Best class for tiefling 5e DnD – Ranked

Time to look at a race that has been gaining popularity in recent months: the tiefling. If you are looking for the best class for a tiefling in 5e DnD, you have landed on the right article.

Our expert Dungeon Masters have researched what classes are good picks if you want to play as a tiefling and which fall short. You can find the ranking we have determined below. These classes were ranked on the following criteria:

  • The ability boosts the race has
  • The racial treatment and if they help
  • How easy it is to roleplay
  • Previous experience playing in this race
  • Community input

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The seven best classes for a tiefling in 5e D&D

1. Sorcerer

In our opinion, the best possible class for a tiefling is the sorcerer. There are a couple of good reasons for that. First, the tiefling gets a decent CHA increase which is excellent for the sorcerer. As a tiefling sorcerer, you get fire resistance. Fire is one of the most typical damage types in DnD, so that comes in handy when you fight on the frontlines or get ambushed. 

You get a +2 Charisma bonus which always helps sorcerers. The +1 Int stat is okay for some saving throws and certain spells but not all that vital. If you are working with subraces, you can pick a Glasya or Dispater tiefling. These subclasses get a +1 DEX bonus instead of a +1 INT bonus. 

A sorcerer’s tiefling is fun and straightforward to play with and offers some nice variety as opposed to the regular classes that often play as a warlock. 

5e best class for tiefling race

2. Warlock 

Just as strong as sorcerers and just as worthy of the title best class for a tiefling in 5e DnD is the Warlock. As you probably know, eldritch spells are more potent if you have a higher CHA modifier. Thanks to the tiefling getting a +2 CHA bonus, you can deal some severe damage. 

A +1 INT bonus for a warlock is not all that useful, so again, if you pick a Glasya or Dispater tiefling variant, you can switch out that intelligence bonus for a Dexterity increase, which is a lot more useful on Warlock. 

Thanks to their mysterious appearance and mystical aura, it is fun to play as a tiefling warlock. Furthermore, it is easy to roleplay in this class. 

3. Paladin

The Paladin is another class that goes well with the tiefling. The Paladin benefits from the Charisma bonus this race has, and the fact that you get some resistance against common damage types is a big boost.

Tieflings also get darkvision. This helps a ton if you are exploring dark dungeons and the Underdark. For example, you might want to pick a Stygia tiefling variant. Instead of the +2 CHA en +1 INT bonus, you get +2 CHA en +1 CON. The constitution bonus is excellent for adding a little bulk to your Paladin. 

Roleplaying as a tiefling Paladin is fun but challenging due to the background and lore that often conflicts with the archetype paladin. 

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tiefling best class 5e

4. Bard 

Finishing off our top 4 of the best classes for a tiefling in 5e D&D is the Bard. These are just as good as Paladin, so don’t underestimate this race and class combi just because it is only at number four on the ranking. However, you could easily argue that the Bard can be on top of the list.  

The tiefling gets a +2 CHA bonus, which is fantastic for all your bardic spells and the abilities you get. Your +1 INT bonus is not the best stat to get boosted, but if you pick a Glasya variant, you get a Dex bonus instead of an INT bonus. The +1 DEX is excellent to help you survive if you end up somewhere in the middle of a fight. 

The racial spells you get are also pretty impressive for a Bard. These are the racial spells you get as a bard.

  • Minor Illusion
  • Disguise Self
  • Invisibility

These three spells are fantastic for Bards, Paladins, Warlocks, and Sorcerers. 

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5. Rogue

Another excellent class for a tiefling in 5e is the Rogue. From a roleplaying perspective, this class would be my number one pick if I had a tiefling character. However, they are weaker combat-wise than the other four on the list. 

The Darkvision and free spells you get are more than okay but are pretty niche and depend on the encounters your DM will send your way. The best subraces for a rogue are the following:

  • Glasya – these are pretty great. The legacy of malbolge gives some pretty useful spell options for a rogue. 
  • Winged – the winged tiefling is another excellent subrace option. But, again, you get the free flight which is a highly potent benefit for any character. 

6. Wizard 

The wizard class is decent for a tiefling. While it is not the optimal choice, there are some proper ways to make this class and race combination work. The +2 CHA is not ideal, but the +1 INT is a good boost.

To make a strong wizard, pick a decent tiefling subclass. The best option for a wizard is the winged tiefling. These have a permanent flight that does not require concentration. If your DM allows this, you can also pick feral, which allows you to get +2 DEX instead of +2 CHA. Finally, a good option for a wizard is the fairy 5e. 

best class for tiefling 5e dnd

7. Ranger

There is quite a difference between the top four and the other three classes on the list. At the same time, the tiefling has some pretty alarming stats for a ranger. However, you can choose from some pretty decent subclasses. The best subclass for a ranger tiefling is the Glasya subrace. 

The Glasya subrace is good if you want to build a stealthy ranger that can sneak up and fight from afar. But, again, I would recommend staying away from where the close hand-to-hand combat is going on and focusing on supporting the rest of your party by dealing long-range damage.

Good Tiefling Classes FAQ

What is a winged Tiefling in 5e DnD?

A winged tiefling is a subclass of the regular tiefling. The main difference between the winged tiefling and the standard version is that the winged version has access to free concentrations flight. 

What different types of Tieflings are there?

There are a lot of different subtypes of tieflings in dnd 5e. Some of these are the Dispater, Glasya, Levistus, feral, Devil’s tongue, Asmodeus, Fierna, Hellfire, Zariel, and the winged tiefling variant. These are the most popular types of tieflings, but there are many more to choose from. 

Can tieflings be good in 5e?

Yes, tieflings are very powerful in 5e DnD. They are a versatile race with many subraces, making them an ideal pick for many suitable classes. Four or five classes are considered the best for tieflings, and all of these are powerful and can be valuable party members for any adventuring group.