Goblin cave map 5e – The ultimate guide for DMs

Goblin caves are generally small, twisted, and treacherous devilish holes. A good designer of goblin cave map for DnD 5e knows this. The identification of these human-like monsters filled dens is given through religious totems and ragged clothes in every corner of the place.

Inside these caverns, corridors leading to different paths are as common as passages that lead to places you’ve already seen before. Said corridors and narrow hallways are always a given when entering these lairs; Perfect to ambush adventurers who dare step within those walls.


The Goblinoid’s society is led by power. It can be either physical strength or tactic intelligence – or both – but there’s always a leader. The goblins that get the leadership are usually the most powerful in the tribe. Given its violent nature, a hierarchy is quickly formed.

Privacy is almost unknown in a goblin den, so in their lairs, almost all of them sleep in the same space, consequently making it extremely difficult to perform an ambush while they’re asleep.

The leader in the goblin cave has access to a private sleeping chamber. A room made exclusively for them so they’re not obligated to sleep near their kin. These should all be factors in your goblin cave map.

Goblin cave map 5e DnD tips for DMs

It would be pleasant to highlight its narrow walls and numerous entrances, and also include multiple different noises coming from them. Exclusively to induce the sense of loss in your players.

Combat in the goblin cave

While playing as Goblinoids, there is a wide range of dirty tricks you may be able to engage players with. Sneaky ambushes, flanking and overwhelming their numbers, exploiting your traps positioning to deal huge bursts of damage. or even search for opportunities during battle to slay their weakest opponent in sight are their most preferred ways to deal with invaders.

goblin cave map 5e
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Their morbid sense of humor reflects in their traps. Demoralizing enemies with cheap tricks and lethal traps are their most honorable way to fight. Some traps are simple and harmless – also undoubtedly unpleasant –, while some others are… well… 

Tables of Traps

1A spiked pit of 40 feet. Made with slippery mud and wooden stakes at their bottom. Pray to come out alive of it. Dex 152d10
2 – 10A stream of arrows. Various projectiles are shot in succession. You should run.Dex 142d10
11 – 16Boulders fall from above. How did they manage to put these up there…?Dex 131d10
17 – 20Turd. A flying turd.Dex 201
Traps encountered in a goblin cave

Table for damage from traps

Char levelSetbackDangerousDeadly
1st – 4th1d102d104d10
5th – 10th2d104d1010d10
11th – 16th4d1010d1018d10
17th – 20th10d1018d1024d10
Damage from traps
Trap DangerSave DCAttack Bonus
Setback10 – 11+3 to +5
Dangerous12 – 15+6 to +8
Deadly16 – 20+9 to +12
saving throws

ROLEPLAY in a DND goblin Cave


Volatile, short-tempered and greedy beings. They are the most likely to be leaders since their survival comes first and will do anything to ensure that. Even backstab their own followers.


This variant doesn’t have many malicious characteristics compared to other goblinoids. They have their own method of doing things and generally follow their will without thinking about its consequences and how it’ll affect the life of other beings.


Known for their brutality and not so much by their brightness. Bugbears are beings of pure strength with little to no knowledge or cleverness. They enjoy cruelty on its purest form, and this includes: enslavement of weaker beings, torture of prisoners and eating other humanoids.

Although they are not the most intelligent variant, they also know very well when to flee from a hopeless battle.

5e goblin cave map
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Possible Encounters in a goblin cave map

Some encounters need to be balanced based on the party’s level. But you can find some below, considering the whole party is level 3.

 Table for Lucky Encounters

RollEncountersSpecial Effects
11 Hobgoblin 2 Bugbears 2 GoblinsCD 16 Perception for stealth Bugbears.
2 – 52 Hobgoblins 4 GoblinsAs the hobgoblin enters, an ominous blow of wind blasts from the entrance. Extinguishes any torches nearby.
6 – 108 GoblinsNone
11 – 156 GoblinsNone
16 – 194 GoblinsNone
201 Hobgoblins 4 GoblinsThe hobgoblin holds a shiny key. Upon its death, the players are able to open a passage to a new dungeon with more enemies and handy rewards. (Roll on DM’s table)
Goblin cave encounters

   3.2 Table for Boss

RollEncountersSpecial Effects
14 BugbearsCD 16 Perception for stealth Bugbears.
2 – 55 HobgoblinsAs the hobgoblin enters, an ominous blow of wind blasts from the entrance. Extinguishes any torches nearby.
6 – 102 Hobgoblins 4 GoblinsNone
11 – 161 Hobgoblins 5 GoblinsNone
17 – 193 HobgoblinsThe monsters were securing a lore artifact item. It can be either a Player’s or Goblin’s lore.
202 BugbearsDuring the battle, once a Bugbear runs to take cover within the chamber, they reveal a magical weapon +1.
It can be looted.
Boss in goblin cave map 5e

Goblin cave map 5e FAQ

What are important rooms in a goblin cave map?

Some of the most important rooms are the food storage space, the room where goblins hold captives, a room for the boss, and a room for religion if the goblins have one in your world.

Where should I hide the loot in a DnD goblin cave?

Some loot-like crude weapons can be scattered all over the place. however, the majority of the loot should be found in the religious room and the room for the boss.