Pathfinder Best Two-Handed Weapons [ranked]

There is something about using strong two-handed weapons in Pathfinder. You deal a ton of damage, the mental picture is great, and there are quite a few options to choose from. In this article, we will take a closer look at what the best two-handed weapons are for your character. 

We have used a couple of criteria to determine and rank the best two-handed weapons in Pathfinder: 

  • How strong is the weapon
  • How does it compare to other two-handed weapons
  • How easy is the weapon to get
  • How much fun is it to role-play with the two-handed weapon

Top 8 Pathfinder Two-Handed Weapons

There are various types of two-handed weapons, including magic weapons, rare, legendary, and so on. Furthermore, with each type, the usability of two-handed weapons is different in Pathfinder; some are even suited to a specific class. Whatever the case might be, below we have all the Pathfinder best two-handed weapons to try out.

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1. Fauchard

One of the most popular two-handed curved swords, Fauchard is a martial melee weapon that is much similar to the Glaive. You get favor from the crimson re-claimers solely because of the wave of zombies hacking. 

Having two sides doesn’t mean that you can cut with both ends; rather, the useful side is the cursive side, similar to the scythe or the sickle. Fauchards are typically known for their critics and reach. There are three special versions of Fauchard described below;

  • When you put +3 enchantment on it, it is referred to as the dark bidding and has a greater necrotic spell, animate dead.
  • Another version is +3 enchantment, referred to as the serpent prince, which has the effect of destructive and corrosive.
  • At +5, it is referred to as mastery and continuously gives you freedom of movement. Further, you will also enjoy trip and bull rush immunity, along with an enhancement bonus of +5 to CMB. When you successfully maneuver using it, there will be damage to the enemies like a basic attack. 
  • Best suited for Amiri.

2. Glaive

Glaive is a long blade attached to the pole and requires two hands to handle it. As we already said, Fauchard and Glaive are very similar in appearance and usability, but the difference starts in their special versions.

  • At +3 Glaive, it is referred to as deterrence, giving you the effects of unholy. Further is an intimidating +5 bonus to you as well.
  • At +5 Glaive, it is referred to as the incorruptible petal, giving you the effects of holy and ultrasound. At this level, you also get the spell of heroic invocation. 
  • Best suited for Amiri.

3. Moonblade

It isn’t a secret that Moonblade is a legendary weapon meant for the elves and made by them. It is a traditional weapon passed down from the elder to their child and bound to them for their life. 

In case someone wants to get this beautiful sword, they have to be an elf or half-one with the alignment of neutral goods. There is a separate will of the sword itself, and in case the sword doesn’t like the character, there will be a disadvantage of saving, attacks, and ability checks for 24 hours. 

  • On the other hand, if the sword loves its new owner, there will be a new rune. 
  • Gives the owner 120 feet of darkvision and hearing
  • Has the ideology of elves
  • This weapon embraces life, music, beauty, life, and courage to its owner.
  • Best for elves and half-elves
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4. Falchion

Falchion is a slicing expert, having one straight end and one curved one. It has various variations, and the common difference is their straight end is either curved slightly or straight. Most people refer to its appearance as a scimitar, having a back end unhardened. 

Falchion is known for its per-round overall damage and beats nearly every other two-handed in that aspect. It has four special versions, which we will describe below;

  • At +2 enhancement, it is referred to as the Beastrender and gives you the effect of animal bane.
  • At +2 enhancement, it can also become the fury’s legacy, giving you the effect of furious.
  • At +5 enhancement, it is referred to as the odium, giving you anarchic, unholy effects. Further, there is a bonus enhancement to the natural armor for around +6, but it negates the charisma to 1. 
  • At +5 enhancement, it can also become a tormentor, giving you on-hit bonuses like -1 penalty stacking for saving throws of targets. Further, there is a -2 penalty stacking against curse-saving throws.

5. Lucerne 

Well, for the most part, lucerne is a hammer known for its brutal power. Being a polearm, there is a pronged hammer at one side that is used for crushing with its ultimate power. On the other hand, a spiked head is used to pierce into the armor of enemies.

Because of that long hammer lucerne shaft, holders can put all their strength and force at the head of the weapon. In addition, if you have lucerne, there will be a bonus of around +2 for maneuver checks. 

All in one, lucerne is known for its incredible reach as a hammer instead of raw damage or the critical. It’s incredible some people even take it similar to the halberd, as you can hit enemies 10′ away. 

6. Great sword

As the name suggests, it is a better, stronger, and bigger version of a sword. However, you can only lift it with both your hands, and it is around the length of 5 feet. There are two sides to a great sword: razor-sharp, while the other is dull. 

Because of that dull side, you can even grip it for better control. Moreover, Pathfinder has five special versions of the great swords.

  • At +5 enhancement, it is called endless war, giving you vicious effects.
  • At +5 enhancement, it is also referred to as the remnant, giving you a flaming effect. This will deal extra damage to the enemies on hit with 2d6 divine damage. On the other hand, it also depends on the wielder; if the enemy is evil and the wielder is good, there will be 3d6 divine damage instead of 2d6.
  • At +1 enhancement, it is known as the fly swatter, having the effect of vermin bane that provides a saving throw against the poison bonus of +4. On the other hand, when you are up against the vermins, there will be a further bonus of 1d8 damage.
  • At +4 enhancement, the weapon will be called a swift blow, having the effect of greater shock. Furthermore, you will have a spell unlocked of the umbral strike.
  • Finally, at +2, this weapon is called a storekeeper and has the effect of being corrosive. Further, there will be a spell spike stone unlocked.
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7. Nodachi

Nodachi is quite a long sword that can only be picked up with both hands, meaning it is also a two-handed weapon. It isn’t like a great sword that is big, wide, and heavy. Rather, nodachi is sharp, sleek, and slender, having around a 4-foot longer blade. 

There is a specific bonus with the nodachi because when you wield it, you can hijack a horse ride. Simply put, you can ride the riders through the nodachi hack. 

Besides this, most people find similarities between falcata and nodachi because of their similar stats. For the critical build, nodachi is much better than falcata, but when you are going for pure damage, both great sword and falcata are better.

8. Composite longbow

Finally, we have a two-handed ranged weapon that is considered one of the best in the community. When mounted, you can also use a composite longbow. 

A general rule the composite longbows is related to the strength rating. Generally, when your bonuses for the strength are lower than those of the composite bow, you won’t be able to use it effectively. You will also have a penalty of =2 considering this.

There is a +0 strength modifier with the composite longbow, or you can go higher than that modifier to use it effectively. You can typically make composite longbows with a high strength rating for various bonuses. 

For every strength point you add with the bow, and there will be an increase in cost to around 100 GP. There are quite a lot of special versions like;

  • Devourer of metal at +2 enhancement that gives you the effect of oversized and caustic
  • Downfall at +4 gives you flaming and giant bane effects.
  • Gamekeeper of the first world at +5 gives you a critical range (20), illumination on hit for three rounds, and prevents you from going invisible.
  • Hunter blessing at +5 gives you a bonus to dexterity and holy.
  • Legacy of the accursed tree at +1 that gives you necrotic effect
  • Longbow of the Erastil at +1 gives you 1d4 extra damage toward the undead and animals.
  • Lucky longbow at +1 that gives you a critical multiplier (x4)
  • Mirror bow at +5 gives you 1d4 damage and strength half bonus piercing damage through the extra arrow.
  • Savage bow at +1 that gives you the spell of aspect of the falcon
  • A shady longbow at +3 enhances your stealth to +5 luck and gives you the spell of invisibility.
  • The watchman at +5 gives you blind sense and holy effects.
  • Whirlwind for the composite longbow at +2 that gives you a dexterity bonus of +2 and summon medium air elemental spells.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all to the Pathfinder’s best two-handed weapons. Most of the best weapons are exotics or magical, and we have them mentioned here in our guide. However, exotics are hard to get. Therefore we mentioned some two-handed that are easier to get, considering not everyone can get magical weapons early on.