Your guide to Quasits in D&D 5e for players and DMs

Quasit guide 5e

Some monsters, in DnD, get a little less love than others. Quasits in 5e are one of those beginner creatures that often get skipped over by DMs. That is a shame, and they are exquisite to add some flavor to a campaign and catch players off guard. For players, too, Quasits are cool to play … Read more

Magic items for a pirate 5e: why and best items to have

magical items for pirates 5e

Pirates are a classic fantasy trope. They have everything from treasure maps to talking parrots and from cursed doubloons to cursed daggers. But what do they use in their everyday lives? What are the items that they can’t live without? Here are our favorite magic items for a pirate in 5e DnD! This list can … Read more

Best 14 spells for contingency 5e ranked

spells for contingency 5e

One of the spells in dnd 5e that really challenges your creative thinking and tests how strict your DM is, is contingency 5e. The contingency spell combines a spell of level 5 or lower that has a casting time of one action and can target you. When casting, you describe a certain circumstance or event.  … Read more

The Cloud of Daggers 5e: A Guide an Underrated powerful spell

Cloud of daggers 5e guide

There are a lot of misconceptions about the spell. In order to clear things up, this guide was put together to answer all of your questions. The Cloud of Daggers in 5e is not only powerful but also underrated. The Cloud of Daggers conjuration spell allows you to create a wall of stationary knives that can … Read more

Peryton 5e Monster Guide for Dungeons and Dragons [2022]

5e peryton dnd

The Peryton is a creature that appears in the Dungeons and Dragons 1st, 3rd and 5th editions. It is a chaotic, evil beast that resembles a large, flightless bird. The Peryton has few redeeming qualities, it is naturally evil and will attack anyone on sight under the right circumstances. It’s best to avoid this creature … Read more

A Guide to the Smuggler Background in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Smuggler background 5e guide

A person with a smuggler background is a person who illegally transported goods past a point where they are not allowed. They did this by hiding them in secret compartments, or just by smuggling them past the border themselves. In DnD smugglers are useful to get around some of the limits of the laws, such … Read more

Pseudodragon familiar 5e Guide – The complete guide 2022

Pseudodragon familiar 5e guide

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take a Pseudodragon with you. If you are looking for a companion on your adventures, it is important to pick the right one. In this guide, we will take a closer look into the Pseudodragon Familiar, the stats, how to get one and how you summon a Pseudodragon familiar. In … Read more