The 12 best Anime About High School Students With Powers

Anime About High School Students With Powers

Nothing can be more cool than watching anime about high school students with powers. This is because we all dreamt of having powers in high school. As it can not happen in reality, we feel satisfied seeing after favorite scenarios happening in the anime world. Let’s start with today’s list, including the best high school … Read more

The 12 Best Fantasy Anime For Adults

The 12 Best Fantasy Anime For Adults

Fantasy is the best genre, and it fits best with almost every genre. No matter if you are watching shoujo, shounen, comedy or whatever, adding fantasy to them will bring you more fun and entertainment. Today I will recommend some similar entertainment filled and the best fantasy anime for adults. 12. Sword Art Online The … Read more

My 10 Favorite Anime With Demons And Magic

Top anime with demons and magic

Not all demons are bad, and the anime world proves this well. People love to watch anime with demons and magic, which is proved by the fact that you are here reading this post. Usually, the main characters who are demons are believed to be overpowered, so watching them in action is always fun. I … Read more

The 16 Best Magic Anime With OP MC List

anime with op mc and magic

Watching magic anime with OP MC provides another level of entertainment. Viewers love it because the main character’s powers are unlimited, which is always intriguing to watch. Above all, the element of magic and fantasy simply makes everything extra charming. So, let’s get to the point and begin with our list of magic anime where … Read more

The 13 best Action Magic Anime that I recommend

best action magic anime

The majority of the Shounen lovers love to see fantasy and action combined. That’s also why action magic anime is popular in the otaku community. If you get mesmerized watching fantastical elements, action in style, and of course, magic in its full form, trust me, this list is for you! Stay with me till the … Read more

My top 10 Anime About Video Game Development

top videogame development anime

Hi, game lovers! Today’s blog is for all the otaku who love video games. I have brought a list of the best anime about video game development that will highlight the development aspects of games. Those of you who like watching the struggles of people and how they overcome different hurdles with courage and optimism … Read more

The 10 best Anime About Making Anime to check out

top anime about making anime

Growing up watching anime has a significant impact on viewers, and few people end up dreaming of becoming an anime creator. What could be better than an anime about making anime if someone wants to learn how to create anime? Additionally, it’s super fun to see how things work in the anime world. This blog … Read more

11 Anime Like Moonlit Fantasy You Should Watch

top Anime Like Moonlit Fantasy

Moonlit Fantasy is renowned for entertaining its audience with action, comedy, adventure, and isekai genres. The combination of all these genres has made the watching experience commendable. Today, I will list the best anime like Moonlit Fantasy, so you can have the same experience with a different story. 11. Uncle From Another World Uncle From … Read more

My Favorite 8 Anime About Tennis to binge-watch

best anime about tennis

This list of the best anime about tennis is dedicated to all tennis lovers, especially those looking to watch a perfect tennis-related anime. Tennis is not only a sport, but an emotion that only lovers of this sport can feel. Watching sports anime entertains and moves us to the edge of our seats. So, get … Read more

Contagion 5e D&D – best uses and tips from an experienced DM

contagion 5e

Today we are taking a closer look into a very versatile and fun-to-use level 5 spell. Contagion in 5e has a ton of possibilities and uses that are underlooked. We will be discussing the best uses, pros, cons and What is Contagion 5e: Mechanics and Requirements Attributes Spell Description Your touch inflicts disease. Make a … Read more