5 Board Games With Miniatures to Paint that aren’t Warhammer

Are you looking for a great fantasy board game with loads of miniatures to paint? Well, you have to the right place. Here are the 5 table tops with figurines that I advise you to get if you want to have some awesome time with your brush. The criteria to make my list aren’t just having a lot of mini’s, but they also need to be very high quality and the board game itself needs to be a lot of fun to play. Without further babbling, here is my personal top 5. 

5. War of the Ring: Second Edition


Board Games With Miniatures to Paint war of the ring

Sorry, but I am starting off with quite an obvious one! War of the Ring is a great board game with miniatures to paint. I wanted to put it at number one, but that would be a bit too obvious. I am going to put it at 5 because everyone knows about the game and the miniatures already. 

I don´t know who designed the inner workings of this game, but it is absolutely genius. The game is extremely balanced. The main drawback is that you need to know the rules very well to have a nice game. You can easily spend over a hundred hours playing and replaying War of the Ring.

Anyway, you are here for the miniatures. There are loads of Lotr miniatures you get with the board game. The figurines also look absolutely amazing when you paint them. Be warned, you can spend over 30 hours easily painting and not be anywhere near being done! 

4. Blood Rage

Looking for some absolutely gorgeous mini’s to paint? Then you should check out Blood Rage. It is one of those rare table tops that is both great for advanced and beginning players. Thematically, it is also a lot of fun. The main class of the game are Vikings. Which is great because there arent´t a lot of Viking miniatures you can paint. 

You need at least 2 players to play, but I think the game is most fun when you have a group of 4. What I really like about Blood Rage is that it is a board game that is strategic and gives you more than one path to victory. There also is a lot to do. You can battle opponents, fulfill quests and pillage and plunder to your hearts content. The interesting thing about Blood Rage is that sometimes it is better to lose a battle, as this can give you, if you are lucky, a card that might be much better for your goals. 

As for the miniatures Blood Rage offers you, there are a lot of them to paint. I personally think the figures are sometimes a bit too small and other times a whole lot too big. They are really gorgeous though, and the quality is amazing. To be honest, I think this is one of these table tops where I am more excited to paint the figurines than to play the game. 

3. Shadows over Camelot

Shadows over camelot board games with lots of minis to paint

If you are into table tops, I am sure you have at least heard of Shadows over Camelot. The game was released in 2005 and is very fun to play. It isn´t amazing or anything like that but it is entertaining. If you consider getting Shadows over Camelot to paint miniatures, I suggest you do. There are over a hundred figurines you can paint. 

After hours of work, it just looks amazing and is very statisfying to look at. If you just care about painting miniatures I think Shadows over Camelot is the best board game there is. 

Shadows over camelot has a bit of an amongst us vibe as you need to figure out who of the knights is a traitor. What I don’t like about Shadows over Camelot is that you need at least 3 players. Often this isn´t enough. The board game is best enjoyed with at least 6 or 7 players. If you do have a lot of friends it can be an absolute blast to play. 

2. Cyclades 

If you like painting miniatures for your board games, you won´t go bored with Cyclades. There are a whole bunch of nice monsters and loads of soldiers you can touch up with your paint brush. 

The game itself is very fun to play. To play Cyclades players must get the favor of the Gods and built a city on the Island of Cyclades. The player that has the favor of all 5 the gods wins the game. 

The figurines you can paint are all mythological creatures: The Kraken, the Minotaur, Medusa, Polyphemus and Chiron. Just a fair warning, it takes forever to paint these monsters, and even more time if you also paint the army. The armies look very impressive when you are finally done applying paint to them. In conclusion, if you want to paint a lot of figurines for your board game, you should get Cyclades. 

1. Zpocalypse

bol.com | Zpocalypse | Games

If you want a board game with a lot of minis to paint you cant go wrong with Zpocalypse. The tabletop has about 30 miniatures you can paint. There is also a Zmaster expension that gives you even more zombies to paint, and some extra survivors. 

I think Zpocalyspe is also very fun to play if you are done painting. You are dropped in a post-apocalyptic setting and have to survive as a team. You can play with 2 to 4 players. You need to draw cards to start events, built fortifications (there are also mini’s you can paint for this), kill zombies and upgrade your weapons. Whenever I play it with friends I always have a ton of fun. Combined with the many miniatures you can paint for this board game, I think this is the best one you can get! 

Did we miss an obvious board game that has amazing miniatures? Let us know!