommon item, so the average serious pirate will be able to get his hands on it. This is a fantastic magical item if you are preparing for some intense underwater combat. 

Trident of fish command

  • Weapon 
  • Uncommon 

The trident of fish command is quite a fun item as a pirate. The trident has three charges of the spell Dominate Beast and can be used on a creature with an innate swimming speed. The save for this is 15. The trident recharges completely every day at dawn.

Potion of waterbreathing

  • Potion
  • Uncommon

The potion of water breathing is another uncommon article on this list. This potion has a very similar effect to the ring of waterbreathing. The potion gives you the ability to drink for 1 hour underwater. 

The potion smells like the sea, and it has a musky green color. Inside the brew, a bubble somewhat resembles a tiny jellyfish. 

Boots of water-walking

  • Equipment
  • Common

One of my favorite wondrous items in 5e DnD for pirates is the boots of waterwalking. These boots have the same effect as the spell Water Walk and thus allow you to walk over water.

The effect of the boots ends when you are knocked prone. You need to be out of the water and put on your feet to restart the impact. These boots of water walking can also be used in a swamp when fighting giant toads

These boots are blue fabric, with decorative green fins on the sides. They feature a thin, white sole and a comfortable heel to the ankle.

Rod of ropes

  • Equipment
  • Common

The rod of ropes is an older item from D&D 3.5. The rod has three functions that can be used an unlimited amount of times:

  1. Extrude a rope at the end of the rod at a rate of 60ft per round for up to 300ft. 
  2. A grappling hook and a rope extrude for up to 300 feet. 
  3. Three grappling hooks and slides come out of each end of the rod.

This is a rod created with black teak. It is 18 inches long and sculpted to have an elegant, thin profile. The rod comes with an attached stopper that can be used as a handle or to hang the rod from the wall.


  • Wondrous item
  • rare

One of my favorite magic items for pirates that are often overlooked is the wind-in-a-jar. Everyone who has ever gone out sailing knows that wind is unpredictable. If your ship doesn’t have a rowing compartment or needs to leave fast, and there is no wind, you will be stuck wherever you are at that point. 

The wind in a jar solves this annoying problem for you and gives you much-needed wind whenever you need it. The item is also known as a bottle of wind in homebrew. 

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Conclusion of magical dnd items for pirates

This guide has provided you with some magic items for your pirate 5e character. The guide is meant to be a fun way to introduce the basics of 5e and is not a comprehensive list of all the possible magic items.

Magical ItemTypeRarityDescription
Ring of WaterbreathingRingUncommonBreathe underwater for 1 hour, 8-hour cooldown.
Trident of Fish CommandWeaponUncommonDominate Beast (3 charges), usable on swimming creatures.
Potion of WaterbreathingPotionUncommonBreathe underwater for 1 hour when consumed.
Boots of Water-WalkingEquipmentCommonWalk on water, ends when knocked prone.
Rod of RopesEquipmentCommonExtrude rope (60ft/round), grappling hooks.
Wind-in-a-JarWondrous itemRareProvides wind on demand for sailing.
Magic items for pirates summary

These magical items for pirates in 5e are just suggestions and are by no means a must to have to enjoy playing as a pirate in DnD. If you are reading this as a Dungeon Master, do not feel obliged to give every item; make a selection of two or three items so the build of your players will not get too overpowered.