The 8 Best Anime About Money Making to binge watch

best Anime About Money Making

Anime is a vast world where one can find what one likes. From entertainment to knowledge, the anime world has it all. If you are looking for the best anime about money-making, you may be curious about starting your career as a businessman or simply learning the philosophy of increasing the economy. Don’t fret; I … Read more

My 8 best Anime Where The MC Runs A Business ranked

best anime where mc runs a business company

Watching anime where the MC runs a business is not only entertaining but also educational. We often get many business ideas that can work well, and most of the time, watching them gives us the courage and motivation to run a successful business. For all those who love watching anime that provides information and knowledge, … Read more

The 12 best Anime Where The MC Builds A Kingdom

best kingdom building MC anime

There are many anime fans, or “weebs,” who love watching anime featuring main characters who possess authoritative leadership abilities and the capability to build a kingdom. This is because such characters exhibit extraordinary leadership qualities, possess a deep understanding of how the world works, possess an undying will to never give up, and of course, … Read more

The 6 best Manga About War you should read

top anime about war

Those otaku who seek thrills in action, adventure, and heroism have developed an interest in military manga. Today’s post is especially for those who love to read manga about war. We are not limiting ourselves to medieval settings or just a specific time period, but just all around war themed regardless of time period or … Read more

The 6 Best Manga About Virtual Reality

top anime with virtual reality

We all know how obsessed people can be with games, right? And if someone is an otaku who loves games, then nothing can replace their love for Virtual Reality. Anime and manga worlds are perfect for otaku who love games because they bring their imaginations to life. The audience gets to relate to the main … Read more

The 7 Best Manga About Tall Girls

tall girls anime

Anime girls are attractive, and the anime world is the only place where otaku can find their ideal girls. No matter the type of girl, it’s impossible not to find it in the world of manga and anime. There is a huge number of otaku who have lost their hearts to tall anime girls.  Watching … Read more

Top 13 Best Anime About Spirits

Top anime about spirits and ghosts

Anime about spirits has always been entertaining. Many found them thrilling, exciting, and fun-packed. It’s an assumption that spirits are evil, and my friend, the anime world beautifully portrays the statement wrong. The way anime has introduced spirits with mind-boggling ideas is outstanding. And I am going to enlighten you with a few such masterpieces. … Read more

The 11 Best Anime About Orphans

top anime about orphans

Anime about orphans entangles the viewers right from the beginning. Watching the lonely characters develop and grow in unexpected ways is soothing. These anime offer emotional refreshment throughout.  The good thing is viewers can easily connect to the orphan characters due to their painful life experiences. This is also the reason why people demand to … Read more

Best 12 Harem Anime Where The Main Character Chooses A Girl

harem anime MC picks a girl

Hello, my lovelies! Your otaku friend is back again to entertain you. Did you miss me? I did! These days, love stories and harem anime are preferred by many. But, on the other hand, anime where the MC chooses a girl, or romance anime, never gets old. So, below I will provide you with a … Read more

The best 8 Anime About Ballet

anime about ballet

Performing arts anime are enjoyed hugely not only in Japan but globally. The level of art and creativity they offer is remarkable.  That’s also the reason why many otakus demand more of this category. However, dancing anime have a different fanbase; among them, anime about ballet are adored the most. So, on your popular demands, … Read more