What is Hallow in 5e Dnd, and how to use it best

When is the last time you have used Hallow in 5e DnD? The odds are pretty high. It has been a while, if ever. This level 5 cleric spell is a lot of fun and has quite some potential if you know how to think on your feet and be creative.

Hallow is a bit complex to use, and not many clerics pick it because the spell is pretty obscure. However, due to the multitude of options and possibilities, this magic gives you a guide is a great idea. Our DnD experts will provide you with the necessary information to use this spell to its full potential. 

What is Hallow 5e, and how does it work


  • Level: 5th level evocation
  • Range: Touch
  • Casting time: 24 hours
  • Target: What you touch
  • Components: Verbal, Somatic, and Material (You will need to have herbs, oil, and incense of a value of at least 1000 gp, the material will be consumed.) 
  • Duration: Until you dispel it
  • Classes: Clerics

As you can see, the casting time is quite long, so you must plan when using this spell. However, the casting price isn’t meager if you compare it to most other level 5 spells. The upside is that you can have this radius indefinitely if it is not dispelled. 

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Hallow effects

Touch a spot you want to infuse with the holy or unholy power of Hallow. Around this point, you can set up a radius of 60 feet. The spell will not work if the area already has the effect of this magic inside it.

The following effects will apply within that radius:

Effect 1

Undead, Fiends, Fey creatures, Elementals, and Celestials are no longer able to go inside this area. Creatures within the radius of the Hallow spell can no longer be charmed, frightened, or possessed, and if they are, they will be ‘cured’ after entering. You can pick any creature type to be excluded from this effect. 

Effect 2

When you cast Hallow, you can bind an extra effect to the area covered by the radius. The DM may offer you an effect to bind to the area. You can choose a specific creature type that you exclude from this effect. You can also define a creature within those types (e.g., a Pseudodragon familiar) to be affected and leave all others unaffected.

Creatures entering the area or starting their turn can opt to do a CHA throw. When a successful CHA throw occurs, the creature ignores this effect until the target has left the area. 

Effects to choose from

  • Fear
  • Silence
  • Tongues
  • Extradimensional interference
  • Everlasting rest
  • Energy Vulnerability
  • Energy protection
  • Daylight
  • Darkness
  • Courage

Your Dungeon Master is free to add another effect to this list for you to choose from when you cast Hallow. In my campaigns, I sometimes exclude specific results when these would be too powerful. However, when you start excluding effects, ensure you don’t nerf this spell too much. 

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Best uses for Hallow 5e

Combine with wish

One of the best uses of wish 5e is to combine it with Hallow. Wish allows you to instantly cast the spell and bypass the 24-hour casting time. Making it an instant spell increases the power and can easily change the tide of battle. 

Keeping an area or camp safe

If you are about to fight monsters in a closed space or want to keep your camp safe, then Hallow 5e is a great way to do that. If you have the barrier up, you don’t have to fear the zombies spawning due to finger of death or getting rushed by a bunch of fiends.

In addition, if your opponent uses a particular type of monster under the spell’s effect, you can easily switch the fight around to your advantage by having cast Hallow. 

Mass remove effects

Whether it is a creature or an object, Hallow can remove specific effects from it as soon as the target is within the spell’s radius. You can thus protect your party or an army from status effects. You can also remove the impact from weapons that have been imbued with magic on the list as soon as they enter the area. So, in niche situations, the evocation works as a mass remove curse 5e.

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Advice and final thoughts

As with many types of magics, feats, and abilities in Dungeons and Dragons, how good Hallow is, depends on the situation and the player’s creativity or DM. The long duration to cast this school of evocation magic is a significant drawback, but if you know how to plan or have access to wish, it is pretty damn powerful. 

If you are wondering if Hallow is worth taking for your Cleric, my answer would be that it is a maybe. This spell isn’t the optimal option for a fifth spell slot but is in no way terrible either. It gives you something interesting to work with if you are preparing for a battle and want to have an edge. 

Effect 1Prevents certain creature types from entering the area and immunizes creatures within against charm, fear, and possession.
Effect 2Allows binding of an additional effect to the area, such as fear, silence, tongues, and more, with exceptions and saving throws for creatures entering.
Best Uses for Hallow 5e
Combine with wishUse wish to instantly cast Hallow, increasing its power and potentially turning the tide of battle.
Keeping an area or camp safeUse Hallow to protect a closed space or camp from spawning creatures or enemy attacks, gaining a tactical advantage.
Mass remove effectsRemove specific effects from creatures or objects within the Hallow area, providing mass protection or debuffing.

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Hallow FAQ

Can you use Hallow on items and objects?

Yes, the spell does not discriminate between creatures and items. So you can use Hallow to dispel specific effects from objects and things. 

How do you dispel Hallow 5e?

If you are the caster, you can dispel Hallow at will. If you are not the caster, you have to either use dispel magic or cancel it out by incapacitating or killing the Cleric who used the evocation. 

Can a glyph of warding contain hallow 5e?

Yes, you can cast them both in the exact location. There is nothing in the rules that says that you can not. So that means you can cast a glyph of warding to contain Hallow too.