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  • Inquisitor build Guide Pathfinder: A top tier character
    Inquisitors are under no means for people who are inexperienced in Pathfinder. Roleplaying-wise, they are relatively simple as long as the players keep a “vigilante” mindset since they carry out justice in the name of their deity. Combat-wise, though, it … Read more
  • Summon Monster Pathfinder: Top uses and is it worth it?
    The creatures within Pathfinder are all unique in their ways. Whether they are volatile or docile, these animals can hold their own either against another monster or a party traveling through their territory. As such, there would be a spell … Read more
  • Create Undead Pathfinder: how it works and best uses
    One of the many different schools of magic that exist within any TTRPG is the School of Necromancy, with Pathfinder not exempting from this fact. Many Necromancy spells exist within Pathfinder for a player to choose from, though there is … Read more
  • Zombie Pathfinder: a complete guide
    A ubiquitous creature within Pathfinder is the Undead, beings that have risen from the grave to attack those who still reside amongst the living. As such, one of the very first things that a person will think of when the … Read more