Best 14 spells for contingency 5e ranked

One of the spells in dnd 5e that really challenges your creative thinking and tests how strict your DM is, is contingency 5e. The contingency spell combines a spell of level 5 or lower that has a casting time of one action and can target you. When casting, you describe a certain circumstance or event. 

The spell you choose (called your contingency spell) will not come into effect until that certain circumstance occurs. So, for example, you can use Feign Death as your spell and set as a circumstance that your health is very low. Contingency 5e is extremely potent when combined with the right spell. 

Without further blabbering, here are the 14 best spells for contingency 5e ranked according to our years of DnD 5e experience. 

spells for contingency 5e

14. Blink

  • Components: Verbal and somatic
  • Level: 3rd level transmutation
  • Duration: 1 minute

Blink in 5e is a great spell in general, and even better when combined with contingency. The spell allows you to vanish from the plane you are now and then makes you appear in the Ethereal Plane. You can no longer be affected by anything on the normal plane, nor can anything see you from the other plane. While you are at the ethereal plane you can not attack, but you see and hear the plane you are from. However, this is in shades of gray.

Use a contingency like being attacked in an ambush or when you are about to get hit with a deadly attack. 

13. Dispell magic

  • Components: V S 
  • Level: 3rd level abjuration
  • Duration:  1 action

Choose a creature (in this case you) within range. If you are targeted by a spell of level 3 or lower the spell ends automatically. If the spell is level 4 or higher, you need to make an ability check using the spellcasting ability. You need to roll 10 + the spells level or higher to make the spell end.

A great way to pair this with contingency is by having it activate when a harmful spell targets you. This way it can be dispelled automatically. 

12. Water Breathing

  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (A short reed of piece of straw)
  • Level: 3rd level transmutation
  • Duration: 24 hours

The spell grants up to ten willing creatures the ability to breath underwater, as long as the spell is active. The maximum duration of this effect is 24 hours. As a contingency, you can pick something like: When I am underwater for more than a turn. Use this whenever you are on a boat, as it is almost sure your DM is planning underwater combat. 

Ps: make sure you check our underwater spellcasting guide to make yourself even stronger when engaging in combat underwater. 

11. Nondetection

  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (A pinch of diamond dust worth 25 gp sprinkled over the target, you will lose both items.)
  • Level: 3rd level abjuration
  • Duration: 8 hours

During the 8 hours nondetection works, the target (you) is hidden from divination magic. You will no longer be susceptible to being targeted by divination magic or seen and perceived through a scrying sensor, if it is magical. 

A contingency for this is simple. Activate whenever you are being targeted by divination magic or magical scrying sensors. Use this when you are breaking in or want to sneak past or behind something or someone. 

10. Fly

  • Components: Verbal, somatic and material (a feather from any bird)
  • Level: 3rd level transmutation
  • Duration: 10 minute

Fly makes the target – which is you – gain a flying speed of 60 feet per turn. During the 10 minutes the target can fly. This spell is best used when you are going to a mountainside, or are going to fight on top of a tower. Use a contingency in 5e like: when I fall 20 feet or more, activate fly. 

9. False life

  • Components: Verbal, somatic and material (some alcohol)
  • Level: 1st level necromancy
  • Duration: one hour

The false life spell will give you a necromatic copy of life. This will add 1d4+4 on top of your base hitpoints. The contingency for this really depends on the scenario. There isn’t a good catch-all for this, and it will depend on what your Dungeon Master is going to throw at you! 

8. Mislead

  • Components: Somatic
  • Level: 5th level illusion
  • Duration: Concentration, up to one hour

You become invisible. However, at the same time a double of you, which is an illusion, appears where you are at that moment. This double can see and hear. You can also make it gesture or even hold a conversation just like you would. 

Use a contingency like when I am detected by the guards and can no longer escape. You can also combine this with incite greed as a back up plan for when this spell goes wrong and you are surrounded. 

7. Gentle Repose

  • Components: Verbal,  Somatic and materia ( a pinch of salt  and a piece of copper.)
  • Level: 2nd level necromancy
  • Duration: 10 days

Gentle repose protects you from decaying and can not become an undead. This is one for the creative players (or DMs). There are a couple of scenarios where your Dungeon Master might turn players against one another by reviving those that have fallen. Using this spell as your contingency spell will make sure this won’t happen. 

6. Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere

  • Components: Verbal, Somatic and material (you need a hemispherical piece of clear crystal and another piece that matches of gum arabic.
  • Level: 4th level evocation
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

The spell will enclose you in a sphere. This sphere will stop anything from getting in our out of the area of the sphere. That means that you are completely immune to damage, even from strong spells like Fireball, and you can not be damaged from the outside. 

A good contingency for this is: whenever I walk into a trap that would damage me fox x amount of hitpoints, activate the resilient sphere. Keep in mind that a disintegrate spell that targets the sphere will destroy it. However, you will not be damaged by the disintegrate spell. 

5. Dimension door

  • Components: Verbal
  • Level: 4th level conjuration
  • Duration: Instantaneous

When you use the dimension door, you will be teleported to a location within a range of 500 feet. This spot needs to be either visually in range or you need to be able to visualize it. Alternatively, it is also possible to describe it by describing and  exact distance and direction. 

A good contingency in 5e is to make the spell activate whenever you are detected. Another good option is to teleport whenever you are targeted by a life endangering attack or trap. 

4. See invisibility

  • Components: Verbal, Somatic and Material (pinch of talc and sprinkling of powdered silver)
  • Level: Second level divination
  • Duration: One hour

See invisibility gives you the ability to see invisibile creatures and objects just as if they were visible. On top of that, you are also able to observe items and creatures that are in the Ethereal Plane. You will see those items in the Ethereal plane translucent and vague. 

See invisibility is one of the best spells to combine with contingency 5e. The contingency is very easy to set. Whenever something invisible is in my line of sight, activate the spelll. This will make sure you won’t be ambushed by invisible foes, can detect hidden treasures and can see who is lurking in the ethereal plane. 

3. Thunder step

  • Components: Verbal
  • Level: 3rd level conjuration
  • Duration:  instantaneous

Thunder Step is another great spell to use. When Thunder step is cast, you are teleported to an unoccupied space that is within your line of sight. A loud boom of thunder will sound and everything in a radius of 10 feet will need to make a constitution saving throw. If they fail they will take a massive 3d10 thunder damage. When they succeed they will still take half. You can also bring items when using the spell. 

Thunder step is one of the best teleportation spells in 5e. When you use a contingency like when I get surrounded by 3 or more enemies, use thunder step to escape. This will not just save you from getting killed but also do some nice damage to those monsters that are in the 10 feet radius. 

2. Revivify

  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (a Diamond or more, worth 300 gp. They will be consumed)
  • Level: 3rd level necromancy 
  • Duration: Instantaneous

Revivify works on creatures that have died in the last minute. When the spell is cast, the target will come back to life with a single hitpoint. This is a great spell to combine with the Contingency spell in 5e. For many, it is probably the best option out of all. As it gives you a second chance to fight or to run away from a strong monster like a peryton.

Use this in the scenario that you, well, die. Not that hard to figure that one out, I guess. 

1. Feign Death

  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material (pinch of graveyard dirt)
  • Level: 3rd level necromancy
  • Duration: one hour

If you have been following our blog, it is no secret that I am a big fan of Feign Death.

When this spell is cast, the target is completely indistinguisable from death. You are blinded and incapacitated and your speed is 0. However, you also get a resistance to all damage with the exception of psychic. Disease and poison have no effect as long as the spell is active. 

The spell is amazing for creative people and has a ton of use out of combat too. For example, you can use a contingency like, when a lot of people are staring at me and I take a sip of the wine I Feign Death. This can turn a party for nobles from a dull gathering to a chaotic mess and cause the perfect distraction. 

Feign death is the best spell to combine with Contingency 5e for creative players
From the MTG card “Feign Death”.

Best spells for contingency 5e final thoughts

Creative and experienced players love this spell for a reason. When you follow this list and think about a creative scenario that is bound to occur within 10 days, this is going to give you quite an edge. Of course, there are more great spells for contingency in 5e.

 The possibilities are endless, and we are sure your Dungeon Master is going to try to counter your creative uses as well as he or she can. In short, definitely pick this spell for your level 6 slot if you are great at thinking out of the box regarding DnD! 

As a final word, be aware that this list is based on personal preference and is extremely subjective and situational. Some contingency spells will be near useless if the scenario doesn’t fit, and other seemingly under powered ones could be just the ones you need to win the big fight. 

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