Green Flame Blade 5e Dnd guide: the amazing potential of this cantrip

The Green Flame Blade cantrip is a mighty spell for every sorcerer, warlock, and wizard ready for a new journey. A green flame is cast on the blade of the wielder, where every strike that they make the weapon ablaze sets off on the enemies of the spellcaster. 

What is Green Flame Blade 5e: mechanics and requirements


  • Casting time: 1 action
  • Level: Evocation cantrip
  • Range: Self (5-foot radius)
  • Target: Self
  • Components: S, M (a melee weapon worth at least one sp)
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Classes: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Green flame blade description

You brandish the weapon used in the spell’s casting and make a melee attack with it against one creature within 5 feet of you. On a hit, the target suffers the weapon attack’s normal effects, and you can cause green fire to leap from the target to a different creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of it. The second creature takes fire damage equal to your spellcasting ability modifier.

At Higher Levels. At 5th level, the melee attack deals an extra 1d8 fire damage to the target on a hit, and the fire damage to the second creature increases to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Both damage rolls increase by 1d8 at 11th level (2d8 and 2d8) and 17th level (3d8 and 3d8).

green flame blade 5e dnd

Pros and Cons of using green flame blade in 5e dnd


  • Double trouble: On a hit with a weapon, the spellcaster can let the target suffer from the spellcaster’s weapon attack when this spell is cast. The spellcaster can then use the green fire to give a hit to another target dealing fire damage equal to your spellcasting ability modifier.
  • Guaranteed on a hit: If you manage to pass the target’s armor class (AC) with your weapon attack, it is guaranteed that the additional damage will be done when the Green Flame Blade is in effect. This gives you a combined damage output of your normal melee weapon attack and the fire damage of the Green Flame Blade spell.
  • Extra attack: This cantrip is a two-in-one as it allows you to cast the spell and still make a melee attack because the somatic component of the spell requires one to swing the weapon.
  • Cantrip: The Green Blade spell is a cantrip. As a cantrip, the spellcaster can cast this at will without needing to prepare it or even using a spell slot.
  • Upcast: When you cast this cantrip at the 5th level, the melee attack deals an extra 1d8 fire damage to the target on a hit, and the fire damage to the second creature increases to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier. Both damage rolls increase by 1d8 at the 11th level (2d8 and 2d8) and the 17th level (3d8 and 3d8).
  • Accessible components: As long as you have a weapon on hand, you are pretty much good to go with using this spell. You don’t have to worry about the cost of the weapon so long as it is worth one silver piece, which is a fairly affordable price in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.


  • Instantaneous: The Green Flame cantrip can only last at the instant it has been cast and doesn’t last for a longer duration than that.
  • Short range: Since the Green Flame Blade spell uses a melee attack for it to work, you cannot use long-range weapons to cast this. This limits the spellcaster by giving a 5 ft radius worth of range.
  • Needs components: The Green Flame Blade spell requires somatic and material components to work. Though these are accessible to many, if you are in a situation where your weapon is taken away and or found tied by an enemy, it renders the Green Flame Blade spell useless.
  • Common damage type: In the Dungeons and Dragons universe, resistance and immunity against a fire damage type are very common among creatures. Because of this, the effects of the Green Flame Blade spell can be ineffective when striking those kinds of monsters, only dealing half or even no damage at all.
  • Limited damage: If the Green Flame Blade spell is cast without a higher-level spell slot, the fire damage is limited to your spellcasting ability modifier. In the base game, the most fire damage that can be dealt is five by your modifier. Unless you’re willing to spend a higher spell slot to do a surmount of damage, you’d have to stick to the minimum of what it can do.
  • Not guaranteed: The additional fire damage is not guaranteed if the Green Flame Blade cantrip user fails to make a hit with their weapon. Unless you have a high modifier for your weapon attack, that’s what can assure you that this spell will work.
green flame blade

Best uses for Green Flame Blade 5e

Being Surrounded

If you are in a position where you are set up against multiple enemies from all directions, the Green Flame Blade can be there to save you. With its feature of green fire emitted on your weapon, you can use it to hit two close-by enemies at a time. Especially if you are playing a class that features extra attacks or even stacks with other spells, using the Green Flame Blade cantrip can do great damage overall throughout multiple rounds.

Fighting Against Harsh Winters

In a setting filled with a land of deserted frost, who knows what lies ahead? At any moment, danger strikes. This is where the Green Flame Blade comes in. While you are out in the arctic fighting enemies with your weaponry, the additional fire damage from this cantrip can be useful, especially against creatures that are vulnerable to this damage type. It’s important to note that when a creature is vulnerable to a damage type, they take double the damage, so use this to your advantage!

Deadly Hot Potato

Are you bored of your regular game of hot potato and take it up a notch? The Green Flame Blade cantrip adds more spice to the game. So instead of a boring, old potato, take a chance to play with fire. 

With you in the center of the circle, you and up to eight other players can gather around you. You can strike one of the players with your melee weapon, which they would have to dodge. This is where the hot potato game aspect comes into play. Rolling a d4, d6, or d8, depending on the number of participants, whatever you roll, you cast Green Flame Blade to hit one of the players correspondingly. This is all in good, dangerous fun if you want to mess around with your fellow party.

Advice and final thoughts

The Green Flame Blade cantrip is a great spell for sorcerers, wizards, and warlocks on the battlefield’s offensive side. Combining this cantrip with your weapon surely brings a lot of finesse and creativity when making your next weapon attack.

With the right build and direction, you can maximize this cantrip with a combination of class and racial features and spells. However, it is important to note that with this spell, you must be mindful of its limitations, specifically the range, target, components, and duration, which may make this spell quite situational.

Nonetheless, if you seek a spell that doesn’t break the bank on spell slots and materials, and does great additional damage, then the Green Flame Blade cantrip is right for you!

Green Flame Blade FAQ

Does the green fire from the Green Flame Blade cantrip have to leap onto another target?

No, it does not. According to the spell, “you can cause green fire to leap from the target to a different creature of your choice.” With the keyword “can” put into mind, it is optional to inflict fire damage on another target. So, it is up to you if you want to strike the current target that you are focusing on or someone else.

Should I choose Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade for my next cantrip?

Though the Booming Blade cantrip and the Green Flame Blade cantrip share some similarities, such as its requirement to use a weapon for a melee attack, there are some differences to consider when choosing your next cantrip. For the Booming Blade cantrip, it deals lightning is less common than the fire damage dealt by the Green Flame Blade. However, without the upcast of the Booming Blade spell, it only deals additional damage if the target moves away from the caster. So if you want guaranteed additional damage on a weapon attack, it’s best to use the Green Flame Blade since no conditions are needed.

What kind of weapons can I use with the Green Flame Blade cantrip?

Despite the name of the cantrip, so long as you have a melee weapon worth only a silver piece, you’ll be more than able to use this spell. There is an array of melee weapons you can choose from, such as clubs, daggers, weapons, and so on, that are worth the price, so you don’t need to worry about the limitations.

Does the Green Flame Blade cantrip light an area?

Outside of turn order, the Green Flame Blade cantrip, unfortunately, does not emit light on the weapon when cast. Since this spell’s description does not specify if the green fire can do anything else but inflict damage, then it can do nothing more. This is because you have to consider that this is a magical fire that does not share the same properties of fire found naturally.