The best class for centaur 5e – Top 5 ranked

I think the Centaur is one of the most fun races to play in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Due to the fact you are not bipedal and have quite an unconventional body, the roleplaying aspect is radically different. If you want to play in this race, it’s good to know the best class for centaur 5e. 

There are a couple of classes that are great for a centaur character. However, some are downright atrocious. Therefore, picking a suitable class is essential to ensure you get the most out of your building. 

1. Paladin

The Paladin is the best class for a centaur. While this pick might be a bit controversial for some, there are some clear advantages this race has as a paladin. The first significant advantage you get as a Centaur Paladin is the +2 STR bonus for picking this class.

You also get the charge ability, which is a nice boost for any Paladin. The Charge ability can give you a bonus attack with your hooves once every encounter.

The +1 WIS you get is okay, but it isn’t as valuable as a Paladin. You might be able to use it for perception checks or something like that, but there isn’t a lot of use for it. However, you can also put it in DEX or CON now if you are using the updated version of this race. 

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5e centaur best class to pick

2. Barbarian

The second-best class for Centaurs is the Barbarian. However, some believe that this class is the best pick. No matter what your opinion is, Barbarian could just as good be the top pick on this list if someone else was putting it together. 

A great thing about being a Barbarian Centaur in 5e is the +2 STR bonus you get. This helps you do the necessary damage, and the extra carrying capacity is always excellent. The Charge ability also comes in very handy when you are a barbarian. 

Thanks to the recent updates to the Centaur, you have a little more hoof damage, and you can put an ASI in DEX or CON instead of the WIS stat. 

3. Fighter

At the number three spot on this list is yet another melee-based class: the fighter. Again it is pretty close to the Barbarian and the Paladin class. These two classes are slightly better for the Centaur in 5e DnD.

Again, the centaur has two things going for it: first is the +2 you get to STR to increase your melee prowess. The charge ability, which can give you an extra attack with your hooves, also comes in handy as a close combat fighter. 

Because you can be flexible with your ability points, you can invest in CON or DEX instead of WIS. 

5e best class centaur

4. Cleric

The first not entirely melee built on the list is the Cleric. You might be surprised that the Cleric is one of the best classes for a centaur in 5e. However, there are a couple of reasons why this class is a top pick for the centaur. 

  • +1 WIS is often as good as it gets; there are only a couple of solid picks for this class. While the dwarf is a better choice for the best race for a Cleric, the centaur in 5e comes close, thanks to the +1 in WIS.
  • +2 STR is pretty powerful if you are going for a melee-based Cleric. You will be able to do some severe damage with this race, and you have the charge ability to get some severe damage off.
  • Mobility is significant in DnD. The centaur is fast and can move over the battlefield quickly. So if you want to heal some ally or NPC quickly, this is one of the top picks. 

5. Ranger

If you are looking for the best class for a centaur in 5e DnD, you should go with one of the first four. The following few on the list are okay but not great. As a result, you won’t get the most out of the race, and you will struggle with doing the optimal damage and pulling your weight in the team. 

Before the update to the race, you were forced to make an STR-based ranger that relied on melee. That was an okay choice, but there were much better picks for you if you wanted to be a ranger with some melee prowess. 

Thanks to the update to the centaur, this class has become a bit better. You can now pick a +1 for DEX and get more utility out of your melee ranger. 

best class for centaur 5e

Final thoughts about the best class for centaurs in 5e DnD

Centaurs are a fantastic race to combine with a melee class fighter. Thanks to the +2 STR and the fact you can put a +1 in CON and DEX now, you will get a lot of joy out of being a Barbarian, Paladin, or Fighter. 

Out of those three picks for the best class for centaurs, I think the Paladin has a slight edge on the Barbarian and the Fighter. However, in the end, it comes down to your preference, and you might find the Barbarian to be the optimal pick.

There are a couple of classes that make for horrible picks. I would not consider picking any of these if you are going to be playing as a centaur:

  • Monk
  • Rogue
  • Sorcerer
  • Wizard
  • Warlock
  • Druid
  • Bard
  • Artificer
1Paladin+2 STR bonus, charge ability, potential for increased DEX or CON with updated version of the race
2Barbarian+2 STR bonus, charge ability, updated version allows for increased DEX or CON
3Fighter+2 STR bonus, charge ability, flexibility to invest in CON or DEX instead of WIS
4Cleric+1 WIS bonus, +2 STR bonus, mobility advantages, can deal significant damage
5RangerUpdated version provides utility for a melee ranger, increased DEX potential
Summary table of the best classes for a Centaur in 5e DnD

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