Necklace of fireballs 5e: Your jewelry is fire!

Is there a Wizard in 5e DnD who does not enjoy lopping the occasional fireball at a hoard of unsuspecting enemies? If you are jealous of your magic using buddy, don’t worry, the Necklace of fireballs 5e is just the item you need! 

Today we are taking a deep dive into the Necklace of fireballs from the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. 

What is the Necklace of fireballs?

This wondrous rare magical item is a necklace with somewhere between 4 and 9 beats (1d6 +3) beads hanging from it. Each of these beads can be detonated as a fireball 5e

Blaze of fire

To turn these beads into a blazing volley of Fire, you need to use an action to detach one – or more – of the beads from the Necklace. When you have separated one or more of the beads from the Necklace of Fireballs, you can throw it at a target up to 60 feet away. Unfortunately, you can’t attach it to a magic stone to increase the range. 

Only at the end it becomes a fireball

The bead will turn into a fireball when it has reached the end of the trajectory. There will only be one ball if you throw a single bead (save DC 15). However, you can increase the potency further, much further!

Since you can throw the beads straight up in the air for 60 feet, you can shoot a flying monster like the Peryton out of the sky. So this magical item can plug the gap in your air ability if you don’t have a wizard or an archer in your party. 

necklace of fireball

How to make the fireballs from the Necklace stronger

Like the Create Bonfire spell, the Necklace of Fireballs is pretty broken if your players (or NPCs) know how to use it creatively.

More beats more power

When you throw a beat, you get the power of a single 3rd level spell. However, when you throw multiple beats, you can up the level of that spell by one per beat thrown.

So, let’s take a step back and check how many beads there are at most. 1d6 +3 means having nine beads or shooting a level 11 fireball at your target! This level 11 spell is within the rules because it is an exception to the general rule in the player handbook (page 7). 

Significant damage

From a damage perspective, the number of hit points that are potentially lost is pretty significant. For example, if you have a level 11 ball thrown at your opponent, this would be the amount of damage dealt on a failed dexterity throw:

8d6 (the base damage of fireball) + 8d6 (1d6 for every bead thrown beyond the first). This damage comes down to average of 56 points of damage (Fire) to the target. Depending on the level of the player character, this is pretty broken! 

Ps: the explosion radius or dexterity saving throw does not change if the spell gets more robust. 

5e necklace of fireballs

Recharging the Necklace of fireballs

When you first get your Necklace of fireballs, you might be tempted to throw the beads around like a murder hobo. However, try to keep yourself – or your teammates – in check. 

Limited use item

The NoF is a limited use magic item. Once you have spent all the charges, you will not be getting more to cast spells. So at the very most, your Necklace of fireballs has nine charges. You can’t get any more after you have spent them, so use them wisely.

There is no workaround for this. So if you want to use the item more than the maximum of 9 times, you will have to get new beads as loot from, e.g., a conjured fire elemental, or find an NPC who sells these.  

Necklace of fireballs 5e cost

The cost of a Necklace of fireball in a shop should be determined by the number of beads it has. A good price for a single bead would be 300 gold pieces. However, since the spell scales with the number of beads it has, a necklace with 9 beads should cost over 2700 gold pieces.

As a Dungeon Master, you are free to set a different cost for the necklace. However, keep in mind that giving your player access to this wonderful rare item at a low price might not be a good idea.

How to implement this magic item into a D&D campaign

There are many places, and scenario’s where the NoF can come in handy. Here is a nice list of ideas for Dungeon Masters to introduce the item:

  • Give the PC a chance to help an NPC who rewards them the Necklace of Fireballs with two beads. For the next location, they go to a Goblin cave and give a map. Your players will learn quickly why throwing these beads in a confined space might be a bad idea. 
  • Get an NPC who gives out these beads if they do quests for him. So, a simple quest would give them a single bead as a reward, but a master quest would give your players up to 9 beads at once. 
  • The Necklace of Fireballs 5e is also an excellent reward for player parties ranging from level 2 to 5. You can give the NoF as the loot after defeating a bunch of cultists or killing a bunch of bandits who stole from a wizard and don’t know what this item is. 
necklace of fireball 5e


As a Dungeon Master, you are responsible for keeping the game balanced and avoiding making things too easy. When handing out wondrous items like the Necklace of Fireballs, remember that this item can be used as a potent spell.

Like Cloud of Daggers in 5e, the NoF becomes much more potent if the user knows how to think creatively. You can get a level 11 spell by throwing multiple beads at once, which can turn your well-thought-out boss to ashes in seconds. 

Item TypeWondrous Rare Magical Item
Beads4 to 9 beads (1d6 + 3)
DetonationUse an action to detach and throw a bead at a target up to 60 feet away
Fireball LevelEach bead thrown represents a single 3rd level spell
Increasing PotencyThrow multiple beads to increase the level of the fireball spell by one per bead thrown
Maximum BeadsUp to 9 beads, resulting in a level 11 fireball spell
Damage (On Failed Save)8d6 (base damage of fireball) + 8d6 (1d6 for every bead thrown beyond the first)
RechargingLimited use item with a maximum of 9 charges. Beads cannot be replenished after all charges have been expended
CostSingle bead: 300 gold pieces. Necklace with 9 beads: over 2700 gold pieces
Implementation Suggestions– Reward from an NPC after completing quests or as loot from defeating enemies
– Useful for a pirate character, ship battles, or confined spaces where the power of fireballs can be devastating

Necklace of fireballs 5e FAQ

What is the range of the Necklace of fireballs?

The maximum range you can throw one of the beads of the Necklace is 60 feet. To do this, you need to take action. According to the official rules and the judgment of most DM, you can not increase the range. 

How many beads does the Necklace have?

The amount of beads a Necklace of Fireballs has is semi-random. You can have anywhere from 4 up to 9 beads. To determine the amount, you need to throw a 1d6 and increase the number you have thrown with 3. 

Does a necklace of fireballs regen?

No, the Necklace of fireballs can not regen. Once you have thrown a bead, that charge is gone forever. If you have used up all the beads, you can no longer use the item to attack.