Find Steed 5e: don’t make this bad pick

Time to look at some niche DnD spells that aren’t used all that often! Today’s subject is Find Steed 5e. This conjuration does precisely what the name implies it does. You get free to use the Steed. However, you need to know a couple of things about this conjuration before you add it to your character’s arsenal of magic.

Our veteran dungeon master Justin will share his tips and tricks on how to use find steed 5e optimally. The guide will discuss which Steed is the best, how the spell works, and the advantages and disadvantages. Let’s ride in!  

What is Find Steed 5e, and how does it work


  • Casting time: 10 minutes
  • Level: 2nd level conjuration
  • Range: 30 feet
  • Target: None
  • Components: Verbal and somatic
  • Duration: Instant
  • Classes: Paladin

Spell description

When you cast Find Steed 5e, you will summon a spirit that is intelligent, strong, and loyal to you. You will have a lasting bond with this spirit, and you can choose the form it takes. You have the following options:

  • Warhorse
  • Pony
  • Camel
  • Elk 
  • Mastiff
  • Animals your DM allows

The Steed has the stats of the form you choose. However, it is not a typical type of monster but a celestial, fey, or fiend. You can pick the type. If you summon a creature that would have an INT stat of 5 or less, it automatically becomes a 6, thus being able to understand the language of choice you speak. 

5e find steed

The Steed can be used as a mount. It instinctively follows you in a fight and can be targeted by any spell you cast that also targets yourself. When the Steed is reduced to 0 hp, it leaves nothing. You can also dismiss the Steed by using an action and then cast find steed 5e again. You will get the same Steed if you want with full HP. 

You can teleport with the Steed for up to one mile by telepathy. However, you can not have more than one Steed, and if you want to bond with another, you will have to release your previous one and make it disappear. 

!Only the Paladin can use this conjuration. 

Find Steed advantages and drawbacks


  • Free horse: Find Steed in 5e DnD is a spell that does not use any material components. Essentially, the conjuration gives you free access to an unlimited amount of disposable horses.
  • Smart creature: As stated in the description, the Steed that you summon has an INT of at least 6. So it is smart enough to understand what you are saying and gives you the possibility to provide it with a complex command.
  • Telepathic communication: Not only does your Steed understand you, but you can communicate with it for up to 1 km. So, you can have it wait nearby for when you want to make a quick escape. 
  • Mounted combat: being on a mount as a paladin and defeating enemies is something you need to do at least once in Dungeons & Dragons. The fact that the Steed also benefits from the buffs that target you is a nice bonus. 
  • Cannon fodder: since your Steed can just come back when you cast the spell again, it is perfect to scout in hazardous areas. If it dies, you can just get it back! 


  • Casting time: the Find Steed 5e spell takes 10 minutes to prepare. So you can not use it to escape on a whim. You need to prepare it in advance to make sure you can use it when you need it in a pinch. 
  • Limited options: the creature options for the conjuration are somewhat limited. So you won’t have a super versatile familiar like the pseudodragon. 

Best Find Steed 5e options: mounts ranked

1. Warhorse

The warhorse is the best option for Find Steed in 5e DnD. It has a decent amount of hitpoints, is bulky enough, and looks fantastic. As a paladin, you want to make a good impression. Riding a strong-looking warhorse that is strong, intelligent, and fast is just the way to do this. 

2. Mastiff

The Mastiff might be a controversial pick for second place on our list of best Find Steed 5e mounts. However, the exciting thing about the Mastiff is that you can ride it into dungeons and narrow spaces if you play as a small race. While the hitpoints and overall STR are not optimal, it is fun to use in niche situations. 

3. Elk

A decent alternative for the warhorse is the Elk. While it is worse in almost all aspects, it is not half bad if your DM allows you to pick a moose. The amount of hitpoints an elk has is okay, and in battle, it is also pretty good to use in a fight. From a role-playing perspective, the elk and moose are also fantastic to use in a battle and strut around in a town.

4. Camel

The Camel is, in my opinion, the worst option for your Steed. Unless you are going to make a trek through the desert, I can’t seem to find good uses for the Camel. I’d be glad to hear if you know some scenarios where the Camel is a great pick. 

Dnd best Find steed 5e

Best uses for Find Steed 5e

Mounted combat

An obvious first choice to use find Steed for is to engage in mounted combat. The warhorse is the ideal pick if this use is what you want. However, you don’t have to use it just during mounted combat. You can also send your Steed to the front lines and use it as cannon fodder to soak attacks and damage, as they can just be resummoned. 


A great way to use your Steed is to distract enemies. These creatures are intelligent enough to understand commands, and you can telepathically communicate with them. That means that you can give them instructions on the fly while you and your allies are setting up a trap or when you are trying to run. 

Extra carrying capacity

Horses and the other animal options find steed 5e gives you; all can carry some load. So, you can unburden your party and take all the loot you want by using your Elk, Camel, or Warhorse as a pack mule. You can also use them to buy goods and items in bulk when you are trying to make gold trading. 

Passive income

Some farmers would pay a decent amount of money to rent your warhorse for people who need to have stuff moved from point a to b. Since you can give your mount orders telepathically, you can direct them to do certain things from afar. While you won’t get rich as it is just an intelligent animal, making a quick and consistent coin is possible if you set your prices right. 

Advice and final thoughts

Find Steed is a beneficial spell that has a lot of versatility. While the amount of mounts is limited and not very strong, they are free and can be used for whatever you want are very nice perks. In addition, access to unlimited free horses and camels is terrific; you can always use them to make a coin or carry your stuff. 

Generally speaking, the best Steed is the warhorse. The other find steed options are not bad either, but their uses are more niche. If you enjoyed this article, I am sure you will also like our guides on Detect Magic and Best Class for a Tiefling. 

Find Steed 5e FAQ

How do you change your Steed in 5e?

You can either dismiss the Steed and cast the spell again by preparing it or wait till your Steed goes to 0 HP and cast the spell again. When you dismiss the Steed, you will need to take action to do so. 

When can a paladin cast find Steed Dnd 5e?

A paladin can cast find Steed when they are about level 5. At that point, they get access to a level 2 spell slot which they can use to learn Find Steed. 

How long does find steed 5e last? 

The Find Steed spell lasts until you dismiss your Steed or when the Steed is reduced to 0 hit points and dies. It is also possible for the spell to end when it is the target of dispel magic.