Giant Elk 5e: how they work and their best uses

5e giant elk

Many gentle creatures exist within the many different forests throughout any realm in Dungeons and Dragons. Some are highly common, such as squirrels, rabbits, or several different types of birds. However, through all the different animals that could exist in such an area. One is held to a higher standing of importance; The Giant Elk, … Read more

Myconid 5e DnD: his is how to use them

myconid 5e

Throughout Dungeons and Dragons, many groups of tribesmen exist in varying sizes and shapes. These Tribals can be friendly or hostile towards humans, outsiders, or anything in general, depending on their actions and how the Dungeon Master rules how they act. One species is considered tribal, depending on the Dungeon master running the campaign, but … Read more

Giant Scorpion 5e: Know this about the desert encounter

5e giant scorpion

Few creatures can survive within the hot, desolate conditions of a desert, wherever the desert may happen to be. However, the animals that survive there have evolved and adapted their physical body and behaviors to survive in harsh environments. One such creature is one of the first animals that come to mind whenever another person … Read more

Giant Constrictor Snake 5e: how they work and their best uses

Giant constrictor snake 5e dnd

When traveling through a jungle, many predators can be encountered throughout one’s travels. Tigers, Panthers, and various Snakes can be found in the dense treescape in which a party could find themselves. One such Snake cannot only swallow any unsuspecting victim whole but can crush them easily within their own bodies. This Snake is the … Read more

Giant Octopus 5e: Know this info before you fight them!

Giant octopus 5e dnd

The Creatures of the sea are always a group of enemies within DnD that can be quite deadly to those not prepared to face them. Not only is there the risk of drowning in the waters they reside in, but depending on the water-based environment, they could be able to out-maneuver the players in the … Read more

Phase Spider 5e: how these suprising crawlers work and best uses

phase spider 5e dnd guide

The Ethereal Plane; A plane of existence within Dungeons and Dragons responsible for a wide variety of dangerous creatures. From Ethereal Marauders to any type of Ghost that a party might encounter, these beings can cause a mess of trouble for a party if they are not prepared to deal with such a creature. One … Read more

Owlbear 5e: how they work and their best uses

owlbear 5e guide

Hybrid creatures within the world of Dungeons and Dragons are highly dangerous beasts. From the Centaur down to the Chrimea, many creatures can be vicious while also holding their physical form in the mixed-up way that hybrid creatures tend to turn out to become. One such creature is the subject of this Article, the Owlbear; … Read more

Lightning Bolt 5e Dnd: Dont underestimate this spell

Lightning bolt 5e

Taking the energy from the universe to form a stroke of lightning, the level three wizard and sorcerer can cast a bolt of fury down a line of enemies. This evocation spell reaches a range of 100 feet, making it a powerful spell to zap those who are against you. What is Lightning Bolt 5e: … Read more

Call Lightning 5e Dnd: how it works and best uses 

Call lightning 5e

Calling from the heavenly skies above, Mother Nature answers a druid’s cries by bringing down lightning to strike down the earth. With the third-level conjuration spell, Lightning Bolt, druids can create and use the storms to attack whoever goes against you and your party members. What is Call Lightning 5e: mechanics and requirements Attributes Spell … Read more

Top 13 Best Anime About Spirits

Top anime about spirits and ghosts

Anime about spirits has always been entertaining. Many found them thrilling, exciting, and fun-packed. It’s an assumption that spirits are evil, and my friend, the anime world beautifully portrays the statement wrong. The way anime has introduced spirits with mind-boggling ideas is outstanding. And I am going to enlighten you with a few such masterpieces. … Read more