Attic whisperer 5e lore, powers and nursery rhymes

Whether you are playing pathfinder or 5e D&D, an attic whisperer can give a creepy element to any campaign! While small in stature, a good DM can make this creature one of the scariest in the entire game. The Attic Whisperer is all about a great set up and background story. 

What is an Attic Whisperer? 

The Attic whisperer is a small undead creature. It has the statue of a small child. The clothing it wears is made out of dust and cobwebs. The Attic Whisperer doesn’t have a human skull, but a fox skull as a head. The monster is also rather intelligent.

Though this description is not fixed. The Attic Whisperer is a mix of bones, ragged clothing, and toys. This means it can have a magical item incorporated into its form that it picked up as a toy. 

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ttic whisperer lore 

In pathfinder and D&D

When a child is lonely and neglected and dies, there is a chance an attic whisperer spawns as a result. Unlike for example a zombie or a skeleton, not just the bones rise, but the body is made up out of clothing, old toys and other objects related to children. This means it is very possible for a magical item to be incorporated into the body of a creature. Attic whisperers can vary in appearance a lot depending on the items they are made off. 

They are found near the place where they are formed. This means you can encounter them in old homes, schools and orphanages. However, it is not unusual to encounter them in a forest nearby small towns. Parents often left their children to die or fend by themselves instead of killing them or neglecting them till they died in their home.

They can lay dormant for many decades, even when the house they live in is inhabited. When a new child is born or brought into the home where they live, their dormant state becomes active. This is due to the fact that they want a companion or a playmate. Attic whisperers will whisper nursery rhymes and leave old toys in order to lure children to their dwelling place.

The skull of the Attic whisperer is not human. This is due to the fact that when it is formed, it does so without a head. The skull is purely decorative and is often a skull found nearby from an animal or another creature like a goblin. Having one, or not, has no influence on its power. 

In folklore

 The attic whisperer is likely somewhat based on myling. The mylingar are monsters from scandinavian folklore. A myling is a child that has been incarnated as a phantom, and roams the earth until they can convince or find someone to give them a proper burial.

A myling, much like an attic whisperer, is formed when neglected and killed by the mother. They sing in the night about their mother and how they were murdered. They harass travels they come across to force them to bring them to the graveyard. If they are not able or willing to bring the myling to a grave, they kill the travelers in a rage. 

Pathfinder 2 Bestiary

What are their powers

The attic whisperer has some pretty unique powers. It has an Aura of Sobs that makes childlike whimpers, songs and sobs. The effect of this Aura is that all bardic performances are nullified.

Another interesting power is to steal breath. If bitten by an attic whisperer it is possible that the target becomes fatigued for one hour. If already fatigued, the target becomes exhausted, and when already exhausted it falls asleep. When the creature is killed the status effect is removed. 

Steal Voice is the most interesting power in my opinion. When hit with this attack a creature can not talk for an hour. Meaning spells with a verbal component or bardic songs are useless. The attic whisperer perfectly mimics the voice of the victim. Even when the voice is returned the creature is still able to use the voice and speak every language the victim knows. 

Attic Whisperer nursery rhymes

A good way to immerse your players into the game is by making up some nursery rhymes. The text does not have to be scary, definitely when they have no idea they are dealing with a monster. You use the rhymes to set the scene or make a quest around them pretty easily if you have some imagination. Using old 1930s rhymes is also a good idea. Make sure you have an appropriate soundtrack from Youtube or Spotify. 

Attic Whisperer FAQ

Can an attic whisperers be reasoned with?

Yes, you can’t reason with it but only to some extent. The creature has a high intelligence and understands languages. However, it does have its own motivations and goals. It wants toys and to be put to rest. You won’t have a peaceful conversation with them and they are able to get emotional. Their motivation comes from loneliness. The reason they lure children with nursery rhymes, stolen voices and toys is due to the craving for friendship. 

How heavy is an attic whisperer

Due to it being mostly bones, ragged clothes and the occasional toy, the attic whisperer weighs about 8 kg or 17 pounds. Its low weight is due to the fact that it is no larger than a small child. 

What does an attic whisperer do?

In essence, it haunts buildings and abandoned places. The attic whisperer is not an evil creature in some cases. It is motivated by loneliness and wants the comfort of a mother and the companionship of friends. To achieve these goals it tries to find potential playmates to its place with toys and rhymes.

Does killing an attic whisperer return your voice?

Yes, killing the attic whisperer is one of the ways to get your voice back. However, there are other ways the creature can be reasoned with or forced to give it back. A little-known fact about its power is that, when it returns the voice of a victim, the attic whisperer can still use it. The monster can also speak every single language the owner of the voice knows. 

When did the attic whisperer 1st get released?

I have not found a really satisfying, definite answer to this question. The earliest mention I could find of them is in Pathfinder. There is a great example of the attic whisperer in the Rise of the Rune Lords story. 

What loot does an attic whisperer drop? 

When killed the attic whisperer is reduced to its parts. These are bones, dust, toys, and so on. A lot of times these can be marbles, metal playthings, and teacups. On some occasions, it is possible that the attic whisperer picked up a magical item. In that case, it gets dropped as loot when the creature is killed.

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