My 8 Best Magic Items for Rangers in 5e

The ranger is a versatile and resourceful class embodying the spirit of the wild and mastering the skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. With their sharp senses and unmatched tracking abilities, rangers are expert hunters and trackers, able to find their way through the most treacherous terrain and locate even the most elusive of prey.

But the ranger alone can sometimes feel weak when not in their element; they are most useful when inside their favored terrain hunting or fighting their favored enemy. In most cases, rangers benefit the most out of any class by using items.

They can use items effectively for scouting, utility, and combat. This article will detail some of the best magical items for rangers.

8. Boots of Elven Kind

A set of majestic green boots of elven design, the Boots of Elven Kind can find a decent amount of use in the hands (or feet) of any ranger. Tracking and scouting should preferably be done in stealth or under the cover of night. This set of boots is made precisely for that purpose.

They grant the wearer the ability of the elves; your footsteps make no sound, and you gain an advantage on stealth checks that depend on sound. This feature is beneficial by itself, but another good thing about the boots is that the effect is granted for free, and wearing the boots and using them does not require attunement, leaving room for stronger magical items for rangers while keeping these on just in case.

A simple yet useful set of boots for hunting, tracking, and scouting, the Boots of Elven Kind are a must-have for rangers of any level and subclass.

7. Braces of Archery

When imagining a ranger, most people might think of Legolas from Lord of The Rings, an elf wielding a bow with impressive precision. This image is not too far from the truth for many rangers. Most rangers prefer to use ranged weapons, bows, over melee ones for multiple reasons.

The Braces of Archery assist any rangers who want to follow the traditional ranger archetype and wield bows. These braces simply add a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with any bows while wearing them. This benefit might seem small at first, but consider that it is separate from the bonuses of your ability modifiers and the weapons’.

It also does not have any restrictions on what type of bow it applies to. A bonus of +2 damage can turn lethal very fast when you can attack twice per turn in a battle that lasts 5+ turns, dealing a minimum of 30 if all attacks hit. Simple but useful items for any rangers who prefer the safety of ranged combat.

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6. Gloves of Swimming and Climbing

Another useful item for hunting, tracking, and generally exploring, the Gloves of Swimming and Climbing, as the name suggests, improve your ability to swim and climb. This uncommon set of gloves removes any extra costs from climbing and swimming.

It also adds a +5 bonus to Strength checks related to climbing and swimming. This feature might seem useless at first glance since the ranger already benefits from similar features when in their favored terrain, but that is precisely the issue. Rangers only excel in their favored terrain; outside of it, they might as well be a fighter with strong senses.

These gloves can change that by turning every terrain easily maneuverable, allowing hunts and tracking to take place easier. While the gloves are not as useful as the favored terrain feature, they offer their benefits in any terrain, which makes them a great universal choice for rangers. The only thing holding them back is the requirement for attunement; due to this, at higher levels, they often hold you back by restricting your attunement slot.

5. Robe of Eyes

  • The Robe of Eyes is a magical robe with eye-like patterns that enhances the wearer’s sight.
  • It grants advantage to any perception checks that utilize the ranger’s sight.
  • It also provides darkvision of up to 120 feet to those without it.
  • The robe allows the wearer to see invisible creatures and objects, and see into the ethereal plane, up to a range of 120 feet.
  • The wearer’s eyes are always open, enabling them to see at all times.
  • The robe is ideal for a class focused on tracking and hunting, making it almost impossible for any creature to pass unnoticed.
  • The robe is weak to the Light and Daylight spells, and if cast nearby, the wearer will be blinded for one minute.
  • Despite this weakness, the robe is an exceptional item and worthy of the attunement slot.

A robe adorned with patterns that resemble eyes, the Robe of Eyes grants multiple benefits to the wearer’s sight with attunement. Sight is one of the most useful senses that rangers possess, and this magical robe improves it in various ways.

Any perception checks that utilize the ranger’s sight gain advantage. This benefit alone is highly valuable as it covers the majority of perception checks made in the game. Perception checks are the most frequently made checks in the game, and rangers typically possess high wisdom and proficiency in the skill, so adding advantage to these checks makes them almost certain successes. If the wearer’s character lacks darkvision, the robes also provide darkvision of up to 120 feet to allow for the use of the first feature in any situation.

The most potent feature of the robes is the ability to see invisible creatures and objects, as well as to see into the ethereal plane, up to a range of 120 feet. While wearing these robes, the wearer’s eyes are always open, even if they close them, enabling them to see at all times. When all of these features are combined, it becomes impossible for any creature to pass by unnoticed, which is ideal for a class focused on tracking and hunting.

The only significant downside to the robes is their weakness to the Light and Daylight spells. If cast nearby while the robes are being worn, the wearer will be blinded for one minute. If an opponent is aware of this weakness, they can use a simple cantrip to turn the wearer into an easy target. Despite this one weakness, the robes are an exceptional item and definitely worthy of the attunement slot.

4. Eagle Whistle

If distance is all that the ranger desires while ignoring stealth, then the Eagle Whistle is the perfect magical item. While blowing the whistle, the wearer can fly at twice their walking speed.

The whistle can be blown continuously for a number of rounds equal to 5 + five times the wearer’s Constitution modifier or until interrupted by external means. The whistle can be used twice per day. As the whistle only requires the wearer’s mouth to be blown, ranged attacks with bows from the sky can be made while remaining safe with great mobility.

The main drawback of this free flight is the amount of sound it generates; remaining stealthy while using this whistle is almost impossible, so it should be used with care. The Eagle Whistle can be used to traverse distances rapidly or gain a tactical advantage in combat, but the cost is revealing the wearer’s location to anyone within at least 100 feet.

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3. Nature’s Mantle

The Nature’s Mantle, an item from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, is made specifically for rangers and druids. Its main ability is to change colors and textures to blend in with the surrounding environment. While in bushes or nature, you can make the Hide action as a bonus action.

Rangers most often hunt within such environments, so being able to hide with swiftness and blend in easier is useful. If the cloak is used by a ranger or druid, it can also act as a spellcasting focus. With these abilities, a ranger can track and hunt creatures while remaining unseen and casting spells while not needing to move as much. The Nature’s Mantle does lose its usefulness around the 14th level and could be replaced with something better at that point, but until then, it should be in your arsenal.

2. Scimitar of Speed

A weapon meant for swift attacks, the Scimitar of Speed is a +2 scimitar that allows you to make two attacks with it per turn. Initially, it seems like a complicated version of dual-wielding two scimitars but it is much better than that. First off, the Scimitar of Speed is a single weapon, leaving your other hand free for other items for rangers while you still make two attacks with it. Also, the two attacks performed by the scimitar are actually better than dual-wielding, even if you ignore the +2 bonus.

In two-weapon fighting, the second attack does not benefit from your ability scores as per the rules, but this weapon does not fall under these rules, so both of its attacks are made to their fullest potential. The only way for dual-wielding to have similar damage is with the two-weapon fighting style. This simple weapon comes with many more benefits than what is seen at first. It allows a free hand for other items for rangers while also making two effective attacks and allowing you to pick a fighting style other than the two-weapon fighting one.

1. Moon Sickle

The Moon Sickle, another item from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything made specifically for druids and rangers, is an amazing weapon and spellcasting focus for rangers. Once attuned to it, it adds a bonus to attack, damage, spell attack, and spell save DCs based on the rarity of the weapon, ranging from +1 to +3.

While less useful for rangers, it also adds a 1d4 bonus to any healing done through spells cast using the sickle. As a melee weapon for rangers with so many benefits, the Moon Sickle serves its purpose for all levels of play as a great weapon with solid passive bonuses.