How to make an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter build in 5e DnD

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is no stranger to dark origins for heroic classes. However, the Blood Hunters are warriors driven by their unending determination to destroy evil by any means necessary.

Using secret blood magic from their Blood Hunter Order and their willingness to sacrifice their own vitality for their cause, this class works from the shadows while resisting the darkness that consumes the very monsters they prey on.

Grab your dice and character sheet and prepare for the hunt of your life in this guide where we will explore how to build your own Blood Hunter under the Order of the Lycan offering advice on a variety of factors that go into character creation.

Choosing your Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter build race

The Race you choose needs to fit the flavor and lore you are trying to create, while still meeting the needs of your class. Because of this, there are good and bad options, and while you should go with whichever Race you want to use, we will cover the better choices here.

Additionally, your Race will impact how the world sees you, your backstory, and your own view of the world itself, so keep this all in mind when choosing your character’s Race.

best Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter build in 5e

Best Race Pick: Half-Orc

The Half-Orc race offers exceptional benefits for an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter. The bonus to Strength and Constitution aligns perfectly with the class’s combat prowess and survivability. Additionally, the Half-Orc’s Relentless Endurance ability provides a second chance at staying on your feet when faced with critical damage.

The combination of brute strength and relentless determination makes the Half-Orc an ideal choice for those seeking to embody the primal fury of the Lycan.

Second Best Race Pick: Tiefling

The Tiefling may seem like an unorthodox pick for a Blood Hunter, with story elements possibly offering themselves as a betrayal to the Race. However, the inherent bonuses to Dexterity and Intelligence are beneficial for both combat and utility skills.

Your Infernal Legacy grants access to Hellish Rebuke, a fiery “get-off me” cantrip that will help your Blood Hunter when in a pinch. Their dark lineage and knack for survival make the Tiefling an interesting choice for any Order of the Lycan player. 

Alternate Race Pick: Shifter

Another rare and odd-ball pick, the Shifter plays well with the lycanthropic themes of the Blood Hunter we are building. As one who is able to shapeshift into a bestial form, you will play into your subclass’s themes greatly, allowing for the most freedom in terms of flavoring. While you do not gain the most optimal boosts as the previous two picks, the Shifter makes up for it with versatility and uniqueness. 

Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter build 5e

Allocating Ability Scores

After choosing your Race, you must allocate your Ability Scores properly. This is doubly true if you are choosing a Race whose inherent strengths do not easily support your Blood Hunter. The following three Ability Scores should be your main investments as you build and level up your character:

Primary Attribute – Strength

Strength is the cornerstone of the Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter’s combat capabilities. It directly affects your attack rolls, but it is also prominently featured in many of the skills gained from the Order of the Lycan.

Investing in strength ensures your character can deal appropriately high amounts of damage, so do as much as you can to hit the maximum as soon as possible.

Secondary Attribute – Constitution

Since your character will likely be a frontline fighter, you will rely heavily on durability. Invest in Constitution to increase your Health Points and overall survivability.

The more health you have, the more likely you are to survive any encounter and the less likely you will need to spend time long resting when you could be hunting. 

Third Attribute – Dexterity

Similar to Constitution, Dexterity will improve your overall bulk as it affects your Armor Class. You will also gain a slight boost to your initiative rolls and any ranged attacks you make, such as with a bow, when investing in Dexterity.

These bonuses may seem better than Constitution, but keep in mind they are minimal when compared to having a larger health pool since you are primarily using Strength for combat anyway. Once your Strength and Constitution are at good spots for you, take up Dexterity as your final Ability Score project.

Explore the Order of the Lycan build

Now that you have chosen a Race and allocated your Ability Scores, it is time to explore our Blood Hunter Order. As members of the Order of the Lycan, we will receive many skills that deal with transforming into a special hybrid form and improvements to your Blood Curses. 

Heightened Senses

When you choose Order of the Lycan at the 3rd level, you gain advantage on Wisdom and Perception checks that rely on your senses of hearing or smell.

Hybrid Transformation

As a bonus action, you can transform into your special hybrid form for up to 1 hour starting at the 3rd level. During your transformation, you can still speak, use equipment, and wear armor.

This transformation replaces the rules for lycanthropy for yourself and can only be sued once per short or long rest. You also gain the following features, each of which can be explored in-depth on the class page: Feral Might, Resilient Hide, Predatory Strikes, and Bloodlust. 

Stalker’s Prowess

At the 7th level, your speed and jump distance increase by 10 feet. Your hybrid form also gains Improved Predatory Strikes, granting a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with your unarmed strike while transformed.

Additionally, active crimson rites on your unarmed strikes cause the strikes to be magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances and immunities to nonmagical attacks. Keep track of your crimson rites for additional elemental damage to add on as well.

Advanced Transformation

At Blood Hunter level 11, you gain more control over your transformation, granting use of the feature twice between each short or long rest. You also gain Lycan Regeneration while transformed, which allows you to gain health equal to 1 + your Constitution modifier when you are under half your maximum health. 

Brand of the Voracious

This feature is gained at Blood Hunter level 15, and you gain advantage on the saving throw for your bloodlust while transformed. Your Brand of Castigation can now bind a foe to your hunter’s ferocity. While transformed, you gain advantage on attack rolls against the creature you brand. 

Hybrid Transformation Mastery

At Blood Hunter level 18, you master your inner beast. Hybrid Transformation may be used an unlimited number of times and there is no time limit on your transformation.

If you choose to do so, fall unconscious, or die, you will revert to your normal form. Your Blood Maledict feature also gains Blood Curse of the Howl, but this does not count against the number of blood curses you are allowed to know. 

Roleplay Strategies

Now that we have explored what goes into an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter, it is time to briefly go over how to play this beast of a character. 

  • Embrace your Inner Turmoil- As an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter, your character has a dual nature- a human-like side and a beast-like side. Take opportunities to explore the inner struggle of your character as you grapple with what it means to hunt monsters and evildoers while you yourself take the form of a monster. 
  • Pack Mentality- Lycanthropes often have a strong sense of pack mentality and loyalty, much like weaker wolves tend to value their pack. Develop relationships with your allies and learn to rely on them in battle just as they rely on you. Just because you play a shady hunter does not mean you have to also be a lone wolf. Protect your pack and they will equally support you. 

Combat Strategies

  • Manage your Transformation- Your Blood Hunter Order’s signature ability is the Hybrid Transformation. Until you reach Blood Hunter level 18, you will be limited in how many times you can transform, so be sure to assess the battlefield and determine when to activate this ability for maximum impact. 
  • Blood Maledict- As a Blood Hunter, you possess Blood Maledict abilities in the form of Blood Curses. Strategically use your Blood Curses to weaken, hinder, and harm enemies while simultaneously protecting your allies. Coordinate with your party to capitalize on the advantages provided by your curses. 

Remember, none of these strategies are fixed rules for play, but instead act as safe suggestions to enhance your experience while in the heat of play.

Just like any clever hunter would do, it is important that you assess the situation presented by your Dungeon Master or tablemates and act according to your instincts and decision-making philosophies. 

Conclusion Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter build

Creating an Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter character will offer you a thrilling and unique role-playing experience. While the ultimate goal is to have fun and immerse yourself in the world of your campaign, utilize this guide to pull forth your most effective strategies during games. Happy hunting!