Your D&D guide to helmed horror 5e

Dungeons and dragons 5e Helmed horrors

There is nothing like scaring a party of novice adventurers in Dungeon and Dragons 5e than with a suit of armor that starts to move and turns out to be a helmed horror. These monsters have a couple of subclasses, which all vary in power. The strongest of the helmed horrors are battle horrors. These … Read more

The 10 anime audiobooks you should listen to in 2022

Dungeon born anime audiobooks best

A growing number of manga and anime shows are getting an audiobook in English or Japanese. While the total amount is still pretty low, you can find anime audiobooks in pretty much every genre. From fantasy to romance, there will be one or two you can enjoy.  Most of the time, these are adapted from … Read more

7 Reincarnation manga with a female lead

7 Reincarnation manga with a female lead

You might have noticed, but like 90% of the reincarnation, manga and manhwa don’t have a female lead. I have no idea if we guys get reincarnated more into RPGs, but there is quite the gap! Anime-wise it is even worse. I think there are like 4 or 5 decent reincarnation anime with a girl … Read more

5 light novels like coiling dragon that are really good

Awesome light novels like coiling dragon

So you are wondering if there are any good light novels like coiling dragon out there. The answer is: Yes! There are a ton of Japanese and Chinese fantasy books or xianxia that you are going to love. I have read quite a few of these, so I like to think that I have at … Read more

Top 5 most fun choose your own adventure fantasy books

best adventure choose fantasy books

There are many different types of choices that the reader can make in these books. They may have to choose between two different paths, or they might have to pick something from a list. There are even some books where the reader has to create their own ending! What are choose your own adventure fantasy … Read more

7 manga where mc is a God

7 best mc manga is a god

I´ve always been drawn to manga and light novels where the main character is or becomes a god. However, when making this list I realized there really aren’t that many good ones out there! A lot of the manga I have read have a very overpowered main character who is god-like but not a god. … Read more

7 fantasy manga with an op MC that you WILL love

Fantasy Manga with an overpowered MC

Looking for a good fantasy manga with an overpowered main character? Well, here you go! Here are the ones I think are the best and are still pretty underrated and unknown. I don’t think any of these have had a television adaptation yet, so they aren’t in the mainstream!  I made sure that every single … Read more

Top 10 best anime with adventurers guild

E-rantel adventurers guild overlord

Fantasy anime with a guild for adventurers and a ranking system is one of my favorite tropes. I love it when there is a notice board with quests and a whole ecosystem of loot around the rewards and loots they bring. The setting of the world is also very important to me. I want my … Read more

5 Wuxia and Light Novels like Against the Gods

Light novels and wuxia books like against the gods chinese fantasy

I have read quite some Chinese fantasy novels over the years. These wuxia and xianxia books really are completely different from what you read in the west. While fantasy based in Europe written by Europeans and Americans are often stories of a man against the kingdom or trying to ascend to the throne, Chinese novels … Read more