Best weapons for swashbuckler 5e DnD – Ranked

Are you planning on starting a new character? A good weapon is vital to get the most out of your skills and abilities. This guide on the best weapons for a swashbuckler 5e rogue (or other classes) in DnD is just what you need to make some hard choices for your build. We will discuss potent weapons and why they are better than other options. 

Writing this guide is our expert DM Justin who has seen his fair share of weapons during his 23 years of DMing DnD campaigns. He has ranked the best weapons for a Swashbuckler based on a few criteria.

  • Strength of the weapon
  • Requirements
  • How easy it is to obtain
  • How fun the weapon is to use

Remember that these are just the weapons; the best items for a Swashbuckler will be discussed in another guide! If you are building a rogue, you might be interested in our best class for a tiefling write-up. 

Best weapons for a Swashbuckler in 5e

1. Rapier

My favorite weapon for a Swashbuckler in 5e is the Rapier. The Rapier is a fantastic finesse weapon based on your DEX stat. These are the best option if you are going for a one-handed build. They are quick, strong, and relatively easy to get. 

If you want dual-wield rapiers, you will need the dual wielder feat. Dual wielding these weapons is fun and deals a ton of damage. However, I think that in a more balanced campaign, a one-handed approach is more effective. 

Best weapons for swashbuckler 5e dnd

2. Booming blade (+ Rapier)

The best weapons for a Swashbuckler who wants to dual wield are the Booming blade and the Rapier. To get the booming blade, you will need to learn the relevant spell to be able to conjure the blade.

There is only one vanilla way to get the booming blade spell. You need to pick the magic initiate feat. That way, you can get a booming blade without a problem for you to use and dual wield with your Rapier. 

Conjuring the booming blade and attacking with it is a bonus action that is fantastic for your action economy and allows you to get a ton of value out of your turn.  

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3. Scimitars

If you don’t want to use the Rapier, then your next best option for the best weapon on a swashbuckler rogue in 5e DnD is the scimitars. The scimitar can be dual-wielded too. However, unlike the Rapier, you do not need to have the dual wielder feat. 

There is one excellent magic weapon you just need to have as a swashbuckler rogue: the scimitar of speed. This weapon has a +2 Damage and +2 melee attack modifier. These two modifiers are excellent if you are trying to fish for crits. 

Of course, you can also use the scimitar and booming blade combination if you pick up this weapon instead of the Rapier. 

The scimitar is a great pick if you are playing as a Swashbuckler rogue with a pirate background. 

dnd Best weapons for swashbuckler 5e

4. Shortsword and dagger 

The combination of shortsword and dagger comes in at number for on the ranking. This combination is pretty fun if you have multiple daggers at your disposal. You can also throw your dagger as a ranged attack if you want. 

Having more options to deal with the damage and staying out of danger is always a useful strategy. Daggers are cheap, and so are shortswords, so obtaining these weapons and a large number of daggers to throw should not be too much of a problem. If you do need some money, there are plenty of ways to earn a good amount of gold pieces in 5e DnD. 

Ps: you can also use a rapier and dagger and a scimitar and dagger. We didn’t include these options on the list because that would be a bit too repetitive. However, the combination of shortsword and dagger is fantastic for a smuggler.

5. Shortswords

Another great option for dual wielding is the shortswords. While a single swordsword is not strong (in my opinion), dual-wielding the shortswords make them one of the best weapons for a Swashbuckler rogue to fight with. 

Like with the scimitar, you can use a booming blade and shortsword combination. However, it is hard to decide if a shortword and booming blade are stronger than the shortsword and dagger combination for a swashbuckler. 

6. Whip

In some DnD campaigns, DMs allow the Swashbuckler to use whips. While DnD rogues are not proficient in whips in vanilla, many DMs make an exception. The reason is that the whip is not too powerful and fun. However, we are only putting it at number six on the list of the best weapons for a swashbuckler because the whip is technically impossible. 

Reading tip: If you are interested in using a whip-like spell on your wizard, then Lighting Lure is just the magic you need for that! 

7. Hand Crossbow

Another fantastic option, which is much different than the others since it is ranged, is the hand crossbow. Just because this weapon is number 7 on the list does not mean it isn’t amazing for a swashbuckler rogue. However, you do need to have the crossbow expert feat to get the most out of the weapon. You will have a disadvantage if you don’t have the crossbow expert feat. 

You can also combine the hand crossbow with a dagger for extra d4 damage. So you can get the best of both worlds. A good bonus attack action and a decent amount of damage per turn. 

I am sure many people will put the hand crossbow on number one, and I understand that pick. However, it is at seven on our list because it is much less fun to use. We prefer a melee swashbuckler. However, if you enjoy ranging, you can definitely pick this option. 

Conclusion and final thoughts

There you have it, our write-up on the best weapons for a swashbuckler in 5e DnD. If you think we missed one, feel free to leave us a comment! If you have enjoyed this list, the best items for an illusionist wizard ranking are also something you should check out. 

As a DM I strongly recommend you to customize the weapons you give to your players a bit. This customization allows a lot more versatility in the campaigns. You can also add variants of certain weapons like an old rapier or a badly made scimitar.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and have found exactly what you needed to make your rogue more dangerous and fun to play with! See you next time, adventurers! 

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